Credit Card Frauds: How To Be A Credit Card Scammer

A lot of people are very anxious to learn how to be a credit card scammer, this is mostly common to our jobless youths” who are all over the internet looking for a way to make quick money and meet up with their needs. While some are just lazy to work, rather prefer defrauding people their credit card.

You may have wondered how exactly these credit card scammers are able to pull off online card fraud so easily? If so then I need you to stay tuned throughout this article because you’re going to learn how to become a credit card scammer, with just some few little tricks.

With this content you can stay one step ahead of these famous online fraudsters, as you acquire more knowledge here. 

Basic Terms Used By Scammers


First, we’re going to cover some of the terms that are used in the online credit card fraud world, as we move to having an understanding of how card fraudsters get the information they need and ways to pull this scam off online.

The first set of terms we’re going to cover is dumps and logs, which is all scammer talk for sets of stolen personal information. This can include things such as credit card numbers and other personal information like address, date of birth and social security numbers.

The next term is “bin”, which means numbers aka bank identification number. This is the first six digits of the credit card or debit card number a bin number determines the card issuer, the card type and the level of security and also the regional area that a card is issued from  

This is useful for a scammer as it is important when attempting to successfully pull off online shopping with stolen information of credit cards.

WARNING ⚠️: Do not practice any information on this page, it’s strictly to enable you learn how credit card frauds Operate” and how to avoid them. We don’t encourage our readers to indulge in fraudlent activates.

Credit Card Scammer: How To Be A Credit Card Scammer 


Before we are going to take a deep dive on how credit card scammers are able to pull off these schemes from right in front of their computers online, we are initially going to list top ways to become a credit card scammer below;

  • Digital method, using the dark web.
  • Swiping people’s credit cards through a device that copies the information stored on the magnetic stripe of your card.
  • Phishing and Bank spamming.

Digital method (Stolen Credit Cards) – Via The Dark Web


As information revolves around the dark web, the dark web is pretty much amazon for cyber criminals. Through the dark web scammers can find all sorts of personal information and can be purchased, based on privacy affairs.

Credit Card Frauds: How To Be A Credit Card Scammer

You can also find stolen online bank logins with a minimum of two thousand dollars, all these can be done on dark web marketplace. After picking out exactly which types of stolen information data sets you want to use, fraudsters do this to pull off cyber credit card fraud schemes by 

The next step to the scam is spoofing your laptop’s mac address or media access control address. A mac address is a unique identification number every device that can be connected to a network is given, this step is important since it hides what device a scammer is actually using making it harder to potentially track the crime back to them. 

The next procedure in the fraud is to set up a virtual private network or VPN, which allows you to hide what you are doing online to their internet service providers. 

This is an additional layer in hiding their tracks and the last step involving credit card fraud is setting up an anonymous connection.

This is connected through a sox proxy, one of the biggest red flags in cyber credit card fraud is when scammers attempt to use stolen card information from an entirely different location of the true account holder.

You might get caught as this will leave the bank to automatically reject the transaction and block the card. But using sox will simply allow the fraudster to appear as if they’re connecting to the internet from a different location.

However, you should know that this is extremely critical in attempting to bypass credit card security measures that track where a card is being used from.

Digital credit card scamming is a new wave in card fraud and it’s becoming much easier for fraudsters to pull it off every single day.

Phishing And Bank Spamming.


With the website people are actually using their banks and your personal information on, scammers and fraudsters are known to use phishing and spoofing methods online to steal card information. On a regular basis a common credit card scam method that is used to steal information is called Bank spamming.

To do this, scammers will send out fake messages from your bank or paypal cash app or from any other kind of payment system that informs you of some kind of failed transaction or suspicious activity, that requires you to confirm your identity.

Be aware that, when you confirm your identity, that’s going right into the hands of the scammer and they proceed to steal your information immediately. In the end, you end up getting scammed!!.

Swiping People’s Credit Cards Through A Device Or Credit Card Scanner.


This is another way to commit credit card fraud which is actually a lot easier than you might think, with a few simple tools fraudsters can instantly get access to your details with a blink of an eye.

To do this, you first are going to need a computer. What kind of computer ? it does not matter what kind of operating system. You will need to install something called tour, Tour is a browser that allows you to access the dark web. 

After doing a little bit of research and figuring out where you can buy stolen credit card information and when you have found a place where you can buy this credit card infos, you will want to get a Bitcoin account. 

This is a cryptocurrency that is a completely untraceable currency that keeps all your transactions anonymous.

Now, you will also need an embosser, this will allow you to rewrite the information of your fake credit card to suit the one you have just purchased.

Place it into the embosser and type in the new numbers to match the ones you have purchased, and then set that aside for a few seconds. Get a skimmer or credit card scanner, plug that into your computer, swipe the credit card over the scanner and automatically the information you have just purchased will be printed onto your credit card.

It is extremely important for a fraudster to hide their true identity when doing card fraud online, in order to do that they must have several things in place first.



As we have highlighted a few methods used by credit card scammers to defraud people, we will also like to inform and advise our readers not to attempt the aforementioned credit card scam. It might get you into trouble because it is illegal, which we won’t be held responsible for. 

Our only motive is to educate and provide necessary information that are one queries, from readers.