How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My Phone? Find Out

Can someone track my phone? how do i know if someone is tracking my phone? These and more, are some of the questions a lot of people are very enxious to know. And there’s no doubt’ that you also want to know if someone is currently spying on your phone and how to terminate it instantly. Go ahead and read till end, we have shared a lot of significant information you can’t afford to miss.


Spyware might sound like the plot of a suspense movie that targets high-level politicians, high-profile business people, celebrities, and has little interest in the general public.

However, in reality, you can be a target of spyware even if you’re not as famous as Jeff Bezos. For example, your boss or partner might use this to figure out what you’re doing outside the office or home.


Whether or not you suspect someone might be spying on you on your phone, here are three ways to help you find out.

How To Find A Tracker App (Spyware) On Your Phone


Even though spyware tries to hide, there are still ways to detect it. Mobile data and battery draining too quickly are two warning signs; if you notice either of these problems, stay vigilant and figure out which software is consuming your phone excessively. 

On different devices, the settings for this situation have different names; look for “Data usage” and “Battery” in the phone settings, respectively. 

Check which apps are consuming data and accessing your location if you’ve turned off settings like Wi-Fi, mobile networks, or geolocation but the device still has them turned on. See our article on checking Android permissions for more information, or go to Apple’s website to read about iOS permissions.

Check which apps have access to accessibility features (Settings -> Accessibility) if you don’t find any clues on your Android phone but still suspect someone is spying on you. 

Through accessibility, applications can monitor other programs, change settings, and do a variety of other things on the user’s behalf, making this permission very useful for spyware.

We can categorically state that accessibility is one of Android’s most dangerous permissions. Other than antivirus software, please do not grant this permission to any other application.

How To Know If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone


If you’re like nearly 80% of smartphone users, you carry your phone with you almost all of the time. 

how do i know if someone is tracking my phone

You can learn more about your phone’s settings, whether your information is protected, and whether you’re being tracked with just a few short codes. Look over the codes to check if phone is tapped.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful and important codes for smartphones. 

*#21# is the first code. 

You can use this simple code to see if your calls, messages, or other data are being diverted. 

On the screen of your phone, the status of the various types of diversions that are taking place, as well as the number to which the information is being transferred, will be displayed.

Second Code is *#62#

If you are experiencing an issue of your messages, calls, or data being redirected. Or, when it looks like your phone number is not available when someone try to call you.

The problem in this case is that all your incoming voice calls are going to another network users number.

The third code is *#06#

Finding out your IMEI is very easy with the assistance of this code. If you are very familiar with this number, you can easily locate your phone if it is stolen. Immediately the device is switched on, the location will be sent to the network user. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you put in a new SIM card to the device. If you don’t keep your IMEI private, anyone who get access to it can find out your device features or track down your phone. 

Fourth code is ##002#

In case, you want to turn off your phone redirection, this code is recommended for you. Before using roaming, it’s very advisable to use this. Thereby, no single amount of airtime will be deducted for unauthorized calls.

Code To Check If Your Phone Is Monitored


Important codes that helps people track your location exists, and and there are code that help you find out who is monitoring you. Enter these codes: 

  • *3001#12345#* – For iPhone users.
  • *#*#197328640#*#* or *#*#4636#*#* – For Android users.

Use the following methods:

Step 1

Navigate to the UMTS Cell Environment section, then to the UMTS RR info section, and write down all of the numbers under Cell ID. These are the basic stations that are nearby. By default, your phone will connect to the one with the strongest signal. 

Step 2

Return to the main menu and select the MM info tab, followed by Serving PLMN. Make a note of the numbers under Local Area Code (LAC). 

Step 3

Using these two numbers and a standard website (the fourth tab to the left), you can locate the basic station to which your phone is connected on a map.


How To Block My Phone From Being Tracked


If you discover spyware on your phone using the methods described above, consider removing it manually. This could make things worse because the spyware installer will notice you. (Uninstalling the software may also remove evidence that is later required.) 

As with any security issue, we must first take precautions. If you are being tracked by a violent partner, for example, contact a domestic violence victim help center (such as a community group like the Women’s Federation) before doing anything with the spyware. 

It’s sometimes easier to simply replace the phone and ensure that no one can install spyware on the new device:

  • Introduce a trustworthy security arrangement and scan your gadget consistently; 
  • Protect it with a perplexing secret phrase that you haven’t imparted to any other person;
  • Change your passwords on your records in general and never share them.
  • Just authorized sources only, for example, the application store, ought to be utilized to download applications.

How To Find Spyware On Your Phone

You can actually spot spyware on your mobile devices with Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Since stalkerware is a legitimate ill defined situation, numerous security arrangements group it as a non-infection program, yet it actually produces important cautions, so focus on your antivirus programming alarms.

Nonetheless, there is a blemish in this methodology. Some spyware can distinguish and caution the client if antivirus programming is introduced on the objective gadget.

It’s best not to let anybody about your doubts know if you’re stressed over being trailed by (say) somebody who is desirous.



We are wrapping up the content here, and there’s no doubt’ that you learnt how to know if someone is tracking your phone. For those asking, how do i know if someone is tracking my phone? Definitely you have gotten an answer to your question.

The most important thing right now, is to dial the above codes, and find out. Also follow instructions on how to terminate or block trackers from spying on your cell phone.