Does Circle K Take Apple Pay? { How to use Apple Pay At Circle K }

Recently some of our readers have been asking us, “Does Circle K take Apple Pay?” They want to know if they can make transactions between Circle K and Apple Pay. However, we are going to be addressing that in this article.


Apple Pay is a beneficial technology that gives you an effortless and contactless paying experience especially in a crowded place like gasoline stations.

We all know how stressful and time consuming it would be if you check-in at a busy gasoline station to refill, it consumes more time than you expected but with Apple Pay, the stress  is now becoming a history and many establishments have cued into the emerging technology. 


Circle K as a renowned brand in America understood the customers’ needs especially as it concerns time management. Hence, they are never left behind when it comes to excellent service delivery, and that is why they have left no stone unturned to ensure that once you check-in at their outlets for gasoline, bandages, snacks or any other products, that they attend to you swiftly. But Does Circle K accept Apple Pay? We are going to find out right away.

Does Circle K Take Apple Pay


Yes, Circle K takes Apple Pay. Apple Pay helps you to reduce the time you spend on a cue to refill your four-wheeler with premium motor spirit or gas most especially when you are in a hurry.

Apple Pay works with Circle K to ease your financial transactions especially when the credit card machine is broken down and you have little cash with you. Because of that, Circle K accepts the contactless Apple Pay which is a pretty fast and stress-free transacting experience.

If you are an Apple Pay subscriber, you don’t really need to worry whether you have enough cash or not because numerous stores, and gas stations like Circle K accept Apple Pay as a payment option. It is stress-free, fast and secure to transact your business using Apple Pay.

How To Pay For Gas With Apple Pay?


At gas stations, you can use your iphone, ipad or Apple Watch to make payment using Apple pay. This method is secure because you don’t have to share credit or debit card information with the retailer.

Hence, a unique transaction code automatically replaces the credit card number for each transaction.

How To Pay For Gas With Apple Pay

  • Search for the contactless symbol at the gas station
  • Navigate to Apple Wallet on your device
  • Double press the side button
  • Then, you would be asked to verify

N/B: If your device has Face ID, double press the side button, after that, authenticate it with your passcode or face. But if your phone has a Touch ID, touch your finger in the ID sensor and place your device on the symbol, and guess what? You have just made your payment.

Why Should You Use This Payment Method?


The importance of using Apple Pay to transact your business can not be overemphasized. In fact, you really need to try this beneficial technology like Apple Pay because if you use it once, I bet you won’t stop using it.

Financial transactions have been made easy with these emerging technologies, don’t be left out. Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Use Apple Pay As A Payment Method.

  • It is very safe and secure payment option
  • With Apple Pay, you can easily get cashbacks
  • It is very easy, fast and stress-free payment option
  • It is an emerging payment option which is very beneficial and it is aimed to boost digital currency.

What Other Payment Forms Are Accepted At Circle K?


Having established that Circle K accepts Apple Pay as a payment option, what if you are not an Apple Pay user? Does it mean you won’t be able to make payments at Circle K since there are only about 118 million Apple Pay in the United States? Well! No worries as Circle K also accepts other contactless payment options. Some of which include but are not limited to:

  • PayPal 
  • Samsung Pay
  • Zelle, 
  • Alexa,
  • Venmo, 
  • Debit card,
  • Credit cards – Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard
  • Circle K Easy Pay Card
  • Circle K Gas Gift Card
  • Fleet card.

Other Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay


Since over 118 million subscribers use Apple Pay in the United States, there are many other gas stations that accept it as a payment option. If you want to know the stations that accept it, just check Apple maps but I have also penned most of the gasoline retail stations that accept Apple Pay.

But some of these gas stations accept it in their selected branches. The list of the gasoline retail stations that accepts Apple Pay include but are not limited to:

  • Valero
  • Delta Sonic
  • Costco,
  • 7-Eleven,
  • BP/ Amoco,
  • Cumberland Farms,
  • Shell,
  • ARCO,
  • Kum & Go,
  • Citgo,
  • Chevron,
  • Conoco.
  • Exxon Mobil. 
  • KwikTrip. 
  • Meijer.
  • Phillips 66.
  • QuikTrip.
  • RaceTrac. 
  • RaceWay. 
  • Red Apple
  • Sheetz.
  • Speedway
  • Sunoco
  • Texaco
  • Valero
  • Wawa

How To Locate A Gas Station Near You?


With the help of your device, you can find gas stations nearest to you that accept Apple Pay, hence saving yourself the stress of going a far distance. To do that, follow these simple procedures:

  • Navigate to Google Maps.
  • In the search bar, type “the gas station nearby”
  • Now, list of the gas stations will appear
  • Choose the one you prefer
  • Click on “useful to know” which will tell you whether the station takes Apple Pay or not.

How Do I Use Apple Pay At Gas Pump?


Before you can use Apple Pay at a gas station, the pump must have an Apple Pay icon which will be visible notifying that it is available for use. If the icon is available, double-tap the side button and fill in your passcode or better still, you can use Face ID to authenticate.

Do Gas Stations Use Apple Pay?


Yes, some gas stations use Apple Pay. As the beneficial technology is widely expanding many gas stations are cueing into it already.

Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay At Circle K?


No, this is because some of the Circle K outlets are run independently, hence, those branches can’t give you cashback.

Where Is Apple Pay Accepted?


Apple Pay is widely accepted in most of the retail shops in the United States. You can use it in any establishment that accepts contactless payment methods like vending machine stores, grocery shops, online etc.

Does Circle K Have Apple Pay At pump?


Yes, Circle K has Apple Pay at some of their outlets. Circle K as the world renowned brand can be found in 48 out of the 50 states across the United States.

However, it is recommended that you inquire from their outlet once you check to know whether they have Apple Pay or not.

How Do I Use My Circle K Easy Pay Card At The Pump?


If you want to use easy  pay card at the Circle K pump,do this:

  • Choose reward account
  • Click “Circle K Easy Pay Card”
  • Fill in your Easy Pay card number
  • Ensure that you complete the enrollment process

With the Circle K Easy Pay card, you can save up to 30-cents once you swipe your card at the pump if it is approved.

What Forms Of Payment Does Circle K Accept?


The forms of payment that are accepted by Circle K include but are not limited to:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express 
  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Fleet Card
  • Circle K Gas Gift Card
  • Circle K Easy Pay Card
  • Apple Pay (for in-store use only) 

Does Circle K Have Mobile Pay?


Yes, Circle K has mobile pay. You can start saving today with them by picking up their Easy Pay card and linking it to your bank account with the help of the Circle K mobile app.