Venmo Instant Transfer Fee, Limit & How To Avoid It

In most cases, every payment platform requests for a certain fee for transactions to get authorized and I purposely think this is where venmo instant transfer fee comes into play. 


A digital wallet such as venmo provides its customers with several financial services which includes payment of bills, transfers, withdrawals, credit card and many more. 

A very important aspect which you need to pay attention to is the fact that venmo actually charges a particular fee in order to be able to carry out your financial activities, depending on the type of transaction. 


Nonetheless, this article will thoroughly focus on venmo transfer financial transactions targeting the amount of fees charged for each transfer that is initiated. All that is kindly required of you is to keep scrolling through the article and stay tuned so as to grab the information you need.

What Exactly Is Venmo Instant Transfer?


Generally, you might have been wondering what this term really implies. Actually, this so-called venmo instant transfer also known as Instant Add Money is a certain feature which is available for you as long as you are a user of venmo application. 

What’s fascinating about the instant transfer is that it allows venmo users to effortlessly initiate transfers within a short period of time. Most times it takes just a maximum of 30 minutes for your transfer to get to its destination.

How does that sound? No more getting delayed during important moments as venmo instant transfer is here to help you authorize various transactions as soon as possible regardless of the type of transfer fee a customer is willing to initiate. 

In addition to this, Venmo Instant Transfer gives you the opportunity to transfer funds from your Venmo account to any local bank account in the United States at the tip of charging a particular fee.

Note that Instant Transfers also works in terms of initiating transfers to eligible debit cards, either a mastercard or a regular visa card. Another interesting aspect of venmo instant transfer is that the feature rarely experiences downtime as this aids the continuous regular inflow of venmo users. 

Venmo Instant Transfer Fee


Remember earlier that we made mention of venmo instant transfer fee which is always charged anytime a customer makes use of the venmo instant transfer. A detailed information on this fee, the pros and cons will definitely be highlighted in this particular segment of the article.

For every transaction that is initiated, a certain 1.75% fee will be automatically deducted from your venmo account following the successful completion of the transfer process. Additionally, you will definitely be required to initiate the instant transfer withdrawal option for you to finalize this action.

There is some other information you need to be aware of, this includes venmo transfer fee coming with a minimum amount of $0.25 and a maximum fee of $25 which represents the highest amount of money that can be deducted as a fee and many more. 

Actually, regardless of the venmo instant transfer fee you can on a regular basis transfer up to $500 a week from your respective accounts.

How Do I Avoid Instant Transfer Fees On Venmo?


It’s no doubt that some of us actually don’t like the sound of fees whatsoever.  Whether or not it’s a small amount, most customers of several financial services companies just detest this. 

Anyways, so long as you are still willing to partner with digital payment wallets you will obviously still be charged a certain amount of fees for you to make some financial transactions. Generally, that is just how it works.

Do you know that you can actually avoid paying a 1.75% instant transfer fee when you are trying to make a certain transfer? There are definitely other options you can implement to avoid this fee, a brief breakdown of this will be shared below.

  1. In order for you to avoid venmo fees, you will be required to make some adjustments to your In-app transactions by selecting a standard electronic withdrawal.
  2. We all know that Instant transfers to local bank accounts or wallets come with a particular percentage of fees, while initiating standard transfer comes with no charges.
  3. The only little downside of the standard electronic transfer is that it takes up to three to five business days for your cash to become available or transaction to finally reach its destination.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned procedures are the strategies to implement for you to avoid the venmo instant transfer fee which is normally deducted while imitating transfers or perhaps making use of your credit card to make transfers.

Can My Instant Transfer Be Declined?


I hope you need to realize that this shouldn’t be a new occurrence to you as failed transactions might occur due to one reason or the other. This might actually result in your funds being frozen by the venmo app whenever a suspicious activity is detected.

However, as time goes one all transfers will be reviewed as the digital payment wallet (Venmo App) will find a way to reprocess queries of transfers or make a refund in most cases.

Can I Get My Venmo Transfer Fees Refunded?


First and foremost, you need to consider the reason why you would want a refund of your money and venmo transfer fee. Perhaps a mistake might have occurred while trying to process the transaction, leading to Inputting wrong credentials.

  • You need to know that you can’t cancel an existing venmo account payment.
  • You would not be able to get your transfer fees refunded and this is because the peer-to-peer payment platform will need a direct permission from the recipient before attempting to initiate a money or fee refund.
  • With regards to this situation, fee and funds refund relatively becomes impossible if the recipient has cleared or withdrawn the money from their respective accounts. 

This means if you perhaps contact venmo customer service support in a bid to get your money refunded, you can’t do this as a sender unless approval is granted by the recipient. 

  • The only situation where you might be able to get your cash refunded without approval whatsoever is if you made a transfer to an incomplete email address or a phone number that is not registered with venmo. 


All you will be required to do is tap “incomplete” and your money will be refunded in no time.



I hope you can now realize and fully grab the information on venmo instant transfer fee. Apart from the amount of money deducted by venmo following each financial transaction, detailed information on how to avoid these fees was also included in the article above.

Since we basically have a minimal way of avoiding most digital payment wallets fees, it’s high time we pay attention to the management of our financial activities.