Capital One Zelle Limit 2022 ( Daily, Weekly & Monthly )

Have you been looking for Capital One Zelle limits in vain? Do you want to know if Capital One has Zelle? Or how to set up Capital One Zelle, then you should not skip this article.


We have explained everything that you need to know about Capital One Zelle limits. Without further ado, let us get straight into it. 

Does Capital One Have Zelle?



To begin with, it is important to know if Capital One has Zelle. That is if a person who has a Capital One account can use Zelle. And to answer that, I will say YES, Capital One has Zelle. Capital one is one of the many banks that partner with Zelle pay to enable the easy sending and receiving of money by their users. 

So, if you are one of those who send and receive money with your Bank account often, then signing up with Zelle should be worth it. And apart from the fact that it is easy to use, signing up is completely free and fast. As we continue you will see the requirements to do this. 

Requirements To Use Capital One Zelle


To use Capital One Zelle, you must do the following. 

  • Enroll With Zelle On The Capital One Mobile Banking App. 
  • Must Have A Valid US Phone Number
  • An Active Email Address.

after proving all of these and signing up successfully, you can then proceed to use Capital One Zelle either on the Zelle mobile app or the online banking center as follows. 

How To Use Capital One Zelle On The Mobile App


There are several ways to use Capital One Zelle and here is one of them. This is by downloading the Capital mobile app and linking it with your Zelle account. There are two ways to get the Capital One mobile app, you can simply go to your Play Store or App store to get it. 

And you can do that by texting Mobile to 80101. When you do the latter,  the bank will respond by sending a link to download the mobile app. Then proceed with the following steps. 

  • Log in to your mobile app
  • Select the Checking account that you intend to use. 
  • Tap on Send Money With Zelle. 
  • Enter the amount and other details required. 
  • Confirm the information and click Send. 

How To Use Capital One Zelle On A PC. 


Take the following steps to use Capital One on your PC. 

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your account. 
  • Select the Checking account for the transaction. 
  • Click “Send money with Zelle
  • Enter the email address, bank account number, and amount of money to be sent to the recipient
  • Go through the information and click Send. 

How To Use Capital One Zelle On The Zelle App


This is another way of using Capital One Zelle. And do this, simply download the Zelle mobile app for Android or iOS devices from your Play Store or App Store respectively. Follow the prompts to register your account. During the registration process, select Capital One as your bank and then follow the prompts to link your Capital One account to Zelle. 

So you have seen the various ways to use Capital One Zelle for sending money. I know you would be interested in knowing if this process comes with a limit. We the answer as you continue reading. 

Are There Capital One Zelle Limits?


Yes, there are Capital One Zelle limits. Just like other banks that use Zelle to process payments, Capital has placed some limits on how much you can send and receive using Zelle on its platform. These limits are placed for some reasons which I will be showing you in the next section. 

Why Are There Capital One Zelle Limits?


In this section, I will quickly highlight two major reasons for Capital One Zelle limits.  They are security and government policies. 

The Capital One Zelle limits are placed to secure your funds, especially in cases of theft and wrong transfers. In such cases, the limit will reduce the amount of amount that can be lost before you find help. 

Furthermore, Capital One Zelle limits are placed in obedience to government policies that limit the amount of money that should be circulated at a stipulated time. So, now that you know the reasons for these limits, let us see the limits in detail.  

What Are The Capital Zelle Limits?


Capital One Zelle limit is in various categories. There is a sending limit that consists of daily and monthly limits. There are also receiving limits and minimum transfer limits. We will see each of them as we read the preceding paragraph to get a better understanding. We will begin with the Capital One Zelle daily limit. 

What Are The Capital One Daily Zelle Limits? 


The Capital One Zelle daily limit is $2000. You are not expected to send more than $2,000 each day as any more transfers after the limit has been reached will be declined. 

What Are The Capital One Monthly Zelle Limits? 


The Capital One Zelle monthly limit is the total amount of money that you are allowed to transfer within 30 days. The Capital One Zelle monthly limit is $10,000. This means that you must not send more than 10,000 in a month. 

Capital One Zelle Minimum Transfer Limits


The minimum amount of money that can be transferred from your Capital One Zelle account is $1. And I guess you wouldn’t even send less than that amount so it is fair. 

Capital One Zelle Receiving Limits


Another part of the Capital One Zelle limit that many customers want to know about is incoming transactions. Fortunately, Capital One bank does not have a limit for incoming funds. That is, there are no Capital One Zelle receiving limits. So, you can receive as much money as anyone wants to send to you. 

When Does The Capital One Zelle Limit Reset?


The Capital One Zelle limit for each day resets at the end of the day (midnight). While the monthly limit is reset at the end of every 30 days. Even if the month ends on the 31st day, the limit will reset on the 30th day. 

Can I Increase My Capital One Zelle Limits?


Although there is no specified information on how to increase your Capital Zelle limits, we can not rule out the fact that there is always a way out.

So if you are in a serious situation where you need to make some transfers and you have exceeded your Capital One Zelle limits, read the next paragraph as we show you a way out. 

How To Increase My Capital One Zelle Limits


As we noted above, if you have exceeded your Capital One Zelle limit and you are in a dire situation, then you can simply wait till the limit resets at midnight or visit your nearest bank branch and ask the customer service representatives. 

However, if you are unable to go to the bank then use the following means. 

  • Visit
  • Call 1-866-750-0873. 



The Capital Zelle limit is an important part of your daily transaction. In this article, we have explained the various Capital One Zelle limits as well as the reasons for the limit and how to increase your limit when the need arises. I hope all your questions have been answered.