[ New Update ] HTTP Injector Config Files 2022 For Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Airtel & Netone


Are you still searching for the [ new update ] HTTP Injector config files 2022 for telkom, vodacom, MTN, airtel & netone? If yes, please search no further. This blog post will provide you with the latest Http injector config file download for Netone, Vodacom, airtel, MTN, telkom for free. What you will download is our latest update on http inject config file, for free browsing.

With this new HTTP injector config file? You can browse the internet, download your favorite movies from goojara.to, chat with friends on social media and lots more” without spending a dime. It’s super easy to set up, fast to connect and doesn’t require any money to get started.

If you have been following this blog “thespycode.com, by now you should have known that we are the best when it comes to sharing free internet code. If you haven’t, I’m glad you stumble on this page today. 

So, this page will provide you with the latest http inject config file for telkom, vodacom, MTN, airtel, netone etc. If you aren’t using any of the listed network? Don’t panic, we got you covered. We aren’t just sharing the download link to the above http inject ehi config file, we will also guilde you properly on how to export it and start browsing the internet for free.

[ New Update ] HTTP Injector Config Files For Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Airtel & Netone


The first step to take whenever you want to download the latest http ehi file, is to visit thespycode.com. And when it comes to setting it up for free browsing? You refer to the below guildlines;

  • Visit Google play store.
  • At the top side bar, type in HTTP Injector Config File, and click search.
  • Download the app, before proceeding to download this new white injector file.

Before showing you guys how to import the config file for free browsing cheat. I will first of all share the links to follow and download the file.

Meanwhile, you’re advised to carefully read and download the file of your network. As we have shared all the about listed network here.

Download HTTP injector config file Telkom 2022


You can now browse the internet for free with your telkom sim card. Ohh yes, it’s absolutely for free and doesn’t require much stress to set it up.

We just updated the latest version few minutes ago and it’s working perfectly from my end. All my friends in South Africa using telkom have confirmed that it’s working perfectly.


No single error, you can proceed to downloading the file with the below download button.

After downloading it, scroll down and see how to easily import and start browsing for free with it.

HTTP Injector Config File For Airtel 2022


Airtel remains the smart phone network, very fast when it comes to browsing. But guess what? This http inject ehi config file doesn’t stop or slow it a bit.

What do I mean by this? As soon as you download this ehi config file using the below download button and import it as instructed. You will still enjoy the fast and speed internet.

Tap on the below download button to get the file from mediafile.

Please after downloading this http inject config file for Airtel, kindly scroll down to see our tutorial on how to import it and start browsing for free with your airtel.

Latest HTTP Injector Ehi File Download For MTN Unlimited


It’s obvious that  MTN users are going through a lot, when it comes to browsing. This is as a result of high data consumption, but you can’t resist it because of the internet spend.

This pushed a lot of people to start asking if there’s unlimited http inject config file for MTN? Well, the answer is NO. This http inject ehi file for MTN is not unlimited.

We update this post everyone week. So, you will be visiting the site often, for latest file. However, you can download our new config file for MTN below;

If you don’t know how to import the config file after downloading it, kindly scroll down a bit to see the tutorial. It’s very easy, just make sure you follow our instructions.

Http Injector Config File Download For Netone


Netone network users aren’t left behind, we also have http config file for you guys to download for free and start rocking the internet.

It doesn’t slow your browsing or downloads. The few is the latest version and working perfectly for everyone. Just tap on the below download link to get the http Injector file for netone.

There’s nothing difficult in setting it up, you can refer to the below guidelines” if you have no idea on how to import the file.

New Http Injector Config File Download 2022 Vodacom


If you’re using Vodacom network, I want to say a big congratulations to you all. This http inject config file, have made it easier for you guys to have access to the internet for free.

You won’t spend a dime in buying data anymore. As long as you keep visiting our blog for latest update? You will keep enjoying unlimited free internet access.

The below link shared is the latest http inject config file for Vodacom network users. It’s free and you can tap on the download button to get it the file.

Below is the information on how to import http ehi config file for all network. Carefully read and do it as instructed here.

HTTP Injector Config File Settings


  •  After downloading the http inject config App from Google play store.
  • Install the app and click on the three dots (icon) at the top  right bar of the HTTP Injector App.
  • Select import file.
  • [ New Update ] HTTP Injector Config Files 2021 For Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Airtel & Netone
  • It will automatically take you to the configuration file you downloaded from mediafile.
  • Locate the file by it’s name and tap on it
  • The file must be in ehi format, and proceed to importing it to the App.
  • After that, click on the connect but button and enjoy free internet
  • That’s all.

Amazing right? Ohh yes, hopefully you have learnt everything about the [ new update ] HTTP Injector config files 2022 for telkom, vodacom, MTN, airtel & netone?

Definitely yes, if you have further questions concerning the http inject config file for any network at all, feel free to use the comment section below to voice it out.

However you are advised to turn it off, when you’re done browsing the internet. To avoid quick battery run down.


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