6 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone 2022

Have you seen the 6 best apps to hide pictures and videos on iPhone 2022? If no, please carefully read this article till the end. After reading so many reviews from its users and verifying it by our fact checkers. We were able to point out best apps that hide pictures and videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod without jailbreaking.


Maybe you like watching and downloading pørnographic videos and pictures. And to keep this adult pictures and videos out of the reach of your kids or anyone else, you have to use any of these apps to hide them.

If you’re the type that like taking nûde pictures and videos, this app will also help you keep them safe” to avoid leakage. Excluding from hiding pictures and videos, you can well use the app to hide your credentials, documents, and other sensitive files.


There are so many apps you can easily use to hide sensitive files on iPhone. However, many are called but few are selected” to avoid anything that will harm or jailbreak your device. We decided to filter out the best among those apps to hide pictures and videos.

Well, the amazing thing about these apps that I’m about to share here right now, is that’ you can download them for free. Getting any an app to hide your pictures and videos is absolutely for free here. Not only that, I will also teach you how to easily set it up and start hiding your pictures and videos with it.

The ability to hide text pictures and videos using these apps is one of things that mark iPhone different from others. The phone is very strong and it’s features are irresistible.

Is There Free Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone?


Yes, as a matter of fact” all the apps shared here are free to download. You won’t pay a dime to start using them to hide your files.

Just as I said earlier, it doesn’t waste time to set up any of the apps. All you needed is to download it from Google play store using the download link provided here. Then enter a PIN or passcode ( usually 4-digits ) you can easily remember. So that anytime you want to see the hidden pictures and videos, you enter the passcode. Meanwhile, there’s an option to fingerprint. So you see? The app is super cool and you can’t afford to miss it, if truly you want to hide your files. 

After setting up the app, the next step is to create a folder, where you can drag and drop the pictures and videos you want to hide. To confirm how successfully went, those pictures you hide won’t be seen in your gallery again. It will only appear in the app.

6 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On iPhone 2022


What we shared here is the top-notch security apps to help you keep your photos and videos secret. However, Keep Safe Photo Vault is of one of the best apps. Take your time and read all of them

1. Keep Safe Photo Vault –


Keepsafe photo vault is of of the best and most used App to hide pictures and videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod. With over one million users all over the world, we can say that it’s high recommended for hiding of pictures, videos and other sensitive files.

One of the outstanding features of keepsafe photo vault is that, it allows camera rolls. That means, you can take pictures directly from this app without any drag and drop.

However, to get started with this keepsafe app, you will have to download the application, Install and set it up by creating a password that will be used to access the hidden pictures and videos. You can download keepsafe Photo Vault app..HERE

2. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe


This is yet, another app that hides pictures and videos on iPhone without any jailbreaking or error. This app share similar features with the first one.

Private photo vault requires setting it up with a 4-digit PIN or you can call it password. Just like the first one, and you will use the PIN to view your pictures and videos whenever you want to see them.

You will have to create a folder in private photo vault. Then, drag and drop pictures, videos and other sensitive files you would like to keep confidential. This app gives you an organized gallery interface, that’s viewing your hidden pictures and videos like the default gallery features. You can download the app …HERE

3. Hidden Vault


I have been using this app to hide pictures and videos for over six months now. So, I can boldly recommend it to anyone searching for the best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone. It works perfectly for me and my friends.

Hidden vault app has free and paid version. In free version, you have a limited number of pictures and videos to add in the app. However, you can choose to upgrade to premium version and add unlimited videos and pictures there.

When it comes to setting up this app, you will have to use the same password used to lock your iPhone. Meanwhile, you can choose to use Face ID, fingerprint etc. After creating a folder in hidden app, you drag all pictures and videos you would like to keep secret and save them there. You can download the app…HERE

4. Best Secret Folder


This is another good app that is highly recommended to anyone searching for best free app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone. Best secret folder also have features that made them stand out among other apps that hide pictures and videos.

Do you know the amazing thing about this app?  if you set it up properly, you will receive alarm anytime someone wants to view your photos and videos. You can as well create multiple folders and add as many pictures and videos as you want, though it’s limited.

Best secret folder, have paid and free version. You can decide to go for premium version, it very cheap. Just a sum of $14.99 per year. When you upgrade, you have access to more outstanding features. Like option to retrieve your forgotten passcode.

Meanwhile, this app is protected with passcode. You can choose you set it up with password PIN, Face ID, fingerprint etc. After that, drag all pictures and videos you would like to keep confidential and hide them there. To download best secret folder app, tap…HERE

5. Pic Lock


This app is just like every other apps purposefully developed to hide secret pictures and videos. This app is absolutely for free, though you can choose to go for premium version which cost $3.99.

To set up pic lock, you can choose Touch ID, Face ID, password etc. This will be used to unlock the hidden pictures and videos whenever you want to view them.



Wrapping up the best app to hide pictures and videos on iPhone 2021. I hope you have successfully download one among the listed apps? Have you move the pictures and videos there yet? Your feedback will be highly appreciate.

Remember what I said earlier, there are many apps, but the ones I pointed out have been tested and confirmed. You can choose from any of them, and trust me’ you won’t regret it.