Where Can I Load A Green Dot Card? – Nearest Locations

If you’re among those asking “where can i load a green dot card? Or, stores to reload green dot card. Then’ search no further, we have got you covered” in this article, I will list out top ranking stores in United States that you can easily reload your green dot card.


Definitely you’re a new green dot bank user, and have little or no idea on how to reload your card. Although we have pointed out different stores to load a green dot card.

But we are going to make everything more obvious here, for those who doesn’t know where to load a green dot card. However, before I proceed” let’s quickly brief you guys what green dot card is all about.


What Is Green Dot Card?


From what we have gathered so far, the green dot card is an FDIC-insured, reoladable prepaid debit card that can be use to pay bills, transfer money, purchase stuffs online etc.

Where Can I Load A Green Dot Card

However, green dot cards are sold in over ninety thousand approved stores in United States. And you can as well load or reload the card in any of those stores.

Where Can I Load A Green Dot Card?


Just as I said in the above paragraph, there are over 90,000 approved stores in United States to buy, load or reload your green dot card. Below are some of the stores;

  • ACE Cash Express
  •  CVS/Pharmacy
  •  Dollar General
  •  Family Dollar
  •  Kmart
  •  Kroger
  •  Rite Aid
  •  Safeway
  •  Walgreens
  • 7-Eleven
  •  Walmart etc.

These are other stores that can help you load a green dot card. However, the above listed stores are the most popular and widely used.

How Much Does It Cost To Load A Greendot Card?


Sorry, I didn’t inform you guys earlier before now. For you to load a green dot card in any of the stores listed above, and others is not for free.

You will be charge a reload fee of $4.95 dollars. However, reload and card balance limits apply. Also, remember to keep your receipt as proof of cash deposit.

Where Can I Load My Walmart Green Dot Card?


Although me mentioned Walmart as one of the places to load your green dot card. All you have to do is to search for any nearby Walmart store and add money to your green dot card with a single swipe.

This can be done by giving your cash to any of their cashiers and the money should be available within 10 minutes. You can load any amount from $20 to $1,100. Reload cannot exceed available card limits. $3 service fee applies.

How To Add Money To Green Dot Card Online


You can actually find your green dot account and carry out transactions using the visa card. However, there are six easy ways to achieve this, kindly watch the tutorial video below;

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