Netspend Prepaid Card: How To Activate Netspend Card ( Fast Method )

Are you looking for how to activate netspend Card online? Do you have any questions regarding your Netspend card? Then this article is here to answer questions and leave you smiling after reading. Here, I will discuss the various ways of go to activate your netspend card both online and on phone through the App. As well as discussing other card-related issues. 


Netspend is a company that provides prepaid cards that serve as an alternative to bank debit cards, credit cards, and cash. It is a Company owned by Global Payment and was founded in 1999.

Netspend operates just like many other payment companies such as American Express, Jp Morgan, and others. It has since its inception, gained widespread popularity especially as the world continues to adopt the cashless economy notion.


Furthermore, as the users of the internet keep increasing, there is the need to provide an easy way to pay for goods bought online and onsite hence the invention of a Netspend prepaid card. 

What Is A Netspend Prepaid Card?


For newbies, it’s important to know exactly what a netspend card is before moving to know how to activate a netspend prepaid card. Netspend prepaid card comes in both visa and MasterCard with which the consumer can add, withdraw, spend and manage their money as well as other functions.

With Netspend, consumers can make bank transfers, direct deposits, etc. The card is not linked to any debit or credit account so you order for a card, load in money and after a while when the money gets exhausted, you reload the card. 

How To Request A Netspend Prepaid Card


As a result of its numerous uses and benefits, many internet users have become very much interested in getting the Netspend Card but do not know where it can be gotten from. So continue reading as we discuss where to get a Netspend card.

how I activate your netspend Prepaid Card

 Bear in mind that every piece of information you need on the card is on their official website ( So you must visit the site and order for yours. 

Another way to get your NetSpend Card is by buying from retailers. In taking this step, be very careful not to buy from fraudsters losing as Netspend agents. To know the approved agent of Netspend (retailer who sells Netspend cards, also check the website.

Some of the retailers include Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. When you go to the website to get information about retailers, you will enter your zip code, the city or state you reside and every participating retailer in that location will be revealed including their names, telephone numbers, and addresses. 

Netspend Prepaid Card – how much does it cost?


Getting a netspend prepaid card is not free. You will have to pay a purchase fee while ordering for the card either online or from retailers. The price greatly depends on the retail store that it is being purchased from. However, on a general scale, the price for a Netspend prepaid card ranges from $2.95 to $4.95 dollars. 

Don’t stop reading with me because this is getting interesting. Let’s see if the card demands any other process after buying or it can be used immediately.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Netspend Card?


You are most likely to get your Netspend prepaid debit card through mail within 7 to 10 business days of your order. However, if you are buying from a retailer, they are a high possibility of getting your can’t immediately. 

Can You Use A Netspend Card Without Activation?


Users often ask questions such as can I use my netspend card right away? What if I don’t activate my netspend card and so on. 

Your Netspend prepaid card cannot be used without registration. When you purchase the card, you will be required to register it. This registration is what is called activation. So if you want to start using your Netspend card, do well to activate it. 

What is Needed To Activate My Netspend Prepaid Card?


Not so much is required to register your netspend Card. You will need to get your card number, the security code provided with your card, and some of your personal information. These should be ready before you embark on the activation process. 

Netspend Prepaid Card: How To Activate Netspend Card.


Activating your Netspend card is one of the easiest things ever which does not involve long processes. We will be discussing how to activate your Netspend card online on the phone and the App. 

How To Activate Your Netspend Prepaid Card Online


You activate your card online, 

  • Visit the official website of Netspend.
  • At the top right corner, click on the icon which reads “activate card
  • Enter your card number and your security code that was provided with the card
  • Click on.”continue
  • You will get a notification confirming that your card has been activated. 

How To Register Netspend Prepaid Card With Phone


This involves placing a call to the customer service number of netspend and asking that your card be activated. You will also be required to provide a card number and security number as well as other information about yourself to confirm your identity. Your card will be activated and ready for use. The customer service number to call is 1-866-387-7363.

How To Activate Your Netspend Card via App.


  • Open the Netspend App on your mobile phone
  • Enter your card details such as card number, security code, CVC, and expiry date
  • Follow every prompt till you verify your identity
  • Wait to get the notification that the card has been activated successfully. 

How To Activate your Netspend Visa Card Without SSN ( Social Security Number ) 


It is almost an impossible feat to activate your card with a. SSN. The SSN is necessary to make sure that there is a government-issued means of identification as required by law.

So if you are not comfortable disclosing yours, you can provide another legal means of government identification which could be a legal identification number or another government-recognized registration number. 



This article has carefully explained and answered questions on what Netspend Card is all about and how to activate your Netspend Prepaid card online, phone, and App.

We also looked at where to order your card and every other question about your card. So if you are a lover of shopping or making transactions with the use of credit cards, definitely Netspend is for you.