How To Spot Fake Calculator App ( Best Method )

This blog post will teach you how to spot fake calculator app ( best method ). If you’re among those asking how can you tell a fake calculator app? Please search no further. Though it’s quite difficult to dictate or spot fake calculator app, but it’s not impossible. So, I will show you how to easily spot a fake calculator app within two minutes or less.

A fake calculator app can be very risky and do more harm than good to your cell phone. Which is, steeling your personal information and causing harm to your device. Knowing fully well that’ the information stored in calculator app are mostly confidential and sensitive files. You have to be very careful and mindful of the calculator app you Install for hiding any of your data.

However, you can tap on the above related articles to get the best and widely used calculator app to hide your text messages, pictures, videos, document and other files.

Now, I will go ahead and show you ways to spot a fake calculator App‘ so that you don’t fall victim to it.

How Can You Tell A Fake iPhone Calculator App?

They’re designed to be difficult to spot. The app icons look similar to the real iPhone calculator, and when they’re opened, they function as a calculator. Punch in a code and a photo vault is revealed. Pictures taken inside the app stay there, and aren’t visible in the iPhone camera roll.

That’s why I earlier told you that spotting a fake calculator app is not 100% guaranteed. Because they make sure everything looks like the original app. Meanwhile, you’re advised to read our related articles to get the most trusted app for your phone.

How Does The Fake Calculator App Work?


The fake calculator app works exactly like the original one. It’s a clone version of the original calculator vault app. You can as well use the fake calculator app to hide photos and videos.

Hence, they share the same features with the original App, making it very difficult to us to differentiate the both. There’s absolutely nothing the original calculator app can do, the fake app can’t. It works perfectly on android and iOS too.

How To Spot Fake Calculator App ( Best Method )


With my experience as an app developer and someone who have been using calculator apps for ages now, I can tell some of the means to spot a fake calculator on iPhone, android iOS. However, the easiest method is by checking the app memory size.

  • Go to your Phone Settings App.
  • Navigate the App Manager.
  • Check the Calculator App Memory Size.
  • If the size exceed 30MB, it’s assume to be very large. That means, we assume it already have a data. Which signifies fake calculator app.

A fake calculator app can still be lesser than 30MB. That’s why you’re advised to use our recommended calculator app.

How To Hack Fake Calculator App


Recently, I discovered that so many people are seriously searching for how to hack and crack fake calculator app. Well, this can be so astonishing” but not impossible though.

To tell you the pure truth, you can’t possibly hack calculator app. You have to use the above method to spot the app and delete it from your phone. Or rather go through our related posts to download the best and most trusted calculator app.

How To Reset Fake Calculator Hide App Password?


The information that I’m about to share now, works perfectly on iPhone, android, iOS etc. As a matter of fact, and phone at all can go. As long as you do exactly what you’re instructed to do here, definitely it will unlock and you will reset the password.

  • Get the phone you want to open the calculator vault App without password.
  • Enter 11223344 and press equal.
  • It will open instantly, that’s all. Make sure you enter exactly the above number.



Wrapping up the tutorial on how to spot fake calculator app. I hope you can now spot fake calculator apps? Well, I’m glad I was able to guild you on this.

If you have further questions concerning this post or our previous articles, feel free to ask. We will give you feedback within some hours.