TD Bank Zelle Limits 2023 ( Daily, Weekly & Monthly )

What Are the TD Bank Zelle Limits? Can I increase my TD bank Zelle limit? Does TD Bank have Zelle? Are you one of those asking any of these questions? Are you tired of endlessly searching for answers to these questions without results? If you just nodded in affirmation then you have landed on the best place to get answers to your question. 

Read this article that has clearly explained TD bank Zelle limits in the simplest way that you have ever seen. I bet you will be excited after reading this article. So let us get straight into TD bank Zelle limit. 

Digital banking has made going to the banking hall a little obsolete as you do not need to dread the long queues and battle with traffic to go to the bank. The convenience that it offers has made virtually every bank and financial institutions adopt the digital banking feature. And one such bank is TD bank. 

If you are a customer of TD bank, then you can simply sign up for online banking and start banking from the comfort of your home or office. 

Zelle on the other hand is a digital payment platform that is responsible for sending and receiving money between individuals and bank accounts. Unlike other independent payment platforms, Zelle partners with banks to carry out its functions. It makes banking easy thus many banks have agreed to the use of Zelle for their mobile and online banking. 

The questions at the juncture are, does TD bank have Zelle? If Yes, how does it work? What are the TD bank Zelle limits? Find the answers to these questions as we begin the discussion on TD Bank Zelle limits. 

Does TD Bank Have Zelle?


Yes, TD bank is one of the numerous banks in the United States that have adopted the use of Zelle in the mobile banking app or online banking account center. With TD bank, you can send and receive money with Zelle. 

However, you must have the TD bank mobile app and have signed up to use the service. Also, you should create a Zelle account on the Zelle Pay website or mobile app. After that, you can use the service of Zelle with TD bank. Let’s see how to use it below. 

How To Use Zelle With TD Bank


Using Zelle with TD bank involves sending and receiving money. And if you have gone through the process of signing up on Zelle and TD bank mobile banking then you will not have any problem using TD bank Zelle. 

What you have to do is to log into your mobile banking app. On the homepage of the app, you will find Zelle listed among the features. Click on Zelle and follow the prompts to send money with Zelle on TD bank. 

To receive money on the platform, the sender will take the same steps and the money will be added to your Zelle account which can be accessed from your TB Bank account. I know you must be interested in knowing if there are TD Bank Zelle limits. Anyways, continue reading to find the answers. 

Are There TD Bank Zelle Limits?


Yes, there are TD bank Zelle limits. And by this, I mean the maximum and minimum amount of money that you are allowed to send or transfer from Zelle on the TD Bank platform at a time. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. 

You can not transfer money as you wish with TD Bank Zelle. Your activities are restricted for several reasons. In the succeeding paragraph, I will explain the reason for the TD Bank Zelle transfer limit. So if you want to know the reason(s) for the limits, then let’s forge ahead together. 

Why Are There TD Bank Zelle Limits?


There are many reasons for the TD Bank Zelle transfer limits but I will quickly explain the two most important ones for your information. They are security and government policies. 

Security is one of the reasons for the TD Bank Zelle limit. This is simply to help protect you from losing your funds to thieves and scammers. Let me tell you how. The TD Bank Zelle limit will help you protect your funds in that when the details of your account get to the hands of thieves either through scams, theft, or robbery, they doll not be able to clear the entire money in the account. The limit will restrict how much they can transfer at a time. And before the limit resets, you would have contacted your bank. 

Also, the limit is set in line with the policies of the government body that regulate the activities of banks in the United States. Hence you can not go beyond the margin set. Let’s see the details of the TD Bank Zelle limits below. 

What Are The TD Bank Zelle Limits? 


The TD bank transfer limits are dependent on the transfer speed that you wish to use hence there are limits for those who want instant transfers and another limit for those who will wait for 3 days to receive their funds daily or monthly. 

I know this might look a little bit confusing. Don’t worry, you will understand it better when you read the next paragraphs. 

Daily TD Bank Zelle Limit With The Few Minutes Transfer Feature


If you want the recipient to get the funds within a few minutes of the transfer, then your daily limit is $1000. When transferring money with TD bank Zelle, you will be made to choose the transfer feature or speed that you would love to use. 

If you choose the few minutes feature, then you have a daily limit of $1000. What if you opt for the other option? See the answer below. 

Daily TD Bank Zelle Limit With The 3 Days Transfer Feature.


If in the process of making the transfer you decide to use the 3 days transfer feature, then your TD bank Zelle limit is $2500 a day (24 hours). 

Monthly TD Bank Zelle Limit With The Few Minutes Transfer Feature


Just as we explained with the daily limits above, the monthly limit is also dependent on the transfer speed or feature that you opt for when transferring money. 

If you choose the few minutes transfer feature, then your TD bank Zelle transfer limit is $5000 a month. See the other part golf the monthly limit in the next section. 

Monthly TD Bank Zelle Limit With The 3 Days Transfer Feature


If you choose to go with the 3 days transfer feature, then you have a higher transfer limit. The TD Bank Zelle transfer limit with the days feature is $10,000 in a month (30 days). 

How To Increase Your TD Bank Zelle Transfer Limits


If for some cogent reasons you need to transfer more funds with TD Bank Zelle, you can contact the customer service of your bank to increase your TD Bank Zelle limit. You can do that by visiting the TD Bank branch nearest to you, 

  • visit
  • Or call 1-888-751-9000, 1-886-251-3552. 



Now that you know the TD Bank Zelle limits as discussed in the article. Go ahead and start transferring money. Don’t forget to contact customer service for further help.