4 Ways To See What Someone Is Doing On Their Phone For Free

Is it possible to spy on someone’s phone? Can you track what someone is doing on their phone? Yes, you can. Hence, this blog post will show you how to see what someone is doing on their phone, without them knowing. Although it seems easier when you have access to the person’s cell phone, but it isn’t impossible to know what someone is doing on their phone without touching the targeted device. Read along to find out;

You need to spy on your husband’s, wife’s, child’s, boyfriend’s, co-workers’ cell phones, etc. for various reasons. But you have no idea how to do it. You’d also want to do it as quietly as possible, i.e. without the person whose phone you want to hack knowing. 

So there you have it! It’s important to note that you don’t need any special abilities to complete this task. It is possible to remotely monitor a cell phone without having physical access to it. Here’s how you can do it.

How can I figure out what secrets my spouse is concealing in his text messages? How can I make sure my child is in the right place during lessons, for example? How can you monitor a phone without having physical access to it? All of the answers to these questions can be found in a single component: spyware.

How To See What Someone Is Doing On Their Phone With Spyware?


Spyware is a program created specifically to spy on phones invisibly, without raising the owner’s suspicions. Indeed, this software becomes undetectable as soon as it is installed on a laptop (no icon like the other applications that are installed). 

It leaves no traces, does not interfere with the phone’s operation in any way, and works quietly to record all of the owner’s confidential information without his knowledge. You no longer need physical contact with the target cell phone to gain access to information once your spyware is installed. 

By logging into your account from thousands of miles away, you can see everything that is happening on the phone at the exact moment the targeted person is using it.

  • Spyware or monitoring software, in general, will allow you to do the following:
  • View photos or videos that have been saved;
  •  Read text messages and emails;
  •  Consult the call log, and intercept and record phone calls;
  • Browse the content of social media platforms (SnapChat, Hangouts, Skype, etc.) and retrieve messages and multimedia files, including those that have been deleted;
  • Use GPS and Geo-fencing to track down the device;
  • Control software and applications.
  • Lock and control the device from afar;
  • Keep an eye on your internet usage.
  • Keyword alerts, for example.

Thus, cloning a laptop is a real godsend to take possession of all the information stored in said device, and to control all its activity from afar. In other words, you are at home, you log into your account on your smartphone and you see live everything your target is doing with their phone. Installing a spy to spy on a loved one is undeniably an effective way.

Why should I Install Spyware on My Phone?


Hacking a phone allows you to follow all the manipulations made by the owner. But, hacking off a telephone remotely requires the installation of spy software which will take care of recording all the data of the device concerned and making them accessible to you instantly and in real-time. 

You should have direct contact with the gadget and play out the cautious establishment yourself to achieve this. Fascinating that, when introduced, the product works in an inconspicuous way (no-follow, no symbol, no warning). Contingent upon the sort of data you need to get to, different elements can be actuated during establishment. 

You design your product as such during establishment to have the option to impede an application. To have the option to get to messages and calls, you ought to indicate this during establishment. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to pick the elements you expect to screen your companion or adored one. It is easy to introduce phone spyware.

How to install Spyware On iPhone/Android?


The appeal stems from the fact that a jailbroken iPhone is easier to install spyware on and allows you to access several features (advanced or basic) of your spy on the said device than a non-jailbroken device. So you understand that to install a cookie on an iPhone, it is necessary to jailbreak it.

When it comes to Android phones, the principle is the same. However, it is no longer about jailbreaking, but about rooting. Before installing a spy app on an Android phone, make sure it is rooted. Rooting, like jailbreaking, frees the device from its security barriers and improves its skills and performance. 

A rooted device no longer objects to the installation of third-party software, but rather makes it easier to manipulate it. This is why installing spyware on a rooted phone is easier than on an unrooted phone. Rooting also allows you to activate all of your cookie’s features, which you cannot do with an unrooted phone.

Essentially, if you want to not only successfully install a spy but also activate many advanced spying features, you must jailbreak or root the target phone. Following this, you can begin the installation, taking care to activate the desired monitoring options at the appropriate time. When the installation is finished, restart the phone and wait a few moments before using it.

As a reminder, the spyware icon will not appear after installation. He’s a spy, as his name implies, and he goes unnoticed.

Can You Track What Someone Is Doing On Their Phone Without Them Knowing?


You’re most likely considering how to introduce a covert operative on a telephone without contacting it. Valid, there might be times when you can’t acquire ownership of the objective telephone to introduce anything on it, or when you need more chance to eliminate the defensive obstructions.

Regardless, answers for spying on the designated gadget are as yet accessible. They will be displayed to you later. Notwithstanding, remember that these arrangements are lawfully restricting. Certain significant circumstances should be met before they can be utilized:

  • The telephone being referred to must be associated all the time to the web (using Wifi or portable information).
  • The telephone should not be jailbroken or established. 
  • Continuous automatic data backup is required; 
  • High-end monitoring software should be used (good enough).

You will not be able to use these methods if these conditions are not met. In other words, physical contact is required; this time, not to install the spyware, but to satisfy at least one of these conditions. Without Installing Anything, You Can Spy on Your iPhone.



Hopefully you have learnt how to see what someone is doing on their phone without them knowing? Cool, we assume you’re taking this action, in other to figure out what your kids are up to over the phone.