Can You Use PayPal On Amazon? How To Use PayPal On Amazon

Can you use PayPal with Amazon? Does Amazon work with PayPal? These are some of the many questions being asked by the users of both platforms every day. If you are one such person who might have been troubled in search of answers to this question, then get ready to be relaxed. 

Here we have explained everything you need to know why giving a clear answer to “can I use PayPal on Amazon?” So let’s get started. 

PayPal is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world where you can get a variety of goods from different parts of the world. PayPal on the other hand is a payment platform with millions of users where you can send and receive money. With PayPal, you can pay for goods and services online and in stores. 

Seeing that PayPal can be of great assistance to users shopping on Amazon, people often ask “can you use PayPal on Amazon?” Well, if you will read this article patiently to the end as I enjoin you, you will get the answer to this question and more. 

Can You Use PayPal On Amazon?


The answer to “can you use PayPal on Amazon” is in two ways. It is both Yes and No. Let me show you why it is so. I will say the answer is No because Amazon does not accept PayPal natively.

Both companies are not in agreement hence there is no way to link PayPal directly to Amazon. So you cannot use PayPal on Amazon directly. There is however a clause to this and that is where the Yes comes in. 

As much as you can not use PayPal on Amazon directly or natively, there are indirect ways to do it. That is to say, you can jump through some hoops and loopholes that can enable you to buy on Amazon with PayPal.

So if you have a large amount of money on your PayPal account and you love to get some products on Amazon, all hope is not lost. Just keep reading as I will show you how you can use PayPal on Amazon. 

Why Can You Not Use PayPal On Amazon?


There are two reasons why you can not use PayPal on Amazon. The first reason is that PayPal was in collaboration with eBay which is a direct competitor of Amazon. And secondly, PayPal is a competitor with Amazon Pay which is the payment platform Amazon. So with these in place, both companies are not in agreement hence you can not use PayPal on Amazon. 

How Can You Use PayPal On Amazon?


Since Amazon does not accept PayPal because of the reasons stated above, you would need to be very creative to use PayPal on Amazon. But don’t worry, we have done that for you. We are going to be looking at different ways to use PayPal on Amazon in the following paragraph. So read attentively. 

Can You Use PayPal On Amazon With A Cash Card?


Yes, you can use PayPal on Amazon through the PayPal Cash Card. The PayPal cash card is a free debit card offered by PayPal which allows you to access the funds in your PayPal account at any shop where MasterCards are accepted for payments such as Amazon. The card is free and can be used for ATM withdrawals. You however have to meet some requirements before you can apply for the card. 

Requirements To Get The PayPal Cash Card


To be qualified to get the PayPal cash card, you must meet the following requirements. 

  • You must have an active PayPal account. 
  • Your account just does not have any outstanding issues
  • You will have to link and confirm your phone number, address, social security number, and date of birth. 

If you can meet these requirements, then you can go ahead and apply for your PayPal cash card. There are no hidden charges. Once you have your cash card, you can use it on Amazon during checkout. All you have to do is to add your PayPal cash card as a method of payment or payment option. 

Alternatively, log in to your Amazon account and click on “your payment”. Enter the cash card to link it to Amazon. 

How You Can Use PayPal On Amazon Through PayPal Key


PayPal Key is a new payment method that allows you to make payments with the funds in your PayPal account. You can also choose to use this by linking debit or credit cards. With the PayPal Key, you can pay to any online retailer that accepts MasterCards with Amazon inclusive. 

So when you want to use PayPal on Amazon, you will have to use the details of your PayPal Key such as the 16 digits number, expiry date, etc. 

Can You Use PayPal On Amazon With Gift Cards?


Yes, you can use your PayPal credit on Amazon through the use of Amazon gift cards. This is how it works. Remember we said the methods of using PayPal on amazon are all indirect. So to use this method, you will have to use your PayPal finds to buy Amazon gift cards on any store online or offline that accepts payment with PayPal. 

And of course, Almost every shop that sells Amazon gift cards accepts payments through PayPal. So, after buying the gift card, you can then shop on Amazon with the gift card. Some of the shops where you can get Amazon gift cards and pay with PayPal credits are eBay, Card Pool, EGifter, BestBuy, Card Closet, Giftcardbin, etc. 

Other Ways To Use PayPal On Amazon. 


PayPal CashBack Credit Card


Apart from the ways that have been discussed above, you can also use PayPal on Amazon through a PayPal Cash Back Credit Card. This also functions like a cash card and can be gotten through the same means. And since Amazon accepts credit cards, the PayPal CashBack Credit card can be used on Amazon. 

PayPal Prepaid Card


Using the PayPal prepaid card is another way to use PayPal on Amazon. And it involves transferring money from your PayPal account to the prepaid card. After that, you can use it as a means of payment on Amazon checkout. 



Although Amazon does not accept PayPal as a payment method, this article has shown you how to use PayPal on Amazon indirectly. Therefore, the answer to the discussion question ” can you use PayPal on Amazon” is Yes. Apply them carefully and you will be amazed about how fast it could be.