6 Best Calculator Apps To Hide Text Messages For Android

We have filtered out about 6 best calculator Apps to hide text messages for android phones. If you’re among those asking” is there any calculator app to hide text messages from someone? The answer is yes. And that’s what we are about to share here and now. All the apps posted here are working perfectly and you can use any of them to hide your text messages.

There are about seven powerful and top-notch calculator app you can easily use to hide your text messages on android phone for free. However, you can chose to go for premium’ as some of the apps have paid and free version. Now, use any of these apps to hide your text messages, and other confidential files from your girlfriend, boyfriend or untrusted spouse.

I discovered that, whenever you give someone your phone to make calls or check something. The first thing they do, is to check your text messages, and social media chats. However, this is mostly common when your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/ wife is suspecting that you’re cheating on them. And if they mistaking get access to your cell phone, they will go straight to your text messages.

To put an end to this unauthorized access to your text messages. We have filtered out the best calculator app that hides text messages for android phone. If you’re an android phone user, then you can use this calculator app to hide your text messages. Excluding from text messages, you can as well use any of these calculator apps to hide photos, videos, and other files.

How To Hide Certain Text Messages On Android


Probably you’re double dating or have some conversations you would like to keep secret. Well, that’s not a bad idea” I also hide certain messages on my phone.

So, it’s 100% possible to hide text messages on your android phone using any of there calculator apps that hides text messages on android.

6 Best Calculator Apps To Hide Text Messages For Android

The good news about these apps, is that it doesn’t cost anything. Using them to hide your text messages is absolutely for free. Unless you decide to go for premium or support the developers.

6 Best Calculator Apps To Hide Text Messages For Android


Just as I said earlier. We shared the top-notch security apps to help you keep your text messages secret. However, calculator pro+ is of one of the calculator apps. Take your time and read all of them below;

Calculator Pro+


This text message hide app is just like your android default phone calculator. It looks very innocent, yet very powerful and could be tagged as one of the best calculator Apps.

Calculator pro+ hides your text messages from unauthorized access. If your partner always check on your phone message box. I believe, after installing this App’ he/she will be very disappointed the next time he will tamper with it.

You can  also use this calculator app to hide pictures, videos, and more to discover when you download the app from Google play store. Meanwhile setting up this app as a first time user’ will require a password or PIN. So, make sure you use passcode you can easily remember when next you want to check the hidden text messages and files. You can download calculator pro+…HERE

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

This is one of the best and most used apps that hides text messages on andriod phone. private sms & call – hide text app create a large space in the app, where all the text messages and other sensitive files can be hide. The app is super cool and we’ll modernized in a way each time you receive text messages, it will appear as dummy text in your defualt inbox.

The app requires a password to set it up as a first time user. However, the passcode will be used to access or see text messages whenever you receive a notification. You’re advised to chose a password that you can easily remember.

However, you can set up a ringing turn as a notification sign that a text was send to you. Meanwhile, for this private sms & call – hide text to work perfectly, you will have to import contacts you would like their text messages to be hidden. You can as well hide their call logs, block contacts from calling you when you’re busy, and hide other sensitive file. Amazing right? You can download the app from Google play store



In threema I found something outstanding among every other calculator app that hides text messages on android. You know what that is? You can use this app to send and receive voice note from fellow user.

Excluding from hiding text message on android, threema is also use to encrypt other sensitive files and it can be use on iOS and PC.

You can download threema on Google play store… HERE



Vault is one of the best and most used calculator apps to hide text messages for android iOS. However, this app is also use to hide social media chats e.g Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. So, no one will ever invade in your privacy or spy on your chats after installing this app. Your data are 100% secured and you can hide cloud files. Meanwhile, this app requires using pin to set it up, which can be used to access the hidden text messages, pictures and other files.

With over 500 million Users worldwide, we may conclude that vault is the best among all. However, there are outstanding features vault lack, that’s making us not to conclude that it’s the best yet. Download the app ….HERE

Private Massage Box – Hide SMS


This app doesn’t serve for hiding sms only. You can as well use it to save some contacts that you wouldn’t want anyone to see in your phone. It also hide call, images and lots more. Well, I aren’t saying that private message box – hide sms is the best among all.

However, it’s features and security functions are top-notch and mouth watering. Though, it’s totally different from your regular calculator app” but I still prefer it. Private message box app for hiding text messages on android is absolutely for free. You can download the app.



In conclusion, the 6 best calculator Apps to hide text messages for android phones are what we pointed out here. However, we will be updating this article from time to time as they keep upgrading and adding new features.

All the above calculator apps that hide text messages requires  password to set it up. So, that you will enter the passcode anytime you want to see the hidden files.