Quick Fix: Looks Like Another App Is Blocking Access To Google Play

Do you encounter the Google Play Store issue “Looks like another app is blocking access to Google Pay“? You won’t be able to install applications, update apps, or make payments if you see this issue. 

Most people have had that feeling while trying to install or update an app on the Play Store but are unable to. The error message that reads “seems like another app is preventing access to Google Play” is among the most frustrating causes of this. 

Unfortunately, because this issue does not occur frequently, many individuals are unsure of what to do when it does.

This post will show you alternative solutions to the issue if you are having the same issue. Before we do that, though, you need to be aware of the causes of this issue in the first place.

What does “Looks Like Another App Is Blocking Access To Google Play” Error Mean


The overlay function of such an app is most likely to blame for an app restricting access to Google Play. For instance, many streaming and recording applications offer overlay capabilities that let them operate in the background and appear on top of other programs. You should turn off the functionality if it is preventing you from using Google Play.

How To Fix “Looks Like Another App Is Blocking Access To Google Play” Error


Fixing the “looks like another app is blocking access to Google Play” error is simple and requires no technical knowledge. You can start from the first method and work your way through the list if one does not work.

1. Reboot your phone


One of the first steps to do when your phone is having a problem is to restart it. By restarting your phone, all background programs will be closed and you may start over. 

To restart your smartphone, press and hold the power button for a short period. 

Open the Google Play Store once again after restarting to see if the issue has been resolved.

2. Turn off the Apps Overlay. 


The issue is frequently generated by an app with an overlay feature that prevents access to the Google Play Store. 

Rather than locating the offending program, simply deactivate overlay for all apps and see whether this resolves the issue. Here’s how to go about it: 

  • Navigate to Settings on your smartphone. 
  • Navigate to Apps. 
  • Select Special Access by tapping the three-dots symbol in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap on the Apps that may display at the top. This option may be referred to as “Appear on top” or “Show on top” on various devices. 
  • Turn the toggle for all applications off.

Return to the Google Play Store and see whether the problem has been fixed. If it has been rectified, it suggests that one or more applications employing the Overlay feature were to blame for the problem. To identify the offender, you may either turn on each app individually or disable this function for all of the apps. 

Note: You may just look for “Special Access” in your phone’s search bar as the procedures aren’t always the same across different phones.

3. Delete any updates to the Google Play Store 


The Google Play Store app’s changes may also prevent you from doing tasks there. 

A flaw in the most recent update of your Google Play Store app may be what’s causing the issue to show up. 

  • You must delete Google Play updates to fix the issue. 
  • Click on Apps under Settings. 
  • Locate the Google Play Store and click it. 
  • Select Uninstall Updates by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. 

Check to see whether you can install and update applications by returning to Google Play Store.

4. Link your Google account


Because your Google Play Store is linked to your Google account, if there is an issue with your Gmail, you might not be able to access the Play Store. 

When your Gmail is not synchronizing between devices, this is one of the most frequent causes of problems. Observe these procedures to re-sync your Gmail account: 

  • Log into your phone’s settings. 
  • Toggle on Auto sync data after searching for it. 
  • Activate Auto-sync data. 
  • Tap your displayed Gmail account on the same screen and choose Sync account. 
  • Shut off Settings and reopen Google Play Store. The error notification shouldn’t appear again.

5. Clear all of the Google Play Store’s data and cache. 


Clearing Google Play Store’s cache and any associated data can assist in solving the problem. To clear the cache and all data: 

  • On your phone, go to Settings. 
  • Visit Apps. 
  • To access it, tap Google Play Store. 
  • Go to Storage after pressing Force Stop. 
  • Select “Clear data and cache” from the menu. 

Shut off Settings and reopen Google Play Store. Applications should now be able to be installed and updated.

6. Contact the Google Play Store customer service staff


If you continue to receive the issue after attempting all of the options on this list, you should contact the Google Play Store support staff. 

You can report the problem to them and wait for them to investigate. Follow the steps below to contact the Google Play support team: 

  • Launch the Google Play Store. 
  • To open your profile, tap on your photo. 
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select Help & Feedback. 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Contact us. 
  • On the next page, describe the issue. 
  • Click Next Steps and confirm the locations where you want assistance.

You will see “contact choices” in the next phases. For instance, if it’s within business hours, you can choose to write them an email or initiate a conversation. 

You can use the chat option to make a complaint if you can meet up with the team while they are available. You will be able to respond right away thanks to this. You can send them a message if they aren’t right away available and wait until they respond.

How Do I Unblock Google Play Store?


Discover our quick and easy fix for unblocking Google Play Store.

  1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, select Quick Settings Panel. 
  2. Select Settings from the menu. 
  3. Scroll down and click “switch on” when you reach the Google Play Store. 
  4. Click “Accept” after reading the terms of service.
  5. Get moving.

How do I Turn Off Apps that are Drawing Over the Screen?


Follow the simple steps highlighted below to turn off annoying apps that are drawing over your screen.

  1. Open applications and notifications in settings. 
  2. Select special app access next, then look for the option to showcase apps over others. 
  3. Disable the programs that are permitted to draw on the screen by clicking the option.

What does it mean for an App to draw over the Screen?


Utilizing the “Draw over other applications” option on Android, which causes an image or dialog box to display over any other content that may be on your device’s screen. One illustration of this is the Facebook Messenger “chat heads” feature. If an app requests it, Google frequently grants it permission to draw over other programs.



With no doubt, I believe you must have learnt the fastest ways to resolve the issue of “Looks like another app is blocking access to Google Pay”? If along the line you encounter any challenges, feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback.