Venmo Phone Number Already Registered – ( See How To Fix It )

If whenever you want to sign up for an account, it says Venmo phone number already registered. It simply means that, the phone number you provided has already been used to sign up for a Venmo account.

Hence, fixing this issue is very easy. Since this happens has a result of using existing phone number, the only thing required from you right now is to get a new phone number and sign up for a new Venmo account with it.

And again, you can unlink or remove the existing phone number from your account and link a new phone number. But if what you’re trying to make is a new venmo account, then’ you will have to consider using a new phone number that has never been used to open a Venmo account.

Now, I will answer all related questions on Venmo account sign up with or without phone number. Most importantly, show you how to unlink the existing phone number from your account or use new phone number to sign up for a fresh account.

How do I Unregister My Phone Number From Venmo?


Recall few days ago, we posted a complete guide on how to change Venmo phone number. And it explain every single step to follow and remove your existing phone number successfully.

Now here is the point, if you want to unlink or unregister your phone number from your current Venmo account” it will take you just a few clicks. Follow the instructions below;

  • Sign In to your Venmo account using the mobile App or from their official website
  • When you sign in to your account, navigate “Menu” and tap on it.
  • Click on “Settings” and scroll down.
  • Navigate “Edit Profile” and click on it.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Phone Number” box.
  • Now delete the old phone number and enter the new one.
  • After typing in the new phone number, click on save and return to your home page.

That’s all, now you have unregister the phone number for your venmo account. You can do this anytime you feel like changing your phone number. That’s by the way” I will proceed to answering more related questions.

Do You Have To Have A Phone Number For Venmo?


The answer is YES, phone number is among the four “4” compulsory things you must keep ready, before proceeding to sign up for a Venmo account.

You and I know that Venmo has to do with Money transaction. Hence, your valid ID is needed to avoid being scammed or encounter any challenges in future.

However,  there’s a trick to follow and bypass Venmo account verification using your real phone number. We will discuss it in the next paragraph, continue reading;

How Do I Bypass Phone Verification On Venmo?


You can actually bypass Venmo account verification by using a fake phone number when signing up for a new account.

If you don’t want to use your original phone number to sign up, or you’re facing the issue of Venmo saying phone number already registered.

All you have to do, is to buy a “premium fake phone number” that can receive sms that will be send to you for verification. There are sites that’ gives fake phone number for free, but I do advice my readers to go for paid one’ to avoid having issues in future.

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered


If Venmo says “phone number already registered” it simply means that’ the number you’re trying to use for the account sign up is linked to another venmo account.

However, it’s not something to be worried about. You can easily get a new phone number and sign up with it, or use a fake phone number that can receive sms.

Although using a fake phone number for Venmo account be very risky, mostly when you’re using it for business transactions.

Although a lot of people are using it to open multiple accounts, you can try it out. We have provided you guys with steps to follow and get fake phone number. Read along to find out;

Can You Make A New Venmo Account With Same Phone Number?


Making two Venmo account with the same phone number is against their policy. Hence, it’s impossible to make multiple accounts using one phone number.

However, you can use a fake phone number. You can easily get one with the above method. Although it’s highly prohibited, you just have to ensure that’ the number can receive sms.

Why Is Venmo Not Taking My Phone Number


Venmo won’t take your phone number “if the number has already been linked to another Venmo account. Hence, you will have to use a new phone number.

Although it happens sometimes as a result of technical error. If it’s a new phone number, then’ you will have to wait and try again after some minutes.

Do You Have To Use Phone Number For Venmo?


Using phone number to sign up for a Venmo account is compulsory, it’s something you can’t possibly do without.

It’s not optional, it’s one of the requirements everyone must provide to be eligible to carry out transactions with Venmo.

But if you can’t provide a valid phone number to sign up with, then’ go ahead and use fake phone number. As long as it can receive sms, which enables you to get the verification code.



I will be wrapping up the content here, hopefully you have learnt what lead to “Venmo phone number already registered, and how to fix it.

If the issue persist after providing a new phone number, then’ go ahead and contact Venmo customer support for further assistant.