Chase Swift Code – Chase Bank Swift Code

Chase swift code should be a basic priority to you if you intend to send or receive money from outside the United States. Do you know why chase bank swift code is utilized in all International funds transfer situations? Have you ever heard about the unique codes, what it looks like, how to locate one and how it is used for identification of banks? 

However, you will get to know more about this in the following segment of the article below. All you would be required to do is stay tuned. 

Does Chase Bank Use SWIFT Code?


In case you also need a simple answer to this particular question, Yes, Chase Bank uses swift codes for their financial activities. Which bank doesn’t? As long as a financial institution is registered in the United States, different branches of the banks will be assigned various swift codes as they are simply for selective purposes. 

You need to note that there are different swift codes that provide different banking services. This literally implies that every chase bank swift code has its specific purpose. There is a swift code for International wire transfers, swift code for currency exchange and so much more.

All other important information you need to be aware of regarding chase swift code has been outlined in the following segment of the article below as this code serves as a unique identification code for every bank.

What Is Chase Bank Swift Code?


Chase bank swift code is a unique code that is used by the financial institution for identifying each of separate bank branches, transfer of funds among banks, message exchange needs, International or domestic wire transfers and many others. 

Nevertheless, swift code for chase bank is simply a standard form of Business Identifier Codes (BIC), this code is used for routing business transactions as it is approved by the international organization for standardization. 

What Are The List Of Chase Bank Swift Code?


This segment of the article will be focused on the list of chase bank swift codes that are available. You can find them out by getting in touch with your bank customer support service contacts, this will also be revealed in another section of the content. 

  • CHASUS33 – Chase SWIFT Code

This chase 8 digits code is specially assigned for International wire transfers. You definitely need to include it as part of your details while also attempting to receive some funds directly outside the United States. 

The Chase Bank with this swift code according to research, is actually located in the city of New York, specifically at park avenue. Some other information about this particular swift code has been outlined below;

Bank Branch Name JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Bank Routing Number 021000021
Address JPMorgan Chase Bank,

270 Park Avenue,

31st floor,

New York, NY 10017.

ZIP Code 10017
City New York
Swift Branch Headquarters


  • MGTCUS3GIPB – Chase SWIFT Code

Another Chase bank swift code that can be utilized while receiving money to the United States from overseas is “MGTCUS3GIPB“. This swift code is directly attached to a private banking international investment management bank branch. It however, has its branch located in the United States, precisely at New York City

A short detail concerning this particular swift code has been summarized in a tabular form below;

Bank Branch Private Banking International

Investment Management

Address 345 Park Avenue
ZIP code 10154
City New York, NY
Country United States


  • CHASAU2XXX – Chase Swift Code

A glance at this swift code will make you realize that it is really similar to the first Chase Bank Swift Code that was mentioned earlier in this particular section of the article. 

The only significant difference is the slight change in numbers, the address of the chase bank assigned with the swift code and the post code. Although, the location of the bank branch with this swift code is typically in New York but precisely at New York Plaza 4 Floor 15.

A brief information about this particular swift code has been highlighted in a tabular form below;


Bank Name JPMorgan Chase Bank,N.A.
ZIP Code 10004
Branch Address NEW YORK PLAZA 4 FLOOR 15
City New York, NY
Country United States

Understandings The Chase Swift Codes


If you have been wondering why it is very vital to use or get a correct Swift Code for your financial transaction, you should definitely take note of the following points.

  • The payment made with chase bank while using a wrong or incorrect swift code might get your payment delayed, unauthorized returned 
  • Customers are advised to check the exact swift code that is needed for the type of financial activities they are trying to perform. (Payment, International wire transfers, others).
  • You need to be aware that swift code for chase and some other financial institutions swift codes registrations are managed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

Why Do I Need Chase Bank Swift Code?


Not all users of chase bank have an idea why they really need their chase bank swift code, and what to do with it exactly. The following are the list of reasons why you need to make use of your unique swift code.

  • Ensure your funds reaches its destination
  • For the identification of specific bank branches in international money transfers: Since each bank and their branches have different swift codes, it would be easy to differentiate these branches and for the means of identification.
  • Whether a customer is sending money to the US from overseas or receiving the funds, the individual will be required to provide the Chase swift code along with some other information such as the bank account number and full name of the recipient.

How Do I Find Out My Chase SWIFT Code?


If you are keen on finding the right Chase bank swift code to use for your International financial transactions, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines below on the ways to locate your swift code.

  1. Account Statement 
  2. Ask Your Bank
  3. Online Mobile Banking Profile
  4. Making Use Of A SWIFT Code Finder

Now, I will briefly explain in details how to find your Chase Bank Swift Code, following the above listed methods.

  • Account Statement 

This is probably one of the easiest ways to find a chase swift code, all you will be required to do is request for your bank statement and all the information you need concerning the swift code will be provided.

Your chase bank statement contains your account information, name, checking account number, routing number and lastly the swift code. 

  • Ask Your Bank

Luckily, Chase banks provides access for their customers to get in touch with the bank via several means of communication. You can decide to call the bank on your mobile device, send them a message, book an appointment or even pay a visit to the bank. Perhaps the situation gets worse.

1-212-270-6000 is the phone line to call if you want to make inquiries on the chase bank swift code.

  • Online Mobile Banking Profile

Another simple way to find your bank swift code is to check your account details on your online banking profile. You can do this by logging in to your account by entering your personal credentials, which are basically your username and password.

Most financial organizations make it easy for users to access the bank swift code by directly checking their account profile. However, all your personal information should be displayed alongside chase swift code.

  • Making Use Of A SWIFT Code Finder

The last method on the list is the use of a swift code finder. You literally need to browse the internet and locate a website that offers this service. All that you will be required to provide is your country and other related info.



The chase swift code topic which was discussed in the article also focused on the ways to find the swift code, how to make use of it and other similar questions. Here are some of the main swift codes to remember: