Netspend Phone Number – Netspend Customer Service Number 

Have you been trying to get Netspend Phone Numbers? Have you been making all attempts to connect with the prepaid card providers but no avail? If one of these aforementioned questions have been on top of your mind for a while now, I think it’s time for you to clear them off as you will surely get a valid answer to your queries as you stay with you through the rest of this article. 


First and foremost, you do not need to get confused on this topic if you have yet to hear about netspend or you don’t really have an idea about it. Be rest assured that we’re going to enlighten you on this. 

What Is Netspend And How Is It Used?



Netspend is simply a prepaid card, yes, let me put it that way so as not to get our readers confused. This so-called netspend is actually a lot more different from a normal credit or debit card in the sense that you need to load cash on the card in order to use it. What this means is that you can only spend funds that you preload onto the Netspend card.

I think you must have been able to grasp the difference between Netspend, which is a prepaid card and our normal credit and debit cards. Other vital information you should not miss concerning netspend is that the card actually requires no minimum balance and no credit check. Isn’t this amazing for a card you use, that is similar to a debit card. 

However, that’s not all netspend is also a leading provider of prepaid debit cards as they offer various categories of cards which includes prepaid debit Visa cards, Mastercards and commercial prepaid cards. 

A whole lot of benefits are attached to using this prepaid card. With netspend prepaid card, you can shop over the phone and purchase goods and services on the internet with ease. In addition to this, making in-store purchases is a lot easier as you can also withdraw money using this prepaid card at any ATMs around the world.

Netspend Phone Number – Netspend Customer Service Number 


Netspend prepaid card offers its customers almost every necessary financial service, without leaving behind the opportunity to contact them or make a complaint. Obviously, netspend phone numbers are available to everyone who intends to get in touch with them. There are 3 different phone lines attached to netspend, and the service and purpose varies. 

  • Customer support: 1-866-387-7363
  • Refund Department: 866-930-9924
  • Netspend Business Line: 512-532-8200

We have detailed information on NetSpend phone number to call whenever you to lay a complain, request for a refund or other assistants

  1. Customer support: 1-866-387-7363

As you can see, the prepaid card offers a range of phone numbers to suit their customers interest. So it is now left to the user to select a suitable netspend phone number to contact. 

However, the first netspend phone number on our list here is 1-866-387-7363, according to netspend, this phone line is the most active as it is recommended for customers who need urgent support and also intend to make some minor complaints. 

One good feature of this phone number is that you won’t be charged any fee while you make the phone call. It’s totally a toll-free number. Meanwhile after giving them a phone, a polite customer service representative will be at alert to answer any questions you may have about your Netspend prepaid card.

  1. Netspend Refund Department: 866-930-9924

Another toll-free contact service phone number for any questions that might be bothering you is 866-930-9924. Although their 866-930-9924 phone number for their Refund Department, it can also be used to lodge important complaints.

You might be wondering what they meant by “Refund Department”, actually it means the complaints they do attend to are those related to money refunds. So if perhaps, you have an issue with your prepaid card whereby you money got debited, maybe due to some errors or anything. You should call the netspend refund department phone number to request for a refund. 

Instantly, a representative of Netspend customer service department will attend to you and provide a solution to your problem.

  • Netspend Business Line: 512-532-8200

Oops, we have finally gotten to the last list of netspend phone numbers that are available. The 3rd on our list is 512-532-8200, which is a netspend business phone line. 

When you hear the word business, you should know they answer questions that are related to your business attached to your prepaid card. I hope you grab what we are trying to highlight here, this also does not mean you can’t call any of these phone lines for complaints that aren’t related to their motives. 

You can actually do, you will definitely be attended to so long your complaint is related to netspend prepaid card 

Are There Any Other Alternatives To Netspend Phone Number?


Of course there are other methods of contacting and connecting with a netspend customer service representative if you do not want to use their phone lines. The other alternatives includes:

  • Contact Email 
  • Chatting With a Live custom
  • Netspend Online Help
  • Via social media handles

If you couldn’t reach out to Netspend customer service using the above listed phone numbers, kindly use these methods;

  • Contact Email 

Just like how there is a list of phone lines to call to get in touch with Netspend, there are also different email addresses that lead to the customer service support of Netspend. You can see them a message via their active email addresses below. 

  • Email us at

This particular email address is mostly recommended for customers who intend to make inquiries on the netspend prepaid cards and other important offers. 

  • Send us a message via

The second email address is misty used for making complaints, specifically customer service zone. You will be instantly attended to if you send a message to this email stating issues you’re having with their card. 

  • Forward your complaints through

The last email address is the one stated above, I think it is particularly related to queries attached to media relations and others. Not basically an email for customer service support and complaints. 

  • Chatting With a Live customer service

This medium makes things a lot more easier for you, to chat with a live representative all you need to do is:

  • Call 1-86-NetSpend on your mobile device.
  • After dialing the phone line above, you will be required to enter your 16-digit card number. These are the numbers that are present on your Netspend prepaid card.
  • Proceed by entering your 4 digit PIN or your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • After you must have completed the security verification process, press option 5 followed by option 4. 
  • Finally, this will route you directly to a live Custom to talk to. You can now discuss with the customer service representative and tender all the issues you have with their preloaded card.

Via Social Media Handles


In order to contact netspend via their social media accounts, locate their handles on any social media platforms and send them a direct message stating your complaints. Here is one of their social media handles.

  • Netspend Online Help

By visiting the official netspend website, you will be required to navigate through the website to locate their help desk. To make things easier, just click on the Netspend help desk address below to continue.

Netspend Customer Service Hours – The Prepaid Card Custom Service Operating Hours


In spite of getting hold of netspend phone numbers, there is still a specific time you are allowed to make a call as you can’t just give them a phone call without having an idea about their operating hours. According to netspend, the platform working system is scheduled as thus:

  • Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am – 10pm.
  • Hours: Sat – Sun: 8am – 8pm CST; 

Obviously, the perfect time to give them a phone call is: 8:15am



To wrap things up, we are going to shortly summarize what we discussed earlier in this article. In this content, we shed light on what Netspend prepaid card is and how it is used, netspend phone number, some alternatives to netspend phone lines and how to use them. However, the phone lines that were highlighted include 866-930-9924, 512-532-8200, and 1-866-387-7363.

You should also be aware that the phone lines come with special functions, nevertheless customers can still make use of any to make a complaint.

We hope this article has thoroughly answered all the questions you need answers to. If not, you can go through it one more time for better understanding.