How To Swipe A Card – The Right Way To Do It Correctly

If you are yearning to know how to swipe a card, then you are welcome to read this blog article. In this article, I am going to give you in-depth teaching on how to swipe the different types of cards. 


We are also going to learn how the swiping machine works as well as some types of swipe card machines and so much more. At the end of this article, you will be glad to read to the end because it’s going to ditch nothing short of value. 

As more people embrace the notion of a Cashless economy, there has been a drastic increase in the rate of moving around with cards. Cards here include debit, credit, and gift cards.


These cards help one to make in pay for several if not all transactions without moving to exchange cash. With cards, the chances of missing money are minimally reduced. 

Also carrying cars around is more convenient and it is lightweight and does not occupy much space. In the process of using cards, you will get to know that it is important to swipe a card. Therefore in this article, we want to majorly amongst others discuss how to swipe a card. First, let’s see what a card swipe is.

What Does Swiping A Card Mean? 


Before we move to how to swipe a card it is important to understand what the term “card swipe” means. If you already know what it is, good for you but if not, read with me as you proceed. 

A card swipe is a process of passing your card through an electronic reader for it to record the information that the card bears. 

In other words, a card swipe means the electronic capture of a card’s magnetic stripe data. This is done with a card swipe machine. This process can be used for credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, identity cards, and more. 

What Is A Swipe Card Machine?


The swipe card machine is that which the card passes through to process payment, get details about daily transactions, and sometimes for refunds. 

It is a device that allows customers to swipe the magnetic stripe of their debit, credit, or gift card through a slot. These machines are most commonly found at Point Of Sales (POS) of retail stores. 

Types Of Swipe Card Machines. 


To understand the topic of how to swipe a card more closely, let us quickly look at some of the types of swipe card machines. 

Paynear ATM Swipe Machine


This machine is quite easy to use. It is mostly used by small and medium scale businesses like hotels, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and retail shops.

It can be used for both debit and credit cards to collect payments at the convenience of the customer. Also, the Paynear card swipe machine can be used as a functional register. And it allows customers to pay using their wallets. 

PayUMoney Card Swipe Machine


This is the newest swipe card machine on the market. It accepts a variety of cards like debit cards, credit cards, RUPay, Visa, and many other cards. This machine is used in retail shops as well. 

It does not require monthly rentals and can be linked with any bank. No minimum balance is required and it can be set up at no cost. 

PayPal Card Swipe Machine


Still, on the types of swipe machines that will help to understand how to swipe a card, let’s see what the Paypal swipe machine has for us. 

This swipe machine is mostly known for online payment. With it, you can easily send and receive money and set up a PayPal account. You can also record your transactions with this machine. It has simple proving and accepts all types of payments. The PayPal swipe card machine guarantees credit card security. 

Paytm Swipe Card Machine


Lastly, before we go straight into how to swipe a card, let’s see the features and benefits of the Paytm Swipe machine. This machine is suitable for all business types and scales. It can be used for all types of payments that do not involve cash. 

You Can also use debit cards, credit cards, wallets, and even net banking on a single platform with Paytm. It has secure hardware that enables secure payment and issues e-receipts via SMS. 

How To Swipe A Card


Now to the main issue of this topic which is how to swipe a card.

How To Swipe A Card

This will be taken in different segments thereby answering all your questions regarding the issue of how to swipe a debit card, a credit card, how to swipe a card in an ATM, and how to swipe a gift card. Let’s take them in bits as you read on. 

How To Swipe A Debit Card


These steps are more commonly used for how to swipe a debit card. However, it is also applicable to credit cards. It is quite an easy thing to do. 

  • Switch the swipe machine on
  • Insert your debit or credit card in facing up. Make sure the metallic contact area goes in first. 
  • Allow the card to go into the swipe machine completely. 
  • Leave the card in while you make your debit. 
  • At the end of the transaction, wait for the prompt on the screen that urges you to take your card before bringing the card out.

How To Swipe A Credit Card Correctly


  • Make sure you hold your card straight. 
  • Ensure that the magnetic stripe is facing the thick side of the swipe machine. 
  • Hold the card and slide it downwards in the swipe machine. This will make sure that the reader takes the card number immediately. 

How To Swipe A Gift Card


If you see an inscription that reads “for Electronic Use Only”, know that it can only be swiped electronically at a retail store. So go there and follow the process as in credit and debit card above you swipe your gift card. 

How To Swipe A Card In An ATM


This process is very much easy. To do this, insert your card into the ATM with the chip facing up. The machine will automatically read the details. Follow the prompts to make your transactions and remove your card afterward. 

How To Swipe A Card For Cash 


To swipe your card for cash can be done at the ATM using the process above or through a swipe machine as in how to swipe a debit card above. After the money is deducted from the account, the cashier gives you money in return. 

How Does A Card Swipe Machine Work?


Before we conclude the topic of how to swipe a card, let’s quickly see how the card swipe machine works.

First, you slide through or insert the card into the machine to make sure that the magnetic stripe of the card goes through or touches the console of the machine. 

Next, the Electronic Information System (EIS) receives data from the card and verifies the details. 

It moves on to process the information that confirms the debit card, verifies the cardholder by requesting the PIN. Thereafter, the transaction can take place. 

Is Card Swiping Illegal?


There are no laws against the swiping of cards if it is done with the permission of the cardholder. If otherwise is the case, then it is illegal and attracts punishments. 

How Much Does It Cost To Swipe A Card?


When you swipe your card at a POS machine, the merchant pays about 2% as rental fees to the bank or card network. This is a hidden charge usually named ” swipe fee“. The swipe fee can also be as much as 4% for some premium rewards cards. 



The swipe machine is important especially as we all love the idea of a cashless economy. Therefore it is important to learn how to swipe a card as this article has taught.