How To Enable Cash App Card ( Complete Guide )

Getting a cash app card is one thing, but enabling the card to work is a different thing entirely, but doesn’t it mean that enabling Cash App card is not possible? Well! We are going to find out shortly.


How To Enable Cash App Cards may not be a big task for those who are used to the working principles of Cash App but if you are a new user, you may find it a bit difficult to get the card activated, but nevertheless, I am going to put you through on how to go about it. Stay tuned!

However, if you have a Cash App account, it is recommended that you get their virtual card to fully utilize the features of the platform. But most times, if you request for the Cash App Card and it is delivered to you, you will be required to enable the card before using but what if you don’t know how to enable Cash App card, no need to worry as I have included the simplified procedures in this write up.


Before you can enable Cash App Card, you need to follow some procedures to get the card working because if you don’t enable or activate your card, it won’t work but if you follow the lay down procedures, your card will be activated within a few minutes. The section below will guide you better.

What Does It Mean To Enable Cash Apps?


What it means is that once you enable your Cash App, you can carry out direct deposit transactions. But enabling here means activation of Cash Cards to support direct deposits. Once your cash app card is enabled,you will be able to receive up to $25,000 for each direct deposit and maximum of $50,000 on a daily basis. Interestingly, once you enable or activate your cash card, you will see your new account and routing numbers instantly.

How To Enable My Cash App Card Using The QR Code


Once you get your cash app card, the first thing to do is to enable the card because without activation, you can’t use the card but if you want enable your Cash App Card, then, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Cash Card tab on the home screen of your Cash App
  • Click on your image of your cash card
  • Click on “Activate or Enable Cash Card”
  • Click “Ok” when your Cash App request for permission to use your camera
  • Scan the QR code

But if you no longer have the QR code with you, do this:

  • Click on the Cash Card tab on the home screen of your Cash App
  • Click on the image of your cash card
  • Click on “Activate or Enable Cash Card”
  • Click on “Use CVV Instead”
  • Fill in the CVV code
  • Enter the expiring date of your new cash card and your cash app card will be enabled.

Now that you have activated your Cash App Card, how can you use it to transact your business? And that brings us to the working principle of the cash app which we are going to look at in the next section.

How Does The Cash App Card Work?


In this section, we are going to look at the working principle of the cash app card. It is important to understand how a cash app card works to enable you to maximize the amazing features of the card.

Once you hear about Cash App Cards, the first that will come to your mind is “debit card”. Cash App Cards have almost the same working principles with other debit cards. Hence, if you know how to use physical debit cards, then you won’t find it difficult to use a Cash App Card.

Meanwhile Just like other prepaid debit cards, when a subscriber adds money to their cash app balance, the balance will automatically be added to the Cash App card. And guess what? You can spend the money online, in-stores or via the use of Apple Pay.

However, after understanding the working principle of a cash app card, and you wish to add money to your Cash App Card, you should try checking the section below.

To Add Cash To Your Cash App Card, Just Do This:


  • Ensure that your Cash App account is linked to your bank account
  • Then, Click on the balai icon
  • Click on “Add Cash”
  • Fill in the exact amount you want to add
  • Click “Add”
  • Verify and confirm the transaction with either your Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode depending on your device security code. And that’s all.

How To Use Cash App Card


As soon as you receive your Cash Card in the mail, you can activate or enable it using the Cash App. During the activation, you will be required to provide a pin number for your Cash Card during the activation Process, which is subject to change anytime you wishes.

Once you are done with the activation of the card, you will be eligible to use the card in any establishment within the U.S. that accepts Visa.

How To Temporarily Lock Your Card


If do to any circumstances you lost your card or it was stolen, you should not hesitate to temporarily block your card to avert any related fraudulent activities. To temporarily lock your cash card, do this:

  • Click on the cash card tab on the home screen of your Cash App
  • Go to “Lock Card”
  • Click on it and your card will be temporarily blocked

However, you can unblock your Cash Card at any particular time you wish to via the mobile app.

How Do I Use My Cash Card In A Cash App?


Just like other regular debit card, using Cash Card in Cash App is not a big deal and the card is accepted across the United States where Visa cards are accepted.

It is very simple to use when making payments. The card can also be used to withdraw money from any Automated Teller Machines, ATM. But have it at the back of your mind that the cash app has withdrawal limits and they also charge a $2 withdrawal fee for using the card.

Where Is The QR Code On My Cash App Card?


The Quick Response (QR) code can be found on the printed document that comes with your card. It is recommended that you keep the documents in safe place for reference purposes because you can’t tell when you may need it again.

Can I Activate My Cash App Card Without The App?


Yes, it is still possible to activate your Cash App card without the app. Normally, there are majorly two ways to activate Cash App Card on your device. You can either activate it by using the Quick Response (QR) code which comes alongside with the card. Or better still, you may decide to use the card information. But most people prefer the QR method since it is automatic and does need access to the cash card.

Can I Activate My Cash App Card Before It Arrives


No, currently it is not possible to activate your cash app card before it arrives.  Before you can successfully activate your card, you will need the QR code that comes alongside with your card, or may use the information that is printed on the card. From the both procedures, you must need the card before you can activate it.

What Number Do I Call To Activate my Cash App Card?


You can call Apple Cash support service on 1-800-969-1940 for any inquiries on how to activate your card.

This phone number is not the only customers’ support line at Apple Cash, and also bear it at heart that Cash App representative can never ask you to disclose your confidential financial details like PIN, social security number, full debit card number or password, so be aware of fraudsters.

Why Is My Cash App Card Locked?


Cash App as an online financial institution is dedicated to protecting the financial interest of their subscribers by shielding them from fraudsters.

Once they notice any unusual financial activities on an account, they temporarily lock it for the benefit of the account holder. Meanwhile, even if your account is locked, it doesn’t stop you from transferring money.

How Do I Activate My Cash App Card On My Iphone?


To activate Cash App on iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the cash card tab on the home screen of your Cash App
  • Click on the image of your Cash Card
  • Click on “Activate Cash Card”
  • Click on “Ok” once your cash app request for permission to use the Camera¬†
  • Finally, scan the QR code and you are done.

Why Is My Cash App Not Working?


If your Cash App starts malfunctioning, it is recommended that you restart the app. Start by closing the Cash App completely (in some instances, use “Force+Closing the App).

After that, close the app on Android or iOS depending on the device you are using. Once you have successfully closed the app, try restarting the app again and check if the problem is solved.