Subway Gift Card Balance Inquiry – How To Check Your Subway Gift Card Balance

If you’re searching for accurate information on subway gift card balance inquiry – how To check your subway gift card balance” please search no further. This blog post will provide you accurate information on how to check your subway gift card balance Canada, Uk, Australia, USA, Germany and more.

Irrespective of the country you’re right now, you can easily use any of this methods to check your gift card balance. So, we will be sharing differen tips and no matter what” One of them will definitely work for you.

Though, all the methods that I’m about to share now are perfectly working for me. And I believe it will work for you too. If you can be able to calm down and read this article till end, you will surely find it very helpful.

We understand that’ those who bought their subway gift card newly, doesn’t have an idea on how to check the balance. While some people have been facing some challenges whenever they want to check their gift card balance.

The good news is that, all are in the past now” we have sorted things out for you guys. With this tutorial on how to check subway gift card balance, you can easily find your remaining balance. Without saying much, I will go ahead and share the information to you guys.

Subway Gift Card Balance Inquiry – How To Check Your Subway Gift Card Balance


You can easily do that, by following this guildlines. Read carefully;

  • The first step to take whenever you want to check your subway card balance is to visit their gift card balance checker webpage. Follow this link >>
  • When you login to the page, you will see an option to enter your subway card number.
  • After that, check the second line that says’ PIN number.
  • Make sure you enter correct numbers without spacing it.
  • After that, click ” CHECK BALANCE” and wait for some minutes to see your balance
  • Meanwhile, you will see both card number and pin at the back of your old navy gift card.
  • That’s all, let’s quickly move to another method.

How To Find My Subway Gift Card Balance


If you don’t want to check your gift card balance via the website or you tried the first option and it didn’t work for you. Just chill, we have another alternative here.

  • Visit any nearby subway store, and tell any of their cashiers to help you check your balance.
  • Make sure you go along with your gift card.
  • That’s how to check your balance offline.

Subway Gift Card Balance Phone Number


Yes, you can actually check your gift card balance by calling their customer service with this phone number >> 1-877-697-8222

When you call, listen attentively and follow instructions to hear your balance. It’s very easy and working in Australia, UK, Canada, Brazil, USA and more.



At this point, I think I have cleared the air. And hopefully you have learnt how to check your subway gift card balance? If you still encounter any challenges while trying to inquire your balance, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below to inform us.

But let me still tell you this, slowly go through the above article again and read carefully. All the above methods are working perfectly for me and I would like to get feedback from you after trying them out.

Also, visiting any nearby in-store is very cool. As for those that will say none of them worked for me! Try and visit their store and tell any of their cashiers to check in for you.