Netspend Check Balance: How To Check Netspend Balance In 2022

Are you one of those searching for how to check Netspend balance or other searches related to Netspend Check Balance? Search no further, as this post is meant to teach you 6 methods of Netspend Check Balance and more. 


Netspend is a finance organization that gives prepaid Visa and Mastercard to customers which can be used like every other debit card for buying and payment of bills after activation. When the cash or funds in your Netspend is exhausted, it can be reloaded at any Netspend reload location. Read here to get the best reload location.

Many Netspend users keep buying and making transactions over and over again with their card till the card is declined due to insufficient funds. You would agree with me that it’s a very embarrassing situation. 


Now the big question is why do you have to wait till your card is declined before reloading your Netspend card when there are ways to check your Netspend balance? So that’s why in this article, we would be discussing Netspend Check balance with an emphasis on how to check your Netspend balance. It’s good to know that there are several ways to carry out that function and this post will be discussing six of them. 

How Can I Check My Netspend Balance?


There are several ways you can check your Netspend balance to avoid being rejected or embarrassed at your point of purchase. You can perform Netspend Check balance through text, mobile App, calls, website, ATM, and others. Sit back and read with me to the end to get information on all the methods of how to check your Netspend balance. 

How To Check NetSpend Balance Through Text (Anytime Alert)


Netspend check balance can be done by sending a text on your phone which will be responded to through an SMS alert. This method is officially called the Anytime Alert. This is the simplest method to use because it is handy. Another advantage of this method is that it can be done with the use of any mobile phone. 

To do this, text BAL to the official Netspend SMS number which is 22622. This will enable you to receive notifications of any transaction as well as your declined transactions. To start using the Anytime Alert service, sign up for it on your Netspend online account. 

How To Check Netspend Balance Through Calls.


Apart from text, let us see how to check Netspend balance through phone calls. This is another simple method because everyone with you inclusive is familiar with phone calls. So I know you would not find this difficult at all.

How To Check Netspend Balance

To do this, you have to call the Netspend toll-free telephone number. Input all your details as required by the voice prompt till your balance is made known to you. I know that was pretty easy so let’s now see the number to call.

What Number Do I Call For Netspend Check Balance?


To check your Netspend balance through calls, you will have to daily this phone number 1-866-387-7363. And like I stated in the paragraph before this, follow the voice prompt till you get your desired result. You will be charged for this. 

How To Check Netspend Balance On The Netspend Mobile App.


Moving further on Netspend Check Balance, let us examine how to do that by using the Netspend Mobile App. Netspend mobile application is one of the innovations of Netspend to ease the management of your prepaid card and your account.

It can be downloaded from your play store for Android devices and from IOS for Apple devices. With the app, your Netspend check balance is just a few clicks away. 

To do this, log in to your account on the Netspend mobile app on your phone using either your fingerprint or your Netspend ID and password. At the top right corner of your homepage, your Netspend available balance will be displayed. 

This too was very easy but continue reading because the next method of your Netspend Check Balance promises to be easier. 

Can I Check My Netspend Balance Online?


Of course yes, as I have said before, the answer to the search for how to check your Netspend balance comes in various ways. And one of the methods is by checking it online on the official website of Netspend.

This is because the Netspend debit card service can be accessed both online and on phone. So, to perform Netspend Check Balance online, log in to the official website of Netspend with your details. And your available balance will be displayed on the home screen.

How To Check Netspend Balance At The Online Account Center.


Another way to perform Netspend Check Balance is by using the online account center. This option is very much helpful to those that are more comfortable using their personal computers or laptops for checking Netspend balance. The Netspend online account center is safe and secure from criminal activities also. 

To get your Netspend balance through the online account center, you have to log in. Upon successful login, your balance will be shown to you. You will also see the details of your deposits and another transaction history. 

How To Check Netspend Balance At The ATM.


The use of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is the last method of Netspend Check Balance that I would be discussing here. So if you did not know that the ATM can be used for such a purpose, I’m delighted to inform you now.

You have to note, however, that not all ATMs can be used to check Netspend balance. There are banks that partner with Netspend and it is only the ATMs of these participating banks that can be used for such purpose. 

All you have to do is visit any of the ATMs of the participating banks, insert your Netspend prepaid card, and input all instructions on the screen till your balance is shown. 

Participating ATMs are located all around the US. Some of them are Metabank, Republic Bank, The Bancorp Bank, Axos Bank, and Trust Bank. So any of the ATMs of these banks can be used to perform Netspend Check Balance. 

Are There Charges To Check Netspend Balance?


The answer to that can be yes and no depending on which of the methods of Netspend check balance explained above you opt to use. Some of the methods are free of charge while others attract charges. Read on to know the free methods and the paid methods. 

How Much Does Netspend Check Balance Cost?


Among the 6 methods discussed above, you will be charged when you use the phone call and the ATM methods. Checking your Netspend balance by calling the toll-free number attracts an amount of $0.50.

And if you decide to use participating ATMs for Netspend Check Balance, the usual ATM fee would be charged depending on the bank. Apart from those charges, Netspend would not charge any other money to check your balance. 

How Can I Check My Netspend Account Balance For Free?


You can check your Netspend balance for free using all other methods except phone calls and ATMs. In other words, performing Netspebd Check Balance through text (Anytime Alert), online account center, mobile app, and website is for free. 



This post has been able to explicitly show you 6 methods of performing Netspend Check balance. This is very important to save you from being embarrassed at the point of purchase.

And also, if one method is not responding at the moment of need, you have the option of picking any of the other five. And I also showed you that some of the methods are free while others are paid. So you are free to use any method of your choice to check your Netspend balance.