Walgreens Gift Card Balance – How To Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Are you searching for accurate information on walgreens gift card balance – how to check walgreens gift card balance? If the answer is yes, please search no further. In this blog post, I will teach you how to easily check your walgreens gift card balance online and offline. So, we will be sharing different methods to check your gift card balance.


It’s advised to always check your Walgreens gift card balance before proceeding to make make any purchase. This is because, if the price of the items you ordered is higher than the amount in your gift card? It will be declined. And that’s so embarrassing. And that’s why you should always check before anything.

Having found out that, so many people are finding it very difficult to check their gift card balance. We have provided you guys with a step by step guide, to easily check your Walgreens gift card balance. All the errors/problems you might be facing while trying to check your gift card balance are now in the past.


As for those that bought their Walgreens gift card newly, and doesn’t know how to check their balance. Thereby asking “how can i check my walgreens e gift card balance online? I want you to know that, you can easily check it with any of the below methods.

How To Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance


  • If you want to check your walgreens gift card balance online, the first step you should take” is to visit their website, following this link >>
  • When you get to the page, enter your card number and PIN
  • Finally, click on “Check Balance“.
  • Wait for some seconds to see your balance.
  • That’s how to check Walgreens visa gift card balance online.
  • Now, let’s move to another method of checking your balance.

Walgreens Gift Card Balance Phone Number


Alternatively, you can also check your Walgreen card balance via phone call, using this phone number to call their customer service >> 1-866-922-7312

Check at the back of your Walgreens gift card, you will see the number to call. When you call the customer service phone number? Make sure you listen attentively and follow instructions.

You can as well visit any nearby in-store to check your Walgreens visa gift card balance, and very easy and less stressful.

Just as I said earlier, before you use your Walgreens card to purchase any items, you should know your initial balance, and remember to track your remaining balance after each purchase.



At this point, I think I have cleared the air. Hopefully you have learnt how to check your Walgreens gift card balance. If you still encounter any challenges while trying to inquire your balance, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below to inform us.

But let me still tell you this, slowly go through the above article again and read carefully. All the above methods are working perfectly for me and I would like to get feedback from you after trying them out. Don’t forget to share this useful information with friends on social media.

Also, visiting any nearby Walgreens store is very cool. As for those that will say none of them worked for me! Try and visit in-store and tell any of their cashiers to check it for you.