Sonic Breakfast Hours 2022 ( Opening & Closing Time )

Nowadays, it always disheartening to hear about the total number of people that are suffering from kwashiorkor, Marasmus and other food nutrient deficiencies related diseases across the globe. It is always apt to check-in in a restaurant that serve balance diet.

In search of restaurant that serve quality meal at affordable price, search no more as Sonic restaurant is always at your service to offer you delicious delicacies that will quench your craving thirst for yummy meal during Sonic’s Breakfast Hours.

Knowing the appropriate time to check-in in Sonic’s restaurant for breakfast is important because it will save you the stress that may emanate from disappointment and inconvenience that come from checking in behind time.

Sonic’s Breakfast Hours is time framed that is why this article is of utmost importance to anyone who is craving to visit Sonic restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is very crucial that you know everything about Sonic Breakfast Hours because they have specific time that they serve their breakfast.

Sonic Restaurant was established in 1953 by Troy Smith in United States of America with it’s headquarters at Oklahoma City, United States. In the past 69 years, Sonic restaurant has been serving their high quality breakfast to their customers.

Their breakfast meal is yummy, delicious and highly affordable. Kudos has been given to the founder Troy Smith for time management during Sonic’s Breakfast Hours.

Sonic Breakfast Hours


Generally, Sonic doesn’t have uniform pattern in their operational hours throughout a whole week, it varies.
Sonic Breakfast Hours starts from 6:00am to 12:00am from Monday to Thursday and Sunday. But on Friday and Saturday, they extend their breakfast hours by one hour. It starts from 6:00am to 1:00am.

N/B; Sonic restaurant is among few restaurant in United States that serve breakfast all day. This is one of the reason why all and sundry check-in in different branches of Sonic restaurant across United States.

Does Sonic Always Have Breakfast?


Yes, Sonic always have breakfast.
Sonic restaurant as renowned fast-food vendor, is one of the leading restaurant in United States because they are always eager to meet their customers need. That is why it is among the few restaurant in United States that serve breakfast all day.

Sonic breakfast hours

Sonic restaurant serve breakfast all day and their meal contain all the essential nutrients in right proportions. Sonic breakfast hours starts from 6:00am to 12:00am From Monday to Thursday and Sunday but on Saturdays and Fridays, their operational hours starts from 7:00am to 12:00am.

When Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?


Sonic restaurant doesn’t stop selling breakfast. As I earlier stated, Sonic restaurant serve breakfast all day. From Monday to Thursday and Sunday, the operational hours of Sonic restaurant starts from 6:00am to 12:00am.

But there is a little variation in their mode of operation on Friday and Saturday, they serve their breakfast from 6:00am to 1:00am, that means they extend their services by an hour.

What State Has The Most Sonic?


Texas in United States has the highest numbers of Sonic restaurant. Presently, Sonic restaurant has 966 locations in Texas. This is to say that 27% of Sonic restaurant located in United States is found in Texas.

How Many Sonic Locations Are There In The US?


Currently, there are over three thousand, five hundred (3,500) branches of Sonic restaurant across United States. Out of 50 States in United States, Sonic has locations in 45 States.

From the above, it can be inferred that Sonic restaurant has the interest of their customers at heart because they have been trying to establish branches all over United States to ease difficulties accruing from transport for their esteemed customers.

On Which Holidays Is Sonic’s Open?


Holidays is for relaxation, it is a period where individuals, families hung out and have good time. Interestingly, Sonic’s restaurant opens in most holidays because they have interest of their customers at heart. Some of the holidays that they open are:

  • New year’s day
  • Martin Luther King day
  • President’s day
  • Good Friday
  • Independence day
  • Columbus day
  • New year’s eve
  • Labor day
  • ¬†Veterans day
  • Black Friday.

Sonic’s Near Me


Searching for Sonic’s near you, no worry! you can use the Google maps to find a Sonic restaurant close to you. To do this, just turn on your GPS and enter the name of the restaurant in the destination tab to know the entire map from your home to your nearest Sonic’s restaurant.

Alternatively, you can visit Sonic’s website at to find their restaurant that is closest to you. It is very simple and easy.


What Is A Breakfast Toaster At Sonic?


The breakfast toaster at sonic features American cheese, eggs, and a choice of sausage, bacon or ham on thick Texas toast.

Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?


Yes, Sonic serve breakfast all day,  they start serving breakfast from 6:00am and close by 12:00am. They are one of the outstanding restaurants in United States that serve breakfast all day.

What Time Does Sonic Close?


Sonic close their food delivery or serving by 12: 00 am. Hence, they serve food all day.

Is Sonic’s breakfast all day?


Yes, sonic breakfast is all day. You can visit anytime you feel like and take their yummy breakfast meal.