Chase Routing Number Arizona – Chase Arizona Routing Number

Are you interested in knowing the safest and the fastest means of carrying out your financial transactions? Then’ think of Chase Company. Because, it is a renowned financial firm that has been rendering financial services to the citizens of the United States.


Do you know how Routing Number works? How it is gotten, how to find your bank routing number, how to make use of it? If your answers to these questions is no, this article on Chase Routing Number Arizona is for you because it contains all the relevant information that will help you to transact with Chase company using routing number.

If you are hearing about Chase bank for the first time, it is a financial company situated in the United States that is saddled with the responsibility of providing adequate financial services to the U.S citizens and assisting them in their financial management.


Also, Chase company as a bank has been in existence for decades in the United States and half of the American population are banking with Chase. 

If you don’t have a routing number, It is important for you to visit any Chase bank closest to you and open an account with them to enable you to get your routing number because without a routing number, it may be difficult for you to carry out any financial transactions with Chase bank.

What Is Chase Routing Number?


The United States Chase Routing Number is a nine digit number which helps financial institutions to carry out their businesses efficiently. Routing number was coined and coded by American Bankers Association (ABA) to assist financial institutions in sending and receiving funds.

And also, to help banks in processing paper checks between financial institutions. The routing number is also called ABA routing transit number.

Some of the federal financial establishments within the United States such as Federal Reserve Banks always require routing numbers whenever they want to process Fedwire funds transfer.

Most of the financial institutions across the United States have only one routing number but the case of Chase Bank is different. Due to the fact that Chase company is very big, it has 24 different routing numbers In the United States.

However, the Chase Routing Number is location-dependent, hence, your Chase routing number is determined by the particular location that you opened your Chase account.

What Is The Chase Routing Number In Arizona?


As I have stated earlier that due to the widespread use of Chase in the United States, Chase has 24 different routing numbers across the country. The Chase Routing Number In Arizona is by 122100024.

This 9-digit code is very crucial because it is needed for different financial transactions like local fund transfer, direct fund deposit, bank account recognition, wire transfer and many other vital financial related transactions.

Why Do I Need Chase Routing Number In Arizona?


From the foregoing, you can vividly agree with me that there are numerous reasons why you need to have Chase Routing Number, hence, the importance of routing number cannot be underrated most especially for those residing in Arizona.

For the purpose of clarity, let us quickly look at some of the reasons why you need Chase Routing Number. Below are some of the reasons why you need Chase routing number in Arizona;

  • Chase routing number enables you to have bigger Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network
  • It helps whenever you want  lower funds for certificate of deposit
  • It is needed if you want an undemanding overdraft policy
  • It enables you to make a wire transfer
  • It is required during payment of bills
  • If you want to deposit a paycheck, you need Chase routing number
  • Chase routing number is also needed if you want a business loan
  • If you want investment advice from Chase, you need a Chase routing number. With all these reasons, I know that you can agree with me that it will be very difficult for you to transact your business with Chase company without a routing number.

How Do I Find My Chase Routing Number?


Now that you have known what routing number is all about, let me highlight the methods that can help you to find your Chase Routing Number In Arizona, irrespective of the location of the routing number that you are trying to find. Below are some of the easiest ways to locate your Chase routing number:

  • Through the official website of Chase bank
  • Contact Wells Fargo customer support service.
  • On your check.

Let’s briefly explain in details, how to get your Arizona Chase Bank routing number through the above listed medium;

  • Through The Official Website Of Chase Bank

One of the fastest ways to find your bank routing number is through the official website of the Chase bank. It is very simple, all you need to do is to download the Chase app from google play store and fill in all the necessary information. After that, you will be able to access your Chase account and see your routing number.

  • On Your Check

One of the easiest ways to find your Chase routing number is through your check, it is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Open your Chase check
  • Look at the bottom left corner 
  • You will see nine-digit numbers
  • The nine digit number is your routing number.

N/B; If you have tried the above two methods and you are still not satisfied, never hesitate to call Chase on their customer support line 1-800-935-9935 which would invariably help you to find a routing number for your account.

You should be extraordinarily careful whenever you want to transact business using a routing number to avoid sending funds to the wrong account.

How Many Digits Are Chase Routing Numbers Arizona?


Chase Routing Number is nine digit in number and your routing number is determined by the particular location that you opened your Chase account.

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number


As you have known that Chase Routing Number is made up of nine digit numbers, it is important for you to know what each digit in your routing number stands for which would invariably help you to better understand the modus operandi of Chase bank. Your Chase routing number is unique and each digit represents something special.

Below Are What Your Chase Routing Number Represent 


  • The first four digits of your routing number represents Federal Reserve Bank identification.
  • The following four digits in the sequence is for bank identification.
  • While the last single digit of your routing number is the check digit, which is usually gotten from an algorithm, hence, it determines the authenticity of the other  8-digit code.

Do All Chase Banks Have The Same Routing Number?


As I have stated earlier that due to the widespread use of Chase banks across the United States, all Chase banks do not have the same routing number.

There are about 24 different Chase Routing Numbers across the United States. Your routing number is unique and it is location-dependent. 



In our relentless efforts to ensure that we feed you with all the necessary information on Chase Routing Number Arizona, we discussed exhaustively on what chase routing numbers are, ways to find your Chase routing number, the several uses of the routing number etc.

The Chase Routing Number In Arizona is by 122100024 which is location-dependent and it is needed for direct deposit, wire transfer, mobile banking, fund transfer and many other financial related transactions.