*#21# The Meaning And What It Does

Are you searching for *#21# the meaning and what It doesi? If the answer is Yes, please search no further. Recently, we posted an article on code to check if phone is tapped. But it’s quite unfortunate, you weren’t able to see the post. Because, if you did? You will know what this *#21# code does.

*#21# is the secret code to check if phone is tapped, you can also use it to council call monitoring. Whenever your phone is hacked or being tracked by someone, simply dial *#12# to council it.

This code works perfectly on Android, iOS, iPhone etc. As a matter of fact, it’s not phone selective” you can easily use it to see if any of your phone is tapped by someone.

*#21# iphone & Android code


Though, iPhones are very strong. But nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. So, whenever you notice unusual activiaties in your iPhone. Example;

  • Different background sounds during phone conversation.
  • Unknown Apps installing by itself.
  • Call forwarding and more

Dial *#21# to check if someone tapped your phone. If yes, it will terminate it instantly.

*#21# The Meaning And What It Does

The amazing thing about this *#21# is that, it works perfectly in all countries. UK, Australia, United States, South Africa etc

*#21# Phone Tapping Code


Just as I said earlier, this code is use to check if phone is tapped, and you can also use it to council call forwarding.


If someone inject the code to listen to another person call in your phone, probably to monitor all your incoming calls. This code *#21# will help you to find out and also council it.

However, it’s good to dial this code from time to time to council any form of call monitoring or forwarding.

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