I Got Scammed On Cash App What Do I Do? Read This Now

I got scammed on cash app what do i do? This has been question almost twenty percent of cash app users ask on daily basis. Hence, I will show you how to get money back on Cash App if scammed. Exactly what you’re looking for right? Relax and read this article till the end, you will definitely recover your money.


Are you one of those searching for how to report someone on Cash App and get money back after being scammed? Or you are just searching to know if it is possible to get your money back after being scammed on the Cash App? Welcome on board as this post will detail all you want and even more

I need not remind you of what the Cash App is. Nevertheless, it is worthy of note that fraudsters have come up with various ways of tricking people to get money from them on the Cash App. Although this menace is not peculiar to Cash App alone, we are going to be focusing on Cash App. 


So many users after making some transactions or sending money that were later discovered to be scams are left in oblivion on how to get their money back on the Cash App. Make sure you read to the end so as not to miss any details. 

Cash App Scams – How To Get Scammed On Cash App


Scammers and fraudsters keep coming up with different methods and ideas of scamming Cash App users. Hence it is of utmost importance that one gets abreast with how to get scammed on Cash App. 

One of the commonest ways of defrauding users of their finances on the Cash App is by posing as a Cash App customer service agent. They send messages, phone calls, or emails requesting your Cash App details to help solve a problem with your account or Cash Card. When they get hold of the details such as your ID or $cashtag, your funds get withdrawn without your permission. 

I Got Scammed On Cash App What Do I Do? Read This Now

Also, people can get scammed on the Cas App through cash flipping. When you subscribe to any cash flipping scheme, you are at risk of losing your fund.

Any platform that promises to give you double or more of your money in a few minutes is not trustworthy. Remember, if it is too good to be true, then it might not be true after all. 

Scammers also come in the guise of giving out offers. The most popular one is the Cash App Friday offer otherwise called the super cash app Friday. They most times disguise and present these offers to get your details to scam you. So be sure of the source of any offer before getting yourself involved. 

Furthermore, scammers get access to the Cash App details of users by sending them phishing emails asking the users to click on a link attached to the email. By clicking on the link, your details will be registered on their site. 

Lastly, by sending links for fake giveaways especially during COVID. They can come in the form of giving out loans to help businesses and other similar tricks. 

So these are some of the ways people get scammed on WhatsApp. Before we look strictly into how to get your money back from the cash App if scammed, let’s first ask if it is possible to get a refund if scammed on Cash App. 

Will Cash App Refund My Money If Scammed?


Getting your money back from Cash App may be possible or not depending on the situation how the scam took place or even how fast Cash App was alerted. I know you will ask “if it’s possible, how?” Not to worry, read the next paragraph to know. 

How To Get Money Back On Cash App If Scammed


There is a high probability of getting your money back if you were scammed on Cash App. Although Cash App is not FDIC insured, the App monitors your account for any fraudulent payments. Join me as I enumerate how you can get your money back from Cash App if scammed.

You are most likely to get your money back if Cash App immediately takes note of a fraudulent transaction. They cancel the payment and instantly send it back to your Cash App balance or send it to your linked bank account. This can be gotten faster if the recipient hasn’t received the payment.

Another way to get your money back from the Cash App if scammed is to ask for help on the App by disputing the payment. Although there is no 100% percent guarantee of getting your money back through this means, it is a step in the right direction.

How To Dispute A Payment On Cash App. 


This is quite an easy thing to do. To dispute payment, go to the activity tab on the homepage of your Cash App, select payment. Click on the three dots (…)at the side of the payment. This will take you to another page where you will tap on Need Help and Cash App support. Next, you should tap on “dispute this transaction.”

With this, the Cash App team will examine the transaction and take the appropriate action.

The third way to get your money back from Cash App is to cancel the payment immediately if you notice anything phishing. Do this quickly before the scammer receives the payment and your money will be refunded to your account.

Still on how to get your money back from Cash App if Scammed, we will examine requesting a refund. You will get your money back from Cash App through this means if the recipient is considerate and willing to comply. 

How To Request A Refund On Cash App


This is a two-way thing. The first is to do it yourself but alternatively, contact the person to refund you from their side. To request a refund on Cash App,

  • Click on the Activity tab on your Cash App homepage
  • Select the payment to be refunded
  • Tap on the three dots (…) on the payment
  • Click on refund
  • And press ok. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Money Back From Cash App If Scammed? 


The length of time ranges from immediately to about 3 business days depending on how it was done. If you cancel the transaction before the recipient gets it, your money will be refunded immediately, otherwise, you will have to wait for 3 working days. 

How To Avoid Cash App Scam.


To avoid being scammed, do not send money to strangers especially with questionable profiles. Also, verify the recipient’s information before sending money to avoid sending it to the wrong account.

Block any account that appears to be that of a scammer and avoid disclosing your details to anyone posing as a Cash App support agent as well as clicking on links. Get all information from the Cash App website. 

How To Report Someone On Cash App And Get Money Back


If unfortunately you got scammed on cash app, the first step to take” is to rush to cash app help center and report the incident to them. Definitely they will help you recover your money quickly.

To fasten the it, kindly contact them with this phone number >  1- 800-969-1940 or tap on the above link and chat with their customer representative. They don’t hesitate to reply.



This article has explained how to get your money back from Cash App if scammed in detail. These are not guarantees that the money will be refunded but since there is no harm in trying, you can go ahead and use them. But most importantly, learn how the scammers operate and avoid further scams on Cash App.