Chase Credit Card Pre Approval – How To Check Your Offer & Apply

If you are searching or willing to learn more about Chase Credit Card Pre approval, then go well to read this article to the end. In this blog post, I am going to teach you Chase credit card pre-approval, what it means, how to apply and accept, how to check your offer as well as how to qualify for pre-approval. 


All your questions regarding the topic of Chase credit card pre-approval would be answered in clear terms as you read through this article. Don’t go away as we begin. 

As indispensable as banking has been in our modern world, owning a credit card makes your buying of goods and services easy as you could buy at your convenience and pay later. Interesting right? There’s now to come as you continue.


Very many banking institutions including Chase Bank have embraced the idea of issuing credit cards to users. Chase credit card is one of those hardest credit cards to get and that is because it comes with lots of benefits and packages that every customer would want to get. 

Nonetheless, it is difficult to get a card if you apply without being notified of Chase Credit Card pre-approval. Read below to know if Chase does Pre-approval. 

Does Chase Have Credit Card Pre-approval?


Yes, Chase offers credit card pre-approval. If you are qualified, you would be notified of pre-approval. Now let’s see what that means. 

What Does Chase Credit Card Pre Approval Mean?


Chase Credit Card Pre-approval simply means that you have relatively passed the first set of tests that qualifies you for a credit card based on your credit report. The test is usually conducted by the credit bureau and goes through your entire credit history.

What Chase does in this case, is to ask the bureau for the names of people who meet certain criteria standards. It is these people that are then sent an email of Chase credit card pre-approval. 

It is usually started, however, that the pre-approval is not a guarantee that you would get the card. It only shows you are pre-qualified for a certain card. 

How Can I Check My Chase Credit Card Pre-Approval Status?


It’s always good to check your Chase Credit Card Pre-approval status before you go ahead to apply for the offer. 

The steps to check your pre-approval status are simple and very short. All you have to do is to visit the Chase Pre-qualification Page Online, enter your full name, address, and last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). 

After doing that, you would see every one of your offers including the Chase Credit Card Pre-approval if you are pre-qualified. 

Alternatively, you can check your email for any notification of Chase Credit card pre-approval. 

Furthermore, if you are already a Chase customer, you will find your credit card pre-approval when you log into your online account. 

Does Chase Have A Pre-Approval Website?


All Chase credit card pre-approval are posted on the Chase pre-approval page. When you visit the page, enter your name, address, and SSN as stated in the preceding paragraph and there you will see which card you are pre-approved for. 

How To Qualify For Chase Credit Card Pre Approval


In other, for you to pre-qualify for Chase credit card pre-approval, you must have met certain standards and be of certain qualifications. Some of the qualifications are:

  • Excellent Credit Score

 Chase is one of those credit cards for excellent credits. And as such demands that anyone who wants to qualify for pre-approval must have a good or excellent credit score. 

  • High And Steady Source Of Income

To qualify, you must show evidence of your income as well as the ability to maintain that standard. 

  • Good Credit History

You can only qualify for a Chase credit card pre-approval if you have a good credit history. Such as timely payment of bills, not being a reckless spender, and more. 

What Credit Score Do I Need To Get Chase Credit Card Pre-Approval?


I stated earlier that you need a good or excellent credit score to be qualified for Chase Credit Card pre-approval.

Excellent credit score varies depending on the model that was used in calculating it. Nonetheless, an excellent credit score for Chase is 700 and above. With 700 and above, you are most likely to get a pre-approval. 

Chase Freedom which is the easiest Chase credit card to get demands a FICO score of 680 and above

Types Of Chase Credit Card That You Can Be Pre-Approved For


Chase has many credit cards with each having its peculiar features and benefits/rewards. After going through your credit card report, you can be pre-approved for any of these credit cards. 

Chase Freedom Unlimited


This Chase card provides a lot of cashback such as 6.5% cashback on purchase through Chase Unlimited Reward. 4.5% Cashback at restaurants and drug stores. It has no annual fees and gives 0%APR on purchase for the first 15 months. 

Chase Freedom Flex


This credit card gives 3% and 5%cashback rewards and a few bonuses quarterly. It also does not have annual bonuses. 

Chase Sapphire Reserve


It gives points for all travel purchases. There are also large sign up bonuses, 50% bonus for redeeming through Chase Unlimited rewards. And lots of many other bonuses. 

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card


This is a general use travel card that gives 60000 bonus points after spending $4000 on purchases in the first 3 months. $50 annual ultimate reward hotel credit. Unlimited deliveries at no delivery cost and many more. 

Chase Slate Edge


It gives 0% purchase and balance transfer APR. $100 statement credits for spending $500 in the first 6 months of account opening. And there are no annual fees. 

Therefore, whichever of the above Chase credit cards you are pre-approved for, make sure you read more about their offers as well as terms and conditions before you apply. 

How To Apply For A Chase Credit Card After Pre Approval


After going through the features and benefits of the Chase Credit card that you are pre-approved for, you can then apply for it. One benefit of alloying after getting the pre-approval is that it makes the screening process a lot easier as compared to someone applying without a pre-approval. 

To apply for the Chase credit card, you can log into the online banking app, the website of the institution, or visit the bank in person and fill out a form with all requirements. 

Some of the requirements are

  • Full name
  • Social Security number
  • Mailing Address
  • Your Gross Annual Income which is your income before taxes
  • Employment status is either employed, unemployed or self-employed. 
  • Your housing cost
  • Phone number. 

After filling out the form, go ahead and submit it. It may take between 8 to 12 working days to get final approval or rejection as the case may be. 

Can I Be Rejected After Chase Credit Card Pre-Approval?


Yes, rejection after being notified of pre-approval does happen. One reason for that is if your credit score drops before your application is considered. Also, your application is likely to be rejected if your income drops before the screening.

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How Long Does Chase Credit Card Pre-Approval Last?


Your Chase credit card pre-approval comes with an expiration date which is usually between 30 to 60 days. Hence it is advised that you grab the offer by going to apply for it before it expires. 



 I hope this article has answered your questions about Chase credit card pre approval, especially regarding how to apply and how to qualify for the pre-approval. To crown it all, know that Pre-approval is not a guarantee to getting the card.