USAA Transfer Not Working – 7 Quick Fix

Are you devastated because your USAA transfer is not working? Cheer up and read this article that has explained 7 causes and quick fixes of USAA transfer not working. I bet you will be relieved after reading this. 

USAA is a bank in the United States that carries out all major banking transactions including domestic and international wire transfers, insurance, and others. USAA also partners with Zelle for sending and receiving money. There are, however, some devastating situations that come up sometimes such as “USAA transfers not working”. This could be very inconvenient especially when you urgently need to transfer the money across. 

If you have ever experienced that, know that you are not alone. However, let me show you how you can easily fix that problem as we look at the causes as well as quick fixes for USAA transfer not working in this article. I know you are excited about this. So roll with me as we go into the details. 

Can I Transfer Money With USAA? 


Of course yes, you can transfer money with USAA. It is a fully functional bank. So having an account with it gives you access to use all of its services which include the transfer of money between USAA accounts and to other banks. Let’s see how the transfer is done with USAA. 

How Does USAA Transfer Work?


Transferring money with USAA is very simple and can be done in 3 ways. I will briefly explain them to you. With USAA, you can transfer funds through the use of Zelle, the USAA mobile app, or the USAA online banking platform. 

All of these are done by logging into your account and entering the information of the recipient as you will be prompted. You will also have to enter the amount and a brief description then click “Send”. See more on how to use USAA Zelle here

How Long Does USAA Bank Transfer Take?


If you use the USAA Zelle, your funds will be received immediately except in a situation where the recipient does not have a Zelle account. However, with other methods, funds will be available to the recipient within 1 to 3 business days except if it is further delayed by their bank’s policy. 

Furthermore, there are situations where you are unable to transfer funds with USAA hence we say “USAA transfers not working”. What is the cause of this? See the answer below.

Why Is My USAA Transfer Not Working?


The following are some of the reasons why your USAA transfer is not working. 

Technical Or Bank Server Issue


One of the probable causes of USAA transfers not working is technical or bank server problems. Although this does not happen often, when it does, it disrupts so many banking activities.

The internet server of the bank that is used for processing all transactions including bank transfers can have some issues that will cause USAA transfers not to work. 

Poor Internet Connectivity


Another reason why your transfer with USAA might not work or go through when you get to use it is poor internet connections. Transfers are usually done online with the help of the internet. So if your connection is poor, it could also hinder your USAA transfers. 

Wrong Username And Password


Furthermore, using wrong transfer details can also lead to USAA transfers not working. When making transfers, especially with the mobile app and online banking center, you will be required to enter your password.

The password must be correct and must be the same as that which you have earlier created. Anything short of that, your transfer will not work successfully. 

Incorrect Recipient(s) Information


Also, USAA transfers not working could also be because you entered incorrect recipient information. With USAA Zelle, you will be required to enter their email addresses and phone numbers. While the other methods require you to enter their account numbers. When this information is not entered correctly, the transfers will not work. 

Insufficient Funds


Furthermore, your transfer with USAA would not work if you do not have sufficient funds in your bank account. That is, if the money you intend to send is more than the total amount of money in your account, your transfer would not also work. 

Bank Transfer Limits


USAA transfers not working could also be because you have exceeded your daily, weekly, or monthly transfer limits. If you have used up the number of transfers or reached the maximum amount of money allowed at a time, your USAA transfer would not work. 

Issues With Your Account


If you have checked out all other options and they seem not to be the reasons for USAA transfers not working, then it could be that there are some problems with your bank account. Continue reading to see solutions. 

Can You Fix USAA Transfer Not Working?


Yes, you can fix USAA transfers not working. So there is no cause for alarm as far as your bank account is concerned, every issue can be resolved. See how to fix the problem in the next section. 

How To Fix USAA Transfer Not Working


The following are ways to easily and quickly fix ” USAA transfer not working”. 

Check Your Internet Connection


The first step to take when your USAA transfer is not working is to check your internet connection to make sure it is well connected.

If you have been using wifi, it will be beneficial to switch over to mobile data. You can also turn your device off and on again. This should help to fix that problem. If it doesn’t, check the next solution. 

Check Your Bank Server


As stated above the problem might be from your bank server. To ascertain this, you can visit the USAA Facebook page to see what others are saying about it. Alternatively, visit to get if the server is down.  If that is the problem, then you have to wait for a while as such does not take a long time before it gets working again. However, if the server is not down, proceed to the next option. 

Check Your USAA Account Balance


We mentioned insufficient balance as a cause. So check your balance and make sure there are enough funds for the transfer. 

Check The Recipient(s) Information


Carefully go through the information of the recipients that you’ve entered to make sure that it is correct. If not, correct it before you continue. 

Check Your Password


Also, go through your password and make sure it is correct. If you have forgotten your password, then contact customer care for a change of password and to issue another one to you. I will show you the USAA customer care number shortly. 

Reset Your Limit


If the reason for “USAA transfers not working” is that you have exceeded your transfer limit for that period, then you can fix it by waiting for your limit to reset. The daily limit usually resets at midnight. Monthly limits reset at the end of the month. If however, you can not wait, then contact your bank to reset your limit. 

Fix Issues With Your Account


Unfortunately, if there are issues with your USAA account, you can not fix them yourself. The only available option is to visit your bank in person or call customer care. 

How To Contact USAA Customer Care For USAA Transfer Not Working


If any of the fixes of “USAA transfer not working” demands that you contact customer care, here are the ways to do that. 



Transferring money with USAA is fast and easy. If you are experiencing “USAA transfers not working”, then there must be some underlining causes that can be fixed easily. This article has shown you 7 quick fixes to USAA transfer not working. I hope these will help ease your transfer problem.