What To Do With That Money Sitting In Your Bank Account

Money is such a fun subject to talk about, isn’t it? Well, it can be when things are going well, but when things are not going so well, money can be a huge source of stress. This article is meant to be helpful to anyone who wants to improve their financial status, whether they are currently struggling to make ends meet or thriving.


When you get paid, you probably put your money into a bank account. Maybe you have a traditional checking account where you manage all your payments and then a savings account to put anything extra for future needs. Often, your money will just sit in one or both of those accounts for years, doing nothing other than earning a few cents or dollars in interest.

It is time to put that money to work. You are not using it for anything right now anyway, so you might as well try to turn it into more money to improve your financial outlook. Here are some ideas for what you can do with the money sitting in your savings.


Invest In A Mutual Fund


Mutual funds are investing tools that require very little effort from investors. It is a fund that invests in a very diverse portfolio of stocks so that the risk is low for all stakeholders. The firm chooses what to invest in, managing your portfolio for you, and then pays out dividends when they are earned.

The risk is very low since the investment portfolio is diverse, so the potential rewards are typically not massive. However, it is a very safe way to invest your money and build wealth slowly the longer you are invested in the fund. Plus, the only work you have to do is research the mutual fund you are interested in and figure out what level of investment you want. 

Trade Stocks On Cash App


Cash App is a popular money service where you can maintain an account balance and exchange money with people you know easily. But there is another feature of Cash App that can turn your money into more money…trading stocks. Making money with Cash App stocks is fairly simple. You can either manage trading yourself, monitoring the stocks you have purchased for price increases, or you can pay extra to have a broker make deals on your behalf when profits are available.

Day trading is a possibility if you like the short-term gains of trading stocks, but you can also invest in some for the long haul if the associated company is growing. If you have Cash App already and you maintain a balance there, you might as well use that money for something good by investing in stocks. 

Move Money To A CD


A certificate of deposit is a tool that many people use to increase their savings over a set period of time. CDs are similar to savings accounts except that they have much higher return rates and they are temporary. You could get a CD for a few months or several years, and as long as you do not withdraw any money from it, you get guaranteed returns from a fixed rate.

Some of the highest rates on CDs could reach 5% or even 6%, yielding far better returns than traditional bank accounts and even most high-yield savings accounts. This is a great strategy for people with decent savings balances who feel confident they will not need to access that money for quite a while. 

Switch To A High-Yield Savings Account


If you do not want to worry about managing short-term CDs, but you still want better interest rates for the money you have saved, then a high-yield savings account is the next-best solution. Many of these accounts are associated with online banking institutions.

They are still incredibly secure, so your money will be safe, but they earn a higher APY than traditional savings and checking accounts. That means your money works a little harder as it sits unused in the account. In most cases, high-yield savings accounts require a higher opening balance to be created, but that just means you can earn even more without lifting a finger. 

You Work Hard and Your Money Should Too


It is a funny concept to think of your money as a worker. With these tips, it can be. You work hard to make money in the first place, so why not use the money you have to generate even more income? Whether you invest in a mutual fund, trade stocks on Cash App, move your money into a CD or switch to a high-yield savings account, you can turn the money you have already made into additional revenue to plan for a brighter future with an improved financial outlook.