100+ Celebrities Cash App Names – Celebrity Cashtag Names 2022

We have provided you guys with about 100+ celebrities Cash App names – celebrity cashtags to request money from. Or celebrities giving away money on cash app.


There are so many famous people cash app names to request money from. But what we listed out here’ are $cashtags of those popular celebrities that often do giveaway to their fans.

Who doesn’t like free money? You may be lucky this time around. There are so many good hearted celebrities that do away money on cash app. Not only that, you can as well request money from a celebrity by using his or her $Cashtag names.


One of the easiest ways to receive or get free money on cash app is by requesting money from popular celebrities using their Cashtags name. Or, to be on alert whenever they’re doing giveaway. Now, before I go further” I would like to brief you guys what Cashtags is all about, how how you can use it to request money from femous people.

What Is A $Cashtag?


$Cashtag is simply your cash app username. A unique name you will be prompt to choose whenever you want to register for a cash app account.

Every cash app user have this $cashtag, which serves as an identifier for individuals and businesses. Example of Cashtag shareable URL ($youngMoney) where friends, family, and customers can make payments to you privately and securely through Cash App.

With $Cashtag, you can easily request money from someone. However, it should be someone you know very well to avoid being scammed on Cash App.

How To Create A Cashtag Name


You can actually do this within few minutes, that’s if you don’t have existing Cashtag. Else, scroll down and learn how to your cash app name and share with celebrities during giveaway.

  1. Login to your Cash App account
  2. Navigate Profile and tap on it personal tab.
  3. Click on $cashtag from the menu
  4. Enter a unique name you want to use as your Cashtag.
  5. Click on Confirm Name and tap set.
  6. Congratulations, you have created your own $Cashtag

Now, you can share the $Cashtag to your family, friends and businesses associates who wants to transfer funds to through Cash App.

Celebrities Cash App Names


Now, let’s get started with what brought you on this page. Which is celebrity cash app names. $Cashtags of Celebrities giving away money on cash app is what we posted below. You can request money from any of the below cash app names;

Celebrity CashApp Names:


  1. $Cardib4real
  2. $Tayshiadams
  3. $PatriciaArquette
  4. $WillArnett
  5. $Alessandraambrosio
  6. $Benaffleck
  7. $StephenAmell
  8. $kjApa
  9. $Amyadams
  10. $Candiceaccola
  11. $PamelaAnderson
  12. $GabrielAubry
  13. $CiscoAdler
  14. $Antanstead
  15. $realDjam
  16. $ErinAndrews
  17. $Paulaabdul
  18. $Fred4Armisen
  19. $IggyAzalea
  20. $Gabrielrealaubry
  21. $Jenniferaniston
  22. $SamAsghari
  23. $JessicaAlba
  24. $Princeandrew
  25. $RealKirstieAlley
  26. $JoeAmabile
  27. $lilyallen
  28. $RyanAdams
  29. $AnthonyMarc
  30. $realMalinAkerman

Rappers Cash App Names


Here are top American rappers Cash App usernames for giveaway, or to request money from. Make sure you copy the $Cashtag as written on this page.

  • $LilNasX
  • $RealEminem
  • $theLilWayne
  • $PostMaloneDrapper
  • $JayZ
  • $DTrippieRedd
  • $Snoop4Dogg
  • $KanyeWest7
  • $IamDMX
  • $realCommon
  • $ChancetheRapper
  • $realIceCube
  • $KendricktheLamar
  • $Tm4DrDre
  • $50CentTm
  • $DLilBaby
  • $BigWizKhalifa
  • $DNas
  • $amLLCoolJ
  • $TravisDScott
  • $MiJuice WRLD
  • $LilUziVert
  • $DaBabymoney
  • $rapperLudacris

That’s all, we have listed out top American rappers Cash App $Cashtags to request money from. Or, follow up for giveaway. Now, let me quickly proceed to showing you guys how to find $Cashtags on Cash App before dropping my pen.

How To Find Cash App Usernames


If you want to send your cash App name to someone and you aren’t sure of the name you imputed during registration, here is how to find it. 

To find your Cash App name, log into your Cash App and click on the profile icon. On the next page, you will find your Cash App name and $cashtag.

Cash App Names For Free Money


The above listed names are popular American celebrities Cash App usernames to request money from,or follow up for giveaway.

However, there’s no guarantee that’ they’re going to send money to you when you request. It’s just a win-win, you may be lucky. So, try them out and I wish you good luck.



At this point, I will be wrapping up the content. Hopefully you have seen the 100+ celebrities Cash App names – celebrity cashtags to request money from? Do you have any question? If yes, feel free to use the comment box below. You can as well refer to our related articles on Cash App for more guide.