Cash App Notification Won’t Go Away [ Learn Quick Fix ]

No doubt, you are among those searching for how to resolve the issue of Cash App notification won’t go away. Well, you can actually remove or erase cash app notifications from your cell phone with few clicks on your cash app account or phone.

The inability to remove cash app notifications from your phone screen, is mostly as a result of certain settings you enabled on cash app. Hence, this article will show you how to reset it from your cash app profile.

After going through this blog post, you won’t only learn how to resolve the issue of cash app notification won’t go away. You will also navigate other artists, that will help you to learn more about cash app and how to fix any error you eventually encounter while using the financial transaction App.

While a lot of Cash App users already know what “Cash App Notifications” is about, that won’t stop us from briefing you guys what it’s all about and how to remove the notification from your home screen when it wouldn’t go out on your screen.

What Is Cash App Notification?


Cash App notifications are those texts and emails you receive from Cash App whenever someone sent you money. Hence, all cash app users are expected to turn on the notification feature” so as to be notified when a cash payment is made to them. 

It also help its users to safeguard their cash app account. You can adjust these settings in the profile section of your Cash App. 

Why Won’t My Cash App Notification Go Away?


Your cash app notifications isn’t going away because of certain features you enabled. Normally, it’s expected to go away after you must have opened the notification or swap it off your screen.

Cash App Notification Won't Go Way - Learn How To Remove It

Now, if you can’t be able to remove this notification from your phone home screen” kindly follow the below methods/instructions properly to remove it instantly.

How To Fix” Cash App Notification Won’t Go Away


There’s absolutely no big deal in resolving this issue of cash app notification badge won’t go away, and you don’t even need to contact cash app representative or customer service on this. All you need to do, is to follow the below steps to make it go away;.

  • Login to your cash app account
  • Disable the push notifications feature
  • Close the App and open again.
  • Re-enable the push notifications again, and it will go away immediately.

This method of disabling and then re-enable the push notifications has been tested by so many cash app users facing similar issues, and it worked perfectly. I believe it will work for you too.

Why Do I Keep Getting Notifications From Cash App?


You’re getting notifications from Cash App simply because, you have turned on/enabled cash app notification features. Hence, you will get notification from Cash App anytime someone send you money. Or, each time someone try to access your Cash App account with another device.

Cash App notification feature is very important to enable as a cash app user. But if you don’t like it those notifications popping up, you can watch the below tutorial video on how to turn it off permanently.

How To Enable Or Disable Cash App Notifications


Watch the video below;

Cash App Notification Sound Not Working? Read Below


One of the major reasons your cash app notification sound isn’t working is probably as a result of turning on “do not disturb mode” on your cell phone.

First of all, check your cellphone, maybe you enabled silent mode or do not disturb. But if it’s not, then’ you will have to walk around the cash app notification features and check your settings.



At this point, I will be dropping my pen” hopefully you have learnt how to remove or resolve the issue of cash app notification won’t go away. You can refer to our related articles for more cash app tutorials. Also don’t forget to give us feedback via the comment box below.