Code To Listen To Another Person Call 2022 ( In All Countries ) iPhone & Andriod

Today, I will show you my new secret code to listen to another person call 2022 ( in all countries ) iPhone & android. As a matter of fact” any phone at all. So, irrespective of the country you’re right now searching for how to monitor your wife or husband calls without his or her consent, this code will help you achieve that. Code to listen to your girlfriend, boyfriend or boss calls remotely.


If you have been suspecting your partner to be cheating on you, or you want to monitor someone’s phone calls. Then, relax your mind, this post covers it all” we have provided you quality information on how to listen to another person call remotely. The person will never know that you’re listening to all his or her conversations with the third party.

Code To Listen To Another Person Call 2021 ( In All Countries ) iPhone & Andriod


It’s very easy, and you won’t pay anything to get access to this phone call tapping code. It’s 100% working for everyone and anywhere” as it stands now, I’m currently monitoring someone’s call. One of my workers that I’m suspecting to be looting my money. Though it’s not with this particular code, rather with thespycode Premium App” since I also want to see all chats and know his current location at the moment.

Code To Listen To Cell Phone Conversations From Another Phone


We are in 21st century, and technology is going more advance on daily basis, creativity is taking over. So, it’s very very possible to listen to cell phone conversation with another phone. This can be achieved in so many ways, but the ones that I’m about to share now is working for me perfectly. I used it to monitor my ex girlfriend calls and find out that she aborted a baby for another man. It has really helped me a lot to invade in people’s privacy, to find out the truth, and definitely it will work for you.

You don’t have to confront your husband or wife yet, use this code to listen to another person’s call to monitor or tap all her conversations” before taking any action. The code is absolutely for free and you can use it in any country, United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Uk, Germany, Canada, UK, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, India, Nigeria etc. The amazing thing here is that, he or she will never notice that you’re tapping on his or calls.

Before I disclose this code, I will first of all, show you how to easily monitor your girlfriend/boyfriend’s calls without touching their cell phones. If you’re in a distance relationship, this one is definitely going to help you alot.

How To Listen To Another Person Call Without Touching His Or Her Phone


If you want to listen to your boyfriend/girlfriend call without touching his or her phone or” dialing any code at all. Kindly purchase thespycode Premium App, with this App you can listen to anyone’s call, see all their social media chats without touching the persons phone. This is strictly for those in a distance relationship, or if this secret code to listen to another person’s calls didn’t work for you.

It’s working perfectly, more magical than this free code and there are other features that will amaze you when you finally get it.

Thespycode Premium App is sold $215 only. No monthly charges or renewal, it’s a lifetime, until you feel like deleting it.To make payment >> CLICK HERE

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NOTE: That’s the only means you can listen to another person call, see messages, without touching their phones. And the person will never notice that you’re monitoring him or her.

Secret Code To Listen To Another Person Call


Before I proceed to sharing this code to dail and listen to another person call, I want to let you know that it requires that you use his or her cell phone to inject the code. You will have to dial this code that I’m give you now in the persons phone, so that everything will connect and call monitoring will start.

  • The magic or secret code to listen to another person call is **06*Your Number#. The action must be performed in his or phone
  • Example: **06*+27600420789# you send it.
  • This +27600420789 must be your phone number and you dial it together with the code in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone.
  • Hopefully you understand what I meant? Read again if you find it complicated.
  • That’s all, after performing the action” you relax and monitor all your spouse call.

NOTE: Do not pick the call when the phone ring, if you do? The call will end instantly. Allow the person you’re tapping his or her calls to pick it from his or her end. All you have to do is whenever the phone ring and it shows up on your phone” just put the call on your ear and listen to their conversation.

How To Stop Monitoring Someone’s Call


When you’re done with tapping on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s call, the next step is to stop right? Yes, you can’t possibly monitor his movement forever. So, what you will do is to;

  • Get his or her phone
  • Dial ##002#
  • The call monitoring will stop instantly.

How Can I Listen To My Husbands Cell Phone Conversations


Have you been suspecting your husband of having an affair with another woman? Don’t worry, and please do not confront your husband yet. This secret code to listen to another person call will help you listen to your husband cell phone conversations without his consent.

You might confront him and it turn out to be positive, the change in character that might be the reason for the suspect” might be as a result of stressful work. So, don’t make any move yet”

  • Dial **06* your phone number#
  • E.g  **06*08134999988#.
  • Replace the phone number with yours and dial in his phone when his not around.
  • That’s all.

Remember!! You must not pick the phone when your husband phone ring, else you will end the call. Allow him to pick, your duty is just to listen to their conversation without saying anything. If you say something? They will hear it, so don’t say a word.

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Calls


Though I have written article on how to listen to your girlfriend calls without her consent. But I don’t mind repeating it over and over again. If you want to monitor all the incoming calls on your girlfriend phone” kindly use this code **06*Your Phone Number# and send it on her phone

After doing this, whenever your girlfriend’s phone ring” it will reflect on your phone instantly. That’s it.

How To Record Another Person Call


For you to record another person call, you must enable use this secret code to listen to another person’s call. So that during the conversation between him or her with the third party, you can easily tap on record.

This will only work for those using andriod, iOS and iPhone. If you’re using small that doesn’t come with call recording, then’ it won’t work for you.

NOTE: This code to listen to another person call **06*+27600420789# is working perfectly for me. Though some said it doesn’t work on their phone, if it doesn’t work for you” kindly rush and purchase the thespycode Premium App.



Hopefully you have seen the the code to listen to another person call, and how to stop monitoring the person as well. It works on MTN, Glo, Airtel etc

Please if you have further questions, feel free to use the comment section below to ask. Also don’t forget to give us your feedback after trying this code out.


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