What Are Cash App Card Benefits? 8 Hidden Cash App Card Benefits

Are you contemplating getting a Cash App card? Or do you have a Cash App card but have not yet gotten acquainted with its benefits? Let me assure you first of all that there are a lot of Cash App Card benefits hence I can say you’ve been missing a lot. 

Read this article as I open your eyes to 8 awesome Cash App card benefits that you probably didn’t know. Stay glued to your screen and enjoy this piece. 

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app that was established in 2013 with the name Square Inc. It has since then grown both in size, function, and number of users both in the US and UK. 

To satisfy its customers better, the app keeps rolling in more interesting features, products, and services like bitcoin and stock investment and the use of a Cash App Card. 

The Cash App card which we are going to be looking at is very useful and as such new users need a detailed appraisal of its benefits. Hence this article is dedicated to showing you Cash App Card benefits in detail. Take a glass of your favorite drink and read through this enlightening piece to the bottom. 

What Is Cash App Card?


A Cash App Card is also known as Cash Card is a Visa debit card that can be used for withdrawing money at the ATM and for payment for goods and services both online and in-store. The Cash App card is attached to your Cash App account and hence uses the balance from your account. The Cash card can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. 

It has a transaction limit of $7000 daily and $15000 monthly which resets at 7 pm daily and 7 pm on the last day of the month respectively. It comes in various colors and Cash App card designs that you can customize to suit yourself while placing an order. Let’s read the next paragraph to get the details of how to request a Cash App Card. 

How Can I Get A Cash App Card? 


While we move towards the Cash App card benefits directly, let’s quickly consider how you can get a Cash App card. Getting a Cash App card is not difficult. All it requires is for you to request it on the App after seeing that your account has been verified. So if you are a verified Cash App user, take the following steps to request a Cash App card. 

  • Log into your Cash App account on the mobile app. 
  • Click on the Cash App tab on the home screen of your Cash App. 
  • Select Get Cash Card. 
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Follow the prompt till the completion of the process. 

Note that you cannot get a Cash Card if you are not up to the age of 18 and do not have an SSN

Uses Of Cash App Cards


Let me quickly show you some of the uses of the Cash App card before explaining the Cash App Card benefits. As stated above, the Cash App card can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. Therefore, it can be used to pay for goods in-store using the funds from your Cash App balance. 

Also, the Cash App card can be used to purchase goods and pay for services online. Hence you can add your card to Google pay or Apply pay. You can also pay for goods online by using the details written on your cash card. 

Furthermore, the Cash App Card can be used like your bank debit card to withdraw money from any ATM. This is quite an interesting part. And one beautiful thing about it is that it doesn’t require much charge to use the ATM. 

Need I say more? You will find out other interesting things about the Cash App card as we discuss the Cash App card benefits below but first let me show you how to use the card in-store.

How To Use The Cash App Card In-Store


Before proceeding to use your Cash App card in-store, make sure you check your balance to be sure the money is enough to pay for what you want to purchase. After ascertaining that, hand your card over to the attendant or cashier. 

The cashier would enter the amount and ask you to enter your PIN. This should be done discreetly. Do not let out your PIN to anyone to avoid a Cash App scam. Other details would be entered, money deducted and your card will be handed over to you. 

Now to the bone of contention. What are the Cash App Card benefits? See them below. 

Cash App Card Benefits


This section is dedicated to explaining the several benefits of the Cash App card to you. The list is not exhaustive as it has numerous benefits but I will explain a handful of them. Let’s see them below. 

1. Free Of Charge


One of the greatest Cash App card benefits is that it is free of charge. Yes, getting a Cash card does not require paying an additional fee. In as much as your account has been verified, you request it using the steps above and it will be delivered to you without deducting any charges from your Account. 

2. Acceptable At All ATMs


Another benefit of the Cash App card is that it is accepted at almost all ATMs where Visa cards are accepted. This is not common with other payment apps.

3. No Or Minimal ATM Withdrawal Fee


Furthermore, Cash App Card benefits include no ATM withdrawal fee for anyone who receives up to $300 Direct Deposit on their accounts monthly. However, others might be charged a meager amount of $2 for ATM withdrawals. 

This is quite affordable and exciting. Read on to see more interesting Cash App card benefits. 

4. Ability To Customize Your Card


Still on Cash App card benefits is the Cash App card design feature. This is the ability of a Cash App user to design their card as desired using the Cash App. This is a feature that is not easily seen among payment apps. 

You can design the card with your favorite emoji, photo, customized text, name, signature, and favorite color. And this is also very affordable. 

5. Coffee Discount


With a Cash App Card, you get $1 off every cup of coffee you get. This is a distinctive offer and is exclusively amazing for coffee lovers as you could save much money from the discount on every of your coffee purchases. 

6. Cash App Card boost


Just like the coffee discount, with the Cash App card, you get another amazing boost when shopping. You can get up to a 10% discount on your food bills, DoorDash order, and others.

7. High Transaction Limit


Another Cash App card benefit is that withdrawal is almost unlimited. You can withdraw as much as $7000 daily. 

8. No monthly Or Yearly Maintenance Fee


Additionally, Cash App would not charge you any fee for Cash App card maintenance. Using the Cash App Card is free of charge. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cash App Card? 


The Cash App card is free of charge. You heard me right. You do not have to bother about any fee when requesting a Cash App card. 

However, you would be required to pay $5 if you opt for a glow-in-the-dark Cash App card design. Other than this, getting a Cash App card is free. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Cash App Card? 


After seeing the Cash App card benefits and you following the steps stated in how to get a Cash App card accordingly, then your Cash Card will be delivered to you in no distant time. 

It takes a maximum of 10 business days for your cash card to get to you. It would arrive in your email and you can use it right away by adding it to your Google pay or Apple pay. You can also use its details for your transactions. 



If you read through the article with me to this point, you must have concluded that the Cash App card is a must. We discussed 8 amazing Cash App card benefits. So if you haven’t gotten yours, follow the steps highlighted in the article to order yours as it is free of charge.