Samsung TV With White Spots (Causes & Quick Fix)

Are you having a problem with Samsung TVs with white spots? This could be a very disturbing occurrence as it affects the picture quality of your TV. However, after reading this article, I know you will no longer be worried as we have explained the causes and how to fix Samsung TV with white spots here. 

Samsung TV is one of the modern brands of televisions that are loved and used in many homes and offices. They are mostly loved for their durability and affordability. No wonder many homes all over the world trust Samsung TVs. 

There is however a problem that plagues many of them as reported by users. That is the issue of Samsung TV with white spots. At a glance, one may think it’s probably caused by dust and may want to wipe It off.  But on a closer look after doing that, you will find out that the Samsung TV with white spots remains. 

What are the causes of this? How can it be fixed quickly? These are the questions that this article has answered. Let us get started as we look at the causes of Samsung TV with white spots. 

What Is Samsung TV With White Spots?


As indicated by the name, a Samsung TV with White spots is one having a form of damage on its screen that is manifested by the appearance of a white colored poker dot on the screen of the television. It may also look like a speck of dust on a beautiful painting. Don’t worry, keep reading to know how to get rid of this. 

Is Samsung TV With White Spots Normal?


No, it is not normal to have white spots on your Samsung TV. This brand of television is known for high-quality pictures hence its price is a little higher than others. And white spots on it hinder you from getting that quality. Hence white spots on Samsung TVs are not normal. 

If you find a white mark on your Samsung TV especially when it is turned on, know that it is not normal. That is a sign that there is a problem with the TV. Before fixing that problem, what are its causes? See the causes of Samsung TV with white dots in the next section. 

Causes of Samsung TV With White Spots


Before we fix the problem of white spots in Samsung TV, it is important to identify the cause. There are several causes of white spots on Samsung TVs. Therefore, in the paragraphs below, we are going to be looking at some of the causes quickly before going over to see how to fix the problem. 

Physical damages


The problem of Samsung TV with white spots isn’t always caused by issues with the internal components of the television. Sometimes they occur when there is physical damage on the screen of the TV. This could happen when excessive force is applied to the screen like a fall or punch. 

Dead pixels on the TV screen


When one or more pixels are dead in the TV, they would no longer respond to commands sent by the processor of the TV. And this can lead to Samsung TV with white spots. 

A fallen TV reflector


A reflector is a lens located in the panel of the TV. It sits at the front of the LED backlight and its function is to magnify the light on the screen. When the reflector falls inside the TV, it can be the cause of Samsung TV with white spots. 

Damaged Processor


Another reason for Samsung TV with white spots is a damaged processor. When the processor of your TV is damaged by either an electrical surge or overheating, you will experience white spots on the TV. 

TV settings


Another cause of Samsung TV with white spots is the TV settings. This happens when the brightness of the TV is increased to the highest level. 

How To Fix Samsung TV With White Spots


Now that you know the possible causes of mSamsung TV with white spots, let us forge ahead to see how to quickly fix the problem and get your TV working as it ought to be. See the quick fixes in the next paragraphs. 

Check The TV For Physical Damages


This should be the first thing to do before opening the back of the TV. To do this, make sure to turn the TV off and unplug it. Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes. After that, point a torch lightly over it to check for any form of dents, cracks, deformation, or broken glasses.

If there are physical damages, then you should contact a professional to get it fixed. If none, then proceed to the next option. 

Adjust The TV Settings


We noted above that bright settings can also be a reason for Samsung TV with white spots. To fix this, simply adjust the settings of the TV by navigating to Settings. Select Pictures and click on Expert Settings. Now lower the brightness of the TV to a considerable extent. 

Rekindle Dead Pixels


Stuck or dead pixels as noted earlier are causes of Samsung TV with white dots. To get this fixed, one needs to revive or rekindle them. Although this problem mostly requires professional fixing, I can show you how to get around it using the steps below. 

  • Firstly, note the exact location of the white spot. 
  • Turn off and unplug your TV. 
  • Allow the TV to get cold for about 10 minutes. 
  • Take a microfibre cloth and place it on the location of the white spot. 
  • Gently press the cloth to the screen. 
  • After a while, remove it and turn the TV on. 

This should help to rekindle the dead pixels. You could also use the microfiber cloth to swipe down the screen. If these do not fix it, then the problem should be with the reflector. See how to fix that below. 

Replace The Fallen Reflector


This job is best done by a professional as handling it on your own will void the warranty of the TV. The process of readjusting or replacing the fallen reflector has to do with totally overhauling the entire TV. If you are ready to get it fixed yourself, take the steps below. 

  • Turn off the TV and disconnect it from any power source and place it on a soft surface. 
  • Remove each of the screens that hold the back cover of the TV. Keep the screws in a way that you will remember where each is taken from. 
  • Turn the TV over and remove the screen carefully with the help of some tools. 
  • Remove the metal tabs. 
  • Take off the TV speakers. 
  • Remove the circuit board from the metal plate and lift the latter. 
  • Raise the plastic plate and search for fallen reflectors. 
  • If found, glue and replace it. To glue the reflector, get gum on a piece of paper, and dip a toothpick into the gum. Search for an exposed LED light or that without a reflector. Poke the toothpick into the 3 holes around the LED. 
  • Place the detector lens in the LED light and twist it till it fits perfectly. 
  • Leave the glue to dry up for a while before replacing every part of the TV. 

After doing all of these, Samsung TV with white spots remains, then it is time to ask for help by contacting Samsung or a professional technician. 

How To Contact The Samsung Support Team


To chat with the Samsung support team, visit Or call (1-800-726-7864)



Samsung TV with white spots is a very disturbing situation which is not normal. We have so far shown you 5 causes and how to fix the problem in 4 ways. Contact Samsung support for further help and information.