Rushcard App Download For Android & iOS ( RushCard Application )

Are you a regular user of rushcard prepaid card? Do you actually realize you could manage your transactions on the go with the rushcard app? Most customers are not really aware that they could utilize the prepaid card application for some, if not all of their financial services. 


Apart from the online banking service, rushcard mobile banking services is also a strategic alternative to rushcard official website services and you will definitely want this to be on top of your list. 

Nevertheless, in the content below we will be sharing an in-depth study on the uses of the official rushcard application, some of its user-friendly features, how to navigate through the interface of the application and some other related ideas you need to grab.


What Is Rushcard App Used For?


To break this down in a simplified form, the rushcard app is a mobile application built to handle and manage any transactional services that are related to the use of rushcard. With this mobile application, you have access to manage and stay on top of your money whenever you need to from wherever you are in the world.

The RushCard mobile app provides you with the convenience and flexibility attached with personal account management. 

Enhanced security is one of the key features of this app as you will be accounted for all your financial activities, you can also check your balances, view transactions, find fee-free in-network ATMs and so much more.

  • Direct deposit
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage transactions
  • Check balances
  • Pause new purchases

Manage transactions


Managing your transactions, deposits and withdrawals is one of the uses of this application. It makes all these a lot more easier and convenient from the comfort of your home.

Transfer funds


You can also use the app to transfer money from a particular account to another. Isn’t this great? What you can not conduct with just your prepaid card can be done with the rushcard app.

Check balances


Can you check your prepaid card balance with just your card? After utilizing the card you might want to know the actual amount of money remaining on the card.

However, this can only be done with the application. Although you can also do that on the official website, the application seems preferable.

How Can You Download Rushcard App?


The procedures to follow in order to download the mobile application are so simple and you probably won’t experience any difficulties if you correctly follow our guidelines.

  1. Locate an android or apple market.
  2. Click on the search bar and input “rushcard”
  3. Go through the reviews and about this app. 
  4. Click on download.

Locate an android or apple market


With the RushCard mobile app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can easily download the app by locating these markets on your device.

Click on the search bar and input “RushCard


The next step is to click on the search bar and input rushcard, you will be directed to a page that contains detailed content about the application such as reviews, brief description of the application, and related apps.

Go through the reviews and about this app


Now you might need to go through the app reviews and description so as to have an idea about the application you’re about to download. Although not compulsory.

Click on download


The last procedure is to click on the download button, install the application and you are good to go. That’s all on the steps to download the application.

What Are The Key Features Of Rushcard App?


There are some features of rushcard mobile application that makes money management comfortable and stress-free for the prepaid card users.

Although you might not seem to notice this immediately you open the application but these features are actually present. Here is a list of some key features provided by the rushcard app.


  • Biometric feature
  • Help center
  • Check Loading with Ingo™ feature
  • Pause or Resume purchases 

Pause or Resume purchases feature


This is one of the best features available on the financial service mobile app, with the particular feature you can protect your funds by using the Pause or Resume purchases feature. 

Okay, let’s assume you misplace your rushcard prepaid card and you wish to protect your preloaded cash from getting snatched by internet fraudsters. All you need to do is pause your prepaid card, simple. 

However, when you pause your prepaid card any sort of debit transactions or withdrawals performed using your card will not be authorized at that moment. All new purchases with the card will instantly be withheld. Isn’t this amazing? 

With rushcard mobile application, customers have nothing to worry about concerning their lost or stolen prepaid cards. Rushcard has made everything easy for them with just a single mobile app feature.

You need to take note that even after you have paused your rushcard purchases via the mobile application, some activities will still continue and they include credit fund transactions to your account, debit purchases that were authorized before pausing the prepaid card, recurring bill payments and ACH debit transactions that were processed using your account and routing number.

Check Load Ingo™ feature.


With this particular feature you can directly take a picture straight from your phone and submit the check to Ingo via rushcard mobile application. This is done so as to directly fund your rushcard prepaid card via your check with having to transfer or deposit. 

If you have a paper check, all you need to do to finalize this action is to follow the guidelines below.

  • Make sure to sign at the back of the check while you’re in a well ventilated area in order to avoid a blurry picture of your paper check.
  • The following step is to place the check on a neat surface, the check has to be on a flat surface with a dark background before you take a picture. 

Make sure you straighten out the paper check to clear and sort of squeezed parts 

  • Now you need to position the camera of your mobile phone so that the size of the check occupies all the available space on the screen of your phone. 
  • After you must have gotten a clear and uploadable picture, navigate to the top left corner of the rushcard mobile application and select a tab where you see “load check with Ingo™”. Follow the procedures to upload the picture of your paper check.
  • After the picture of the check gets submitted, you will have to wait until you receive a message stating that the funds on your check have been loaded on your rushcard. 

Isn’t this a cool feature, you can actually fund your prepaid card with just a picture of your check. Wow! We recommend you try this feature out, it will definitely save you a lot of stress.

Biometric OneTouch feature


With the rushcard app you can protect your funds by setting up a biometric feature (fingerprints). Setting up your biometric gives you the access to use your fingerprint to unlock your applications and might even be used to conduct some certain transactions.

Although, according to rushcard service the fingerprints feature might only be available to only supported devices. 

This means that for you to set up and finalize this particular feature, you need to download and install the rushcard mobile application on a device that has access to use fingerprints to unlock.

Note that you might not be able to use this biometric feature on a device that doesn’t have access to fingerprint, this is because there won’t be any medium for the application to record your biometrics data.

If you finally got a fingerprint attached device, you can then log in to your rushcard mobile app by using your unique fingerprint. Passcode won’t be necessary at this stage. 

Help Center


Most customers might not see how a certain help center could be a feature of an application, but we definitely think it should. 

The mistakes most large financial institutions make is not including an assistance feature in their mobile application and this might lead to bad user experience. 

Having a particular area on your website that provides help and answers to the questions of your customers is very vital, this is one of the beneficial features of rushcard mobile app which significantly elevated their mobile banking services to the top among the best in the world.

Is It Safe To Use a Rushcard App?


Talking about security, the RushCard mobile application is one of the best in terms of providing its customers with the opportunity to access their accounts with their respective username and password.

You have nothing to worry about while using the rushcard app, their mobile application is safe and secure. One of the reasons why it is totally verified and available on play store and apple store.



In the article we talked about an in-depth case study on the rushcard app, the uses of the mobile application, how to download the app and some other related queries.

We also stated the features available for the users of the application such as fingerprints, check loading with Ingo™ feature, pause or resume purchases amongst others.