Netspend Bank Name : NetSpend Address

As a Netspend user, you probably might have been wondering what is the Netspend Bank Name and what is the official address of Netspend. To clear your doubt, this article will elaborately reveal Netspend Bank Name And Address


I guess by now you must have been familiar with Netspend and how it works, as well as its uses. In order not to take chances, I will like to give a quick overview of what Netspend is, some of the uses of Netspend, and how to reload the card before we move on to the main reason for this post which is Netspend Bank Name and Address. 

What is Netspend?



Netspend is a company founded in 1999 that specializes in issuing debit cards to users which serves as an alternative to your usual bank debit card. The prepaid Visa or Mastercard that it gives can be used for any purpose that your usual debit card is used for like the payment of bills, paying for goods and services, withdrawal, making transfers to PayPal, and for receiving money.

Netspend cards are reloadable hence when the fund loaded into it is used up, you can reload either physically at a reload location or you request money from family and friends who can send money to your account through your flash pay ID. 

So after knowing all these functions which can conveniently pass for those of a regular bank, many users are left puzzled about the name of NetSpend bank hence the necessity of the question “what is Netspend Bank Name And Address?” So let’s ride on as I teach you what you need to know about the topic of discussion. 

What Is Netspend Bank Name?


The knowledge of the Netspend bank name is important because apart from making withdrawals and paying bills. Remember I said that Netspend can also be used for making wire transfers and other transactions. And it is common that in the process of filling out your form for these transactions, you may be required to enter your bank name.

To answer the question for discussion, I would like to say that Netspend is not a bank in itself, but it partners with some banks to issue debit cards. So, Netspend does not have a specific bank name but any of the names of the participating banks can be used as Netspend bank names. So let’s see the banks that Netspend uses.

What Banks Does Netspend Use?


Netspend Bank’s name and address is the name of the four partnering banks that it uses in issuing the card. The banks are

  • MetaBank also called the National Association
  • The Bancorp Bank
  • Region Bank
  • Republicans Bank &Trust Company.

So Netspend works with these banks listed above to provide better banking services to its users as well as security. This is because there is a high probability of users getting discouraged if the cards are not associated with a bank and these banks are FDIC insured. 

How To Find Netspend Bank Name


If you are an inquisitive user, you will not be satisfied with knowing the Netspend Bank Name alone. There is the need to also know how to find the specific Bank Name of the card in your possession.

Netspend Bank Name : NetSpend Address

And this is simply done by checking the back of your Netspend debit card. So when you turn the back of your Netspend card, the name of the bank that issued your card is written on it. I bet you didn’t know this! 

Where is Netspend Bank Located?


Now that you know the Netspend Bank Name of your card, read on with me as we uncover the location of Netspend Bank. Netspend Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global payment Inc.

Although it has many other offices, the main Netspend is located in Austin, Texas in the United States. Some of its branch offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia, California, and San Mateo. Therefore the main Netspend Bank as you may wish to call it is located at 701 Brazos Street, suite1300, Austin, TX 78701. 

So if you want to visit a Netspend bank location after getting your Netspend Bank Name, do well find the location described above. 

What Is Netspend Bank Name And Address?


Going further into Netspend name and address, let us at this point check the address of the partnering banks. Remember that in the preceding paragraph, we discussed the location and address of the netspend headquarters. Below are the addresses of the four banks that Netspend partners with. 

NetSpend Address:


  1. Regions Bank is located at 1900 Fifth Avenue, North Birmingham, Alabama 35203. 
  2. The Bancorp Bank is located at CCPA, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57117, 5017. 
  3. MetaBank, Customer service, 5501, Broadband Lane, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108.
  4. Republic Bank & Trust Company is at 601 West Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.

These are the headquarters of all the banks that partner with Netspend. These banks, however, have branches all over the United States. 

What Is The Netspend Bank Name For Direct Deposit?


As part of its services, Netspend offers the opportunity to make Direct Deposit into your Netspend card account. Direct Deposit is equally an awesome way of loading money into your Netspend card. Your Direct Deposit can come from salaries or government benefits. All Direct Deposits go straight into your Netspend card and are used for the purpose that the card is meant for. 

The Netspend Bank Name and address for Direct Deposit is the same as that of the issuing bank as discussed above. In other words, the name of the bank that issued your Netspend card as written at the back of your card is the same name for direct deposit. So do well to check for the Netspend Bank Name for direct deposit at the bank of your card. 

What Is The Netspend Bank Direct Phone Number?


The world is now a global village where the use of a telephone serves as a substitute for traveling to make inquiries. As a sequel to that, Many Netspend users might be much more interested in getting the direct phone number of Netspend as much as the Netspend Bank Name And Address. This is because it is faster to make phone calls than visiting the location. 

The Netspend Bank direct customer service phone number is 1-866-387-7363. This number is available from 8 am to 10 pm on Mondays to Fridays. While on Saturdays and Sundays, it is available from 8 am to 8 pm CST. Follow these steps to easily navigate the phone maze to a real person. 

  • Call the phone number
  • Enter your 16 digits card number
  • Enter your 4 digits PIN or Social Security Number.
  • Press option 5 and then option 4.

This will take you to talk with a live customer service representative.

What Is The Netspend Bank Name For All-Access?


Your Netspend All-Access account is linked with a savings account and it allows you to do whatever is done with your regular savings account. One good thing about your Netspend All-Access account is that it does not require a minimum balance.

The Netspend Bank Name for All-Access is the MetaBank (National Association) and the Republic Bank & Trust Company. These are the banks that make your Netspend All-Access account available to you. 

What Is The Netspend All-Access Address And Phone Number?


The address for your Netspend All-Access account is the same as in Netspend Bank Name And Address above. The address for MetaBank and Republic &Trust Company started above serves as the address for the Netspend All-Access account. 

What Is The Netspend Bank Name And Address For Netspend Skylight? 


The Netspend Skylight One Visa prepaid card and prepaid Mastercard are issued by the Republic Bank &Trust Company. Additionally, the Regions Bank also issues Netspend Skylight One Visa debit prepaid card. So you can find the Netspend Bank name of your Skylight card at the back of the card. And as discussed already, the address remains the same. 



As we draw the curtain of this article, let’s quickly remind ourselves that the Netspend Bank Name And address is the name of the partnering Banks which are Regions Bank, Bancorp Bank, MetaBank, and Republic Bank.

And the addresses of their headquarters as well as the headquarters of Netspend are all clearly stated in the article. For further information, contact the Netspend direct phone number also written above.