Top 20 Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu & Prices 2022

Dairy Queen is a fast-food restaurants known for their delicacies, and very popular across many countries, including the United States of America. Over the years, Dairy Queen was focused mainly on serving lunch or dinner, it was in the recent years that Dairy Queen upgraded and started serving breakfast as well.

So if you really want to have a taste of Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu, then stay tuned as we are going to unveil everything about the top 20 Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu & prices in this article.

When Did Dairy Queen Introduce Breakfast Menu?


Just as stated earlier, there was nothing like dairy queen breakfast menu initially; dairy queen was not offering breakfast. It was in the early 2000s that the company introduced a new flagship store concept known as the Dairy Queen (DQ) Grill & Chill. 

Since the launch of this flagship, more than 2,000 Grill and Chill have opened in different locations. These new stores have updated and improved features, and expanded menu items, including the option to serve breakfast items.

Many Dairy Queen in some locations open in the early morning and offer their breakfast menu for a few hours each day before switching over to the regular menu. There are some locations that open a little later, and offer breakfast items right alongside their regular menu. 

Is Dairy Queen Breakfast Available In All Locations?


No! Dairy Queen breakfast menu is not available at all of Dairy Queen’s locations, but it can be found at some of the chain’s newer restaurants.

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu


You may not be able to get breakfast menu items in some Dairy Queen locations; depending on the franchise, there are some Dairy Queen Locations that don’t offer Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu items.

Even among the dairy queen locations that offer breakfast menu items, their breakfast menu items may still vary, depending on the franchise. There are even some Dairy Queen locations that may have their own unique additions to the breakfast menu.

Among all the dairy queen locations, only about two of them are individually-owned franchises. That means the business pattern as well as the breakfast menu may vary among different Dairy Queen locations. So depending on which store you go to, breakfast menu items available may be unique to that franchise.

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu

For example, the Dairy Queen in Kentucky features a Cinnamon Pull-A-Part roll on its breakfast menu, as well as fruit smoothies. Another location in Pennsylvania advertises french toast in addition to pancakes, with a variety of topping options to customize with. Some locations in Texas have added breakfast taquitos to their menu.

Other more creative items available at some DQ locations include miniature sugared donuts called Lil’ Donuts and Biscuits & Gravy Dunkers. 

Despite having slightly different breakfast menu items in different dairy queen locations, there are still some of the breakfast menu items that are almost common to all the franchise. Some of these common Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu items are:

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu Louisville KY


  1. Bacon
  2. Biscuit Sandwich With Sausage
  3. Breakfast Bowl – Gravy
  4. Chicken And Gravy Burrito
  5. Chicken Strips
  6. Coffee
  7. Country Platter With Ham
  8. Eggs
  9. Hash Brown
  10. Lil’ Donuts
  11. Milk
  12. Orange Juice
  13. Pancake Platter With Ham
  14. Pancake Platter With Sausage
  15. Sausages 
  16. Sausage Biscuit Twin Park
  17. Steak Fingers
  18. Pepper Jack Cheese
  19. Shredded Cheese
  20. Swiss Cheese

The Dairy Queen breakfast menu has expanded over the years as well, adding burgers, sandwiches, chicken, and an array of dessert treats. From the list we made above, one of the most unique among them is the breakfast bowls. They are made with eggs, sausage, and hash browns all smothered in grilled onions, cheese, and the choice of gravy or salsa.

Dairy Queen’s famous Blizzards and other dessert treats are not officially on the breakfast menu, but it is still possible to get them alongside your breakfast sandwich at some locations.

Where Can I Get Dairy Queen Breakfast Items? – Dairy Queen Near Me


Just as I said earlier, it is not every dairy queen location that provides breakfast menu, but how then would you be able to know which location that offers breakfast menu? The best way to do this is to check the Dairy Queen in your locality and ask them if they offer breakfast menu. 

This is because Dairy Queen doesn’t provide a list of which of its new Grill & Chill restaurants that actually serve breakfast. However, the company does have a store locator page, which is supposed to denote which locations have a breakfast menu.

The interesting thing is that Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu is not just limited to its locations in the states. At least some of Dairy Queen’s thousands of international locations serve breakfast. 

How Do I Get Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu?


To get dairy queen breakfast menu, all you have to do is to work in to the nearest dairy queen shop that is nearest to you, and make order. But what if you are too busy with works such that you don’t have chance to do this yourself?

Well, The Dairy Queen company does not officially have a delivery program. However, many of Dairy Queen’s franchise locations have decided on their own to partner with third-party companies to provide delivery program to customers.

So, if you want your dairy queen breakfast menu to be delivered to your doorstep, it is still possible. You can simply make your orders through some delivery apps, and you will have the menu delivered to you. You can find Dairy Queen stores on all the many delivery apps, including UberEats, DoorDash, Seamless, Postmates, and Grubhub. 

Before making your orders, you would have to check for the Dairy Queen that is close to you; whether they offer breakfast menu, whether they offer delivery service, and through which delivery app?

Dairy Queen Menu/Prices


One interesting thing about Dairy Queen is that their breakfast menu is very cheap and affordable, with that little penny in your hand, you can get chunks of breakfast from dairy queen. 

In some Dairy Queen locations, you can get an entire breakfast menu for under $5, including the combos. One of the most expensive items on the Dairy Queen Breakfast menu is the Ultimate Breakfast Burrito Combo, which may cost $5.29, though the cost may vary from franchise to franchise.

Some Dairy Queen locations also offer a deal for a complete breakfast for as little as $3. The $3 Buck Breakfast deals include a chicken and gravy burrito meal, a sausage biscuit breakfast sandwich, and the biscuits and gravy breakfast. All of the combos are served with a side of hash browns, and a coffee or soft drink.

What Is The Quality Of Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu?


There are many and different opinions and reviews about the quality of Dairy Breakfast menu. While some are saying good things about the quality of Dairy breakfast menu, there are still many people that are dropping negative reviews about the breakfast menu.

 A particular review I read on TripAdvisor called Dairy Queen the “best breakfast hands down.” Some reviews on Yelp have also slammed the breakfast menu. One reviewer lamented that the hash browns were “so soaked with grease or butter, and they were uneatable,” and another went so far as to say their “entire meal was trash.”

How Healthy Is Dairy Queen Breakfast?


A check done on most the Dairy Queen Breakfast menu items revealed that many of them are packed with calories, fat and lots of Sodium. So while dairy queen breakfast may be very cheap and affordable to you, it may be wise to know that the calories and other constituents packed in it may not be friendly with your health.

On the list of the dairy queen breakfast menu, the most fattening item there on is the breakfast bowl with gravy, which is packed with 59 grams. This menu item may not even be the most unhealthy item on the menu. There are still some other items that may be very unhealthy, items like: the chain’s Country Platters, served with either sausage, bacon or ham. One estimate ranked the Country Platter with Sausage as the worst of the bunch, with about 1,360 calories, 91 grams of fat, and over 2,000 grams of sodium.

Some of the menu items that has a lighter pack, is the Lil’ Donuts, which have 290 calories, or the Pancake Platter with ham, which has about 390 calories and 9 grams of fat.