Secret Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Kenya

You’re highly welcome to, in today’s blog post’s I’m going to show you my secret code to listen to another person call in Kenya. So, if you’re in Kenya right now’ searching for how to monitor somwsomeo phone conversation without their consent, definitely this article will be very helpful to you.


Probably you’re suspecting your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend to be cheating on you” and you’re searching for a code to dail and monitor all his or her phone conversations remotely. Don’t worry, I have got you covered” this blog post will disclose every single information you need to know about the monitoring someone’s call without them knowing.

Sounds amazing? Yes, it’s 100% working for me and those that followed the steps I provided here. With this code inject in the persons phone? You will be able to recieve the same call of your partner” or whosoever you want to monitor his or her phone calls.


Irrespective of the mobile phone you’re using, be it andriod phone or not” just note that this code works perfectly. Without saying much, I will proceed to showing you how to listen to someone else calls without them knowing.

But before you can achieve that, make you have access to their cell phones. I mean, you can be able to touch the persons phone” so that you can connect it by entering the code.

Is The Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Kenya Free?


Yes, the code is absolutely for free” you don’t have to pay anything to get this code here. But remember what I said earlier, you must make sure that you can have access to his or her mobile phone.

This is because, you need to enter the secret code to listen to another person’s call in your partners phone, so that it will work. Do not worry, your spouse won’t know” you can tell your partner that you want to use his or her phone for call or checking of something.

But if you can’t have access to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone, so as to dail the code to listen to his or her phone call. Then, consider buying our premium spy App. With this App? You will trace all her phone calls, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram chats” without touching his or her phone.

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Secret Code To Listen To Another Person Call In Kenya


Now, let’s proceed to disclosing this new secret code that you can dial to listen to another person’s phone call in Kenya.

The code to listen to another person call in Ghana is **06* Phone Number#. Now, carefully read below to get more information on how to do it.

Step 1

You have to get your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone, anyone at all you want to monitor his or her phone calls, kindly get the phone. You can achieve this by telling him or her to borrow you phone for call or seeing their pictures.

Ones you get the phone, (dial **06* your phone number#) then, you send it as if you want to check your airtime balance or make call.


  • **06*+233 54 33336663#
  •  After dialing this code, you relax your mind and see the magic.

Once the persons phone ring, yours will ring as well. Do not pick it” allow the person you’re monitoring his or her calls to pick it.

Then, calm down and listen to their conversation. I repeat, all you have to do is to put the phone on your ear and listen to the conversation. Do not pick the calls if you truly want this code to work for you. Because if you pick it, the call will end, you won’t be able to hear what they’re saying.

Now that you have seen the secret code to listen to another person’s call in Kenya, I hope you will give it a try? Please your feedback is highly welcome.

If it doesn’t work for you, which I don’t think is possible” then, consider purchasing thespycode premium App. That’s the best and most used spy app to catch anyone red handed without touching their phones.