Wells Fargo ATM Limit – For Withdrawals & Deposit ( Learn How To Increase It )

This post will clarify all your misconceptions and teach you everything you need to know about the Wells Fargo ATM limit for withdrawals and deposit. It will also show you how to reset or increase the withdrawal limit.

Technology has made great advancements in such a way that we no longer have to go through the rigorous process of entering the banking hall to withdraw money.

All you have to do, is to get your debit card and withdraw from any ATM around you. ATM means “Automated Teller Machines“. It is a machine that is used for the deposit and withdrawal of cash using a card known as a debit card.

Why Does My Wells Fargo Account Have ATM limit?


When it comes to the withdrawal of money from the ATM, Wells Fargo has a limit for every account. One of the reasons for placing a limit on ATM withdrawal is for security. This is to prevent thieves from withdrawing so much from your account if they get access to it.

Another reason is to prevent overspending amongst others. You should know however that the limit is dependent on the type of account you operate. Also, the limits vary from daily to monthly. Keep reading to know how much you can withdraw from your Wells Fargo account using an ATM. 

Wells Fargo ATM Withdrawal Limit For My Checking Account


A checking account is one of the packages of Wells Fargo bank. This account offers easy access to money for daily purchases. There are different types of checking accounts.

You have to consult the bank to know the various packages and offers that are available for you. Nevertheless, when you open your Wells Fargo account, you would be given a debit card. Every debit card has a daily withdrawal limit of seven hundred and ten dollars ($710).

This limit automatically resets every day at midnight. And it cannot be rolled over to the next day. What it means is that, the daily limit cannot be culminated to make up a bigger amount for the next day or week.

I know the question on your mind right now especially for those who need a large amount of money for business is “is there a way I can increase the daily limit?” You need not worry anymore as the next paragraph has the answer to your questions. 

What Is My Wells Fargo Daily Purchase Limit?


There is a limit to how much you can purchase daily using your Wells Fargo debit card. This limit varies with the account. To know the daily purchase limit of your account

    • Call the number at the back of your debit card
  • Check Wells Fargo Mobile App: Download the mobile App, activate your account on it, and demand your purchase limit by asking for help. 
  • Visit your bank in person to get all details you need to know concerning your daily purchase limit. 

How To Reset Or Increase Your Wells Fargo ATM Limit.


The daily ATM limit of your Wells Fargo account is quite small especially for those who would want to make a transaction that demands a large amount.

And as such, many are left stranded. The good news here now is that there are options for demanding an increase. The following are two ways to increase your Wells Fargo ATM limit.

  • Call the number at the back of your debit card. If you check behind your debit card, you will see a telephone number. That is the number of customer care agents. Call that number and ask for an increase in your ATM limit. 
  • Visit any Wells Fargo branch: locate any branch of Wells Fargo Bank in your region and lay your complaint stating reasons why your daily or monthly ATM limits should be increased. 

How To Find My Wells Fargo Withdrawal Limit.


To know the specific limit of withdrawal for your Wells Fargo account probably after demanding an increase, the two steps above should be taken in addition to the following. 

  • Visit Well Fargo online and sign in
  • Choose the option of Open Card Details. 
  • Click on Limit For This Card.
  • The limit for your card will be displayed. 

How Do I Get Cash When I Reach My Well Fargo ATM Limit?


It does happen and quite understandable that there are times we would need cash while we have reached our daily withdrawal limit. Not to worry, there are 4 ways you can get cash. 

    1. Demand for an increase as discussed above
    2. Withdraw from any Wells Fargo branch by going directly into the bank to make a withdrawal. Your Wells Fargo ATM limit does not affect your withdrawal in person.
    3. You can withdraw from another account if you have a debit card for that account. 
  • Get a cashback for purchase. This is an easy step. Go into any grocery store or retailer close to you. Get some goods that demand payment with a debit card and ask for some extra cash that will be deducted from your account alongside the price of purchase. 



I know with this post, all your questions regarding Wells Fargo ATM limits have been answered. You have to know that your ATM has a withdrawal and purchase limit which is subject to change or reset.

All you have to do is to follow the process above and you would no longer have to be bordered about your ATM limit.