Netspend Reload Locations – Best Places To Reload Your Netspend Card.

In this guide, I will show you Netspend reload locations and the best places to reload your Netspend at a cheap rate. Don’t forget to read to the end for extra details because this article is fully loaded. 


Netspend is a company that offers prepaid debit cards (Visa and MasterCards) to users to aid their process of shopping, sending, and receiving money, making Direct Deposits, and many more. It partners with many banks in such a way that with your Netspend card, you can send money to banks like Chime and also to PayPal.

All that is required after requesting and getting your card delivered to you is to activate it before getting started. A flashpay ID would be given to you in the process of setting up your account which would be used by family and friends (Netspend Users) who want to send money to you. 


Now the big question is what happens when the fund in your Netspend gets exhausted? This is the reason for this post. This article will explain everything about Netspend reload.

You will be made to know the best places to reload your Netspend card, how to find those places, how much can be reloaded into your card, the fees for reloading your Netspend, and much more enlightening information. 

Is netspend reloadable


Of course yes, Netspend cards can be reloaded which means that when you have used up the money that was initially loaded into it at purchase, you don’t have to throw it away and get another.

You are at will to find the nearest Netspend reload locations around you and get your card loaded. Netspend has about 130,000 reload locations across the US. 

How To Reload Netspend Cards


There are several ways that you can reload your Netspend. You are left with the choice of going with the one that best suits you.

You can reload your Netspend card through Direct Deposit, bank transfers, through Paypal, transfers from other Netspend users, and of course cash deposit at a reload location. However, our focus is on the last. 

How Can I Locate My Nearest Netspend Reload Location?


Are you searching for how to find Netspend reload locations? There are very many of them all over the United States. To find the nearest and best reload location around you, 

  • Log in to the official website of Netspend at on your browser
  • Type in either the name of your city or the Zipcode on the search bar at the top of the page
  • Different reload locations would be displayed on the map
  • Search for the one nearest to you. Click on it and the address will be displayed on the right side of the screen. 

you can also find the best netspend reload location by searching through your Zipcode on the Netspend Mobile App. 

Netspend Reload Locations. 


I know you are itching to know the names of the Netspend cash deposit partners and retailers whom you can go to at any time to get your card reloaded.

Netspend partners with grocery stores, gas stations, moneyGram Agents, Western Union Agents, pharmacies, Check Cashers, and many more. You can reload your Netspend card at any of the branches of these. 

  • 7-Eleven
  • CVS pharmacy
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Walmart
  • Advance America
  • Walgreens
  • Shell
  • Rite Aid
  • Circle K
  • Cash Express
  • American Title Loans
  • Allied Cash Advance
  • Check ‘n Go
  • Office Depot, etc. 

The list is exhaustive because there are so many of them. 

Is There A Fee For Reloading My Netspend?


Reloading your Netspend card with any of the partnering agents is not free. It is done at a service charge except in rear places. In other words, you will be made to pay a recharge fee which varies from center to center. 

Netspend Card Reload Fee?


The amount of money that you would be charged at the Netspend reload location is not generally fixed. It is however not usually higher than 5 dollars. Let’s look at some of the centers and their reload fees in below 

  • 7-Eleven………………….$3.95
  • CVS…………………………$3.95
  • Dollar General…………$3.95
  • Family Dollar…………..$3.95
  • Walgreens………….…..$3.95
  • Walmart………………….$3.74
  • Speedway……………….$3.95
  • Office Deport…………..$3.95
  • Advance Financial….$3.95
  • American Title Loans..$2
  • American Loans……….$3.95
  • Bp……………………………..$3.95
  • Cash Express……….….$3.95
  • Circle K……………………..$3.95
  • UN Bank……………….…..$3
  • Weis Market…………..…$3.95

Where Can I Reload My Netspend For Free? (Netspend Reload Location For Free)


Many of the partnering Netspend reload locations charge a transaction fee as you can see from the chart above. However, some load the Netspend card for users at no fee.

Two of such places are Check ‘n Go and Allied America. Aside from these, you can still load your card at Advance America at a very affordable fee of $2.

How To Reload Your Netspend Card At Walmart


You can reload your Netspend card at Walmart by going to the store, handing the amount of money that you want to be loaded into the card over to the cashier and it will be added to your Netspend balance. You will receive a notification on your phone through your registered phone number if the transaction was successful. Wait to receive it before leaving. 

This method of loading your Netspend at Walmart applies to all other agents such as Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, etc. 

How Much Can I Reload On My Netspend Card?


any of the Netspend reload locations, you are allowed to load up to $2,500 dollars and $7,500 dollars through Direct Deposit Daily. Then you can load a maximum of $15,000 dollars monthly.

Can I Load My Netspend Card Online? 


Like I have said before in this guide, there are other ways to load your netspend card apart from going to a Netspend reload location. So yes you can load your Netspend card online and by calling the customer service number. 



This article, explicitly explained Netspend reload locations stating the best places to reload your Netspend card. I also showed you the charges for relating your card at any of the locations and of course two places where you can reload your Netspend card for free. It has been an interesting read and I hope you have been enlightened.