Wells Fargo Swift Code | Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code In United States

Are you a bank customer who is desperately in search of his or her Wells Fargo swift code? However, If you seem to find yourself in this situation, you need to keep your mind at rest as a detailed information about all you are required to know about the bank code. How to make use of it, ways to locate your wells fargo swift code and other related questions would be highlighted in the article below. 

Does Wells Fargo use SWIFT Code? Wait a minute, we have been mentioning the phrase “Swift Code” without confirmation whether Wells Fargo Bank actually makes use of this code. 

Nevertheless, if you are willing to know about this, definitely all financial institutions and even some non financial companies make use of swift code to make sure your financial activities get to the right destination promptly.

Obviously, we are all aware that Wells Fargo Bank is a well known financial services company that provides adequate funds management services and other similar activities. Surely, Wells Fargo also utilizes swift codes to aid most of their customers’ major financial transactions. 

What Is Wells Fargo Swift Code?


At this point, since we are now fully aware that the bank or financial services company (wells fargo bank) is one of the banks that uses swift codes, I think we should also give a brief description of what wells fargo swift code really means. 

Wells Fargo swift code is simply a unique identification code which is utilized by various registered financial and non-financial institutions in the United States and all around the world at large. 

Actually, the swift code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The word “worldwide” should indicate that the code is not only utilized in the United States alone.

Another very common name used to refer to Wells Fargo swift code is called BIC, this is an acronym for Bank Identifier Code. The next section of the article is about the ways to locate your bank swift code perhaps you want to make use of it. 

Customers should also note that there are typically different swift codes for different banks and branches. What this means is that, the swift code for Wells Fargo bank will be totally different from the swift code of another financial organization. 

Additionally, there are several Wells Fargo bank branches in the United States, a specific  Wells Fargo bank branch will be assigned with its own unique swift code based on the bank’s location.

The following segment of the article will be focused on the swift codes of specific Wells Fargo bank branches that are located in the United States. 

Wells Fargo Swift Code


Bank Wells Fargo Bank, N.a
Address 420 Montgomery Street in San Francisco
City San Francisco
Branch San Francisco
Postcode 94104
Country United States Of America. 

Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code


Branch Charlotte
Address 1525 W. W.t. Harris Blvd
City Charlotte
Postcode 28105
Country United States of America.
Branch Charlotte
Address 201 South College Street.
City Charlotte
Postcode 90017
Country United States

Understanding The Wells Fargo Swift Code


Before we dive into the main content, you need to know that the swift codes are used by Wells Fargo banks to exchange messages for the transfer to occur.

In addition to this, Wells Fargo Bank makes use of different swift codes for varieties of banking activities and for specific branches. Below are the different specific wells fargo swift codes in the United States. 

  • WFBIUS6 – 1525 W. W.T. HARRIS BLVD
  1. WFBIUS6SXXX – Swift Code

This is one of the swift codes that’s attached to a particular Wells Fargo bank branch in the United States. WFBIUS6SXXX – This swift code specifically for a Wells Fargo bank located at 420 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, United States Of America. This bank uses this unique code to make arrangements for transactions to take place.

  • WFBIUS6B – Swift Code

Another unique swift code is “WFBIUS6B” and it’s specifically attached to a certain Wells Fargo bank branch called WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. located in  1525 W. W.T. HARRIS BLVD.

The unique code can be used to initiate international transactions as well as wire transfers. 

However, a well detailed information on the uses of these swift code will be discussed in another section of this article below.

  • PNBPUS33  – Swift Code

This certain wells fargo bank swift code is specifically for a wells fargo bank whose branch is located at 201 SOUTH COLLEGE STREET. It is a Wells Fargo bank branch in Charlotte, United States.

There are several other Wells Fargo swift codes for different branches in the United States. You also need to note that the swift code is 8 to 11 characters which might contain both letters and numbers. 

How Do I Find My Wells Fargo SWIFT Code?


Aside from Wells Fargo bank, you can use this method to locate any bank swift code as long as you follow the simple procedures we have highlighted for you below. 

  • Contacting Your Bank For Inquiries
  • Visiting The Bank Website
  • Check Your Bank Statement
  • In This Article

Let’s briefly explain in details how to find your Wells Fargo bank swift code

  • Contacting Your Bank For Inquiries

The first step to take a customer in search of their Wells Fargo bank swift code is to get in touch with a representative of their bank. An employee of the bank would definitely be able to provide a detailed answer to your question. 

It’s either you send wells a direct message via their email contacts or give them a phone call. You will be responded to if you take this step instantly. 

  • Visiting The Bank Website

Another easy method of finding out what your wells fargo swift code is, is to go to wells fargo official website and look if they include your swift code on your dashboard.

However, you can do this by logging in to your wells fargo account on their website. Enter your personal credentials such as your username and password to sign in. 

  • Check Your Bank Statement

Note that some financial services companies do include their swift code in their customer’s bank statement. Check your Wells Fargo bank statement, your swift code along with your routing number and bank account details will be included.

  • In This Article

The last method to take note of is to go through this article above, a particular section highlighted a list of some Wells Fargo Swift code for some of the branches of the financial service company.

This article mainly focused on the bank swift code, as it contains very detailed information on the unique codes. 

Why Do I Need Wells Fargo Swift Code?


There are a lot of activities customers would be required to make use of their bank swift code for. Wells Fargo also makes use of this unique code in a lot of ways which includes transmitting funds between several international financial organizations, identification of banks during an international transaction and many other uses. Here are the reasons why you need wells fargo swift code:

  • Send Money Internationally
  • Receive Money Internationally
  • Wire transfers
  • Correction Of The Errors Attached To Financial Transactions

Other significants are;

  • Send Money Internationally

If you are willing to transfer money from a Wells Fargo bank account, you will be required to provide your bank swift as it will be used to process the transaction.

Let’s say you have a Wells Fargo Bank bank account and transfer cash to another Wells Fargo Bank bank account. As a customer, you will be requested to enter your swift code or bank identifier code for the transaction to get authorized.

However, every customer should note that this goes along with some other account details like the bank address. 

  • Receive Money Internationally

Apart from sending funds from one destination to another, Wells Fargo swift code is also utilized in receiving International wire transfers. 

Additionally, swift code can also be used to make corrections to transfer destination errors when making an international wire transfer.



As we come to the conclusion of the above article, we initially highlighted detailed information on wells fargo bank swift code, how to make use of the 8 digit codes, the example of wells fargo bank swift code available, where to find your bank swift code and other related queries.