Green Dot Bank Address – Find Green Dot Bank Locations

Are you looking for a financial services that has amassed an interesting history with its clients, which has also been serving people throughout the United States with its products and services since the end of late 20th century. We are talking about a united state based bank known as green dot bank.


Nevertheless, every information you are supposed to know about this wonderful banking platform, how green dot provide their service, green dot bank address and other ways to get in touch with green dot bank will be discussed in this article.

What Is Green Dot Bank?



Despite its popularity, green dot bank is still very much unknown by most users but definitely this article will shed light on the bank of platform.

Green Dot Bank is a California-based financial services and registered bank holding company that provides all sort of services such as purchasing goods and services, online and mobile purchase, cash deposits at retail stores and other vital financial activities.

However, you should also be aware that Green Dot Bank is a financial technology that is basically for individuals who can’t or don’t want to purchase items on credit. This bank provides all what you expect from a quality banking service. They also offers a high-yield savings account for almost everyone, no discrimination in addition to unlimited cash-back rewards. 

People who also prefer to stick to a budget are advised to register with green dot bank. Green dot bank address is available for users who are experiencing difficulties in doing this. However, the bank address will be revealed in the other part of the article, kindly stay with us to grab this information.

Green Dot Bank Address: Green Dot Bank Near Me


How do I contact green dot via their office address? If this question has been wandering in your mind for a while now, luckily you are at the right place to clear your mind and get a valid answer to your question.

According to research, official green dot is located in Austin, Texas, while the bank headquarters is located in Provo, Utah in the United States.

Also Find – Green Dot Bank Routing Number

However, A corporate address and headquarters address which you can use to get in touch with green dot bank has been revealed below.

Green Dot Bank Registered Address


1675 North 200 West,

Provo, UT 84601

United States.

Green Dot Bank Address


114 W 7th Street Suite 240,

Austin, Texas, 


Moreover, the aforementioned addresses are the official green dot bank address to take note of if you are willing to get in touch with the payment company. All you are required to do is try to follow the directions.

Thanks to advancements in technology and banking, you can input those addresses in your Google map application and the app will automatically provide directions on how to get to the bank. You can do this from any where you reside in the world.

Alternatives To Get In Touch With Green Dot Bank?


Actually if you think locating the bank seems stressful and you don’t want to pay them a visit personally, luckily there are other alterations available for you on the internet.

Green Dot Bank Address - Find Green Dot Bank Locations

One good benefit of these other contact support services is that you can actually do them from the comfort of your home. All you need is a mobile device or a PC and a secure internet connection.

  • Green dot active phone lines
  • Green dot mailing address
  • Green dot online help center
  • Email address
  • Rooting number
  • Active social media accounts

Green dot active phone lines


One of the easiest alternatives to locating green dot bank addresses is by getting in touch with them via their phone lines. Green dot contact customer service phone number is (866) 795-7597 and it’s always active during the day.

According to the bank, they do not really have 24 hour customer service as they recommend giving them a call between 5am in the morning and 9pm PST. The bank phone lines are only active 7 days a week.

Mailing Address


You can also contact green dot bank by sending them a direct mail through the following mailing address. 

Green Dot Corporation​​ P.O. Box 5100​, Pasadena, CA 91117. However, a quick response is definitely assured as the bank treat’s the complaints of their customers with utmost priority.

Green dot online help center


Another way to request for assistance is to get in touch with the bank via their official website. Click on the following link to begin.

  • After clicking on the link above, you need to select the help center by navigating through the website. The help center tab is above all other services that are listed at the sidebar of the website menu.
  • The next step is to click on the help center and you will be directed to the website’s chat window. This window displays an online bot support sending some greetings and asking for your specific complaints.
  • At the bottom of this chat window is a list of web pre login help options, which includes stimulus deposit information, I’m unable to login to my account, how can I get a credit card online, where can I find information on a product and so many other queries.
  • You need to select the options that best suit your initial complaints, but if you don’t find questions related to what you are looking for. Just type your question and the bot will provide answers.
  • Note that you will be attended to if you make a complaint during the company’s working hours, but if you miss their operating hours, you definitely have access to schedule a call back option. To make these steps easier for you, click on this link and follow the procedures.

Green Dot Bank Email address


If you are interested in contacting the financial platform via their email address, you should send a direct email to However, your email message should contain a brief message, telling them about the problem you are facing with their banking service. 

You will get a quick response after sending your message to them, this is another simple way to get in touch with them without having to locate the green dot bank address. 

Active social media accounts


You can also contact green dot bank their social media accounts, they have official accounts on instagram, twitter, linkedin and several other social media platforms. 

All you need to do is locate these accounts and check out their profile page, the next procedure is to send them a direct message.

Surely, a response would be sent to you immediately before a representative of the customer care service attends to your complaints.


Where Is Green Dot Bank Located?


One of the frequently asked questions that came to our notice is the queries on the city and state, which green dot bank is located. However, green dot bank is headquartered in the United States, precisely at Austin, Texas. 

Although, there are other branches located around the world. Additionally, green dot bank is worth over $1,254 Million as thousands of employees work at the bank.



In the article above, we provided our readers with green dot bank addresses, both the official bank and their headquarters. In addition to this, you can also ask for directions from google maps if you don’t know how to locate the bank in spite of having the bank address.

However, we also revealed some alternatives to green dot bank address, other methods you can use to contact the bank. Most of these help services can be done from the comfort of your home. It’s not as stressful as locating the bank and meeting a representative in person.

Although we recommend you pay a visit to the bank if you have a very complicated issue with their banking services.