What Does Speed Check Ahead Mean On Google Map? Find Out

Are you one of those asking “what does speed check ahead mean” and have not gotten a satisfactory answer? Do you desire to get a clear understanding of how Speed Check Ahead works on the Apple map and how to make use of it? Then you have landed in the best place to get answers. 

In this article, we have given an in-depth explanation on the topic of “what does speed check ahead mean”. We also explained how it works as well as how to use it satisfactorily to save yourself from harm. So read through it meticulously to digest every bit of information contained therein. 

What Does Speed Check Ahead Mean?


Let us begin the discussion by answering the question ” what does speed check ahead mean”. Speed Check Ahead is one of the features that were recently added to Apple Maps. Apple devices with iOS 14.5 and newer versions have this feature. 

Speed Check Ahead simply means that there is an impending danger or hazard or even the presence of the police or any speed check radar on the route that you are taking. Therefore it is a signal or alert meant to forewarn you against danger ahead. See how it works below to better understand it. 

How Does Speed Check Ahead Work?


Still on making you understand “what does speed check ahead mean”. Here is how it works in two ways. In one way, the speed check ahead signal is meant to be used by you to alert or report a speed check, accident, or any hazard on the road. 

On the other hand, it is meant to alert users of the danger that has earlier been reported by users of the same route. It gives you the needed warning to better prepare for the hazard that is ahead.

It is as simple as reporting hazards or accidents on the road to help save others. I will show you how to make the report as we proceed to the next section. 

Where Is the Speed Check Ahead Located In My Car?


Having seen the answer to “what does speed check ahead mean”, let us proceed to know where you will find it in your car. This is necessary for those that have not experienced speed checks before. If you have not come across it, you will one day get to see it and you shouldn’t be surprised when you do. 

Speed check ahead usually appears on your Apple Map on your mobile phone which is connected to your car. If someone who had used that route earlier and found a health hazard or the presence of police alerted the map, then before you get to the same spot on the road, either Siri or an Alert on the map will give you the speed check ahead signal. 

In other words, you are advised as a user of Apple Maps to always report a health hazard. Speed check ahead as we saw above is one such report. So if somebody had alerted the map of a speed check which could be the presence of the police on that road, you and others who are also plying that route will get a signal. If after going through it there is no hazard, you can then update Siri or the map to help others coming after you.  

What Should I Do When I See Speed Check Ahead?


Now that you have seen the answer to ” what does “speed check ahead mean” and how it works, what then should you do when you see the alert? This is what we want to discuss here. There are two major things to do when you get the Speed Check Ahead Signal. See them below. 

Slow Down


The first thing to do when you see Speed Check ahead on your Apple map is to slow down your speed. The danger could be anything, including the presence of police on the road. And you know that police cruiser are placed on the road to check the activities of speeders and also to act as some traps. With this, it is necessary and safe to slow down your speed when you get the Speed Check Ahead signal. 

Report Speed Check On Apple Map


Also, whenever you see the Speed Check Ahead sign or alert, it is important that you file a report. This report is done in a simple way and it is on the Apple map. If you do not know how to report speed check ahead and read the next paragraph to know how to do so. 

How To Report Speed Check Ahead


Take the following simple steps to report Speed check ahead or any other traffic incident on the Apple map. 

  • Locate the Apple Map app on your phone menu. 
  • Enter the address of the occurrence on the input field. 
  • Select a route from the routes that will appear on the screen. 
  • Click on Go and start your journey.
  • In the process of the journey, if you come across a hazard or speed check as explained in “what does speed check mean” above, then bring out the option card by tapping on the Chevron icon. The Chevron icon is located at the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  • Hit the Report the report button on the menu card. 
  • The next thing to do is to either tap on Hazard, Accident, or Speed Check or report to Siri. If you choose to go with the Siri option, say “Hey ‌Siri‌, there’s an accident or hazard or speed check”. 

When you do this, you will be helping other users that are coming behind you on the same route. This is because when Siri gets your report, it will be sent to Apple. 

By reporting a Speed Check location with Apple, that location will be flagged hence other users should not use it except in dire situations. When many people report a particular location, Apple will use what is called Anonymized Crowdsourcing to flag that area on the map. 

What If I Ignore The Speed Check Ahead?


When you get the Speed Check Ahead signal, it is meant to alert you of impending danger or hazard on the road. However, you are in no way bound to I bet the signal. You can ignore the Speed Check if you wish and there would be no penalty for that. 

However, by doing that you are putting yourself at risk of danger ahead and you might fall victim to the police, especially if you exceed the speed limit. 



So far, we have explained, ” what does speed check ahead mean”. We also showed you how to find it and what to do when you see the signal.  I hope this post has answered all of your questions.