Kroger Gift Card Balance Check – How To Check Your Kroger Gift Card Balance

Definitely you have been searching for Kroger gift card balance check – how to check your Kroger gift card balance. If I’m right, then you’re highly welcome! In this blog post” I will teach you different ways to check your gift card balance.

Probably you have been finding it very difficult to check your balance or you just got the card newly and doesn’t know how to check your balance. Well, it’s now in the past, after going through this article” you will find out how to easily check it.


When someone dash you a Kroger gift card, Probably for a wedding gift or whatsoever. The first thing that comes to your mind is know how much is inside? You will be so excited and anxious to know the balance right? You will learn how to check it here.

Kroger Gift Card Balance Check - How To Check Your Kroger Gift Card Balance

To everyone out there, asking how do i check my kroger gift card balance? I want to let you know that, you can actually check your card with the help of this tutorial.

So, for you to learn how to check it” you have to calm down and read this tutorial very well. To avoid coming back here next time to ask how do i check my kroger gift card? Learn it and have it off hand today.


How To Check Your Kroger Gift Card Balance


  • Go to Kroger gift card balance checker webpage, following this link >>
  • When you login to the page, enter your card number ( without spacing it)
  • Go to the second option, and enter  your card PIN number.. see the screenshot below;
  • Make sure they are correct, and click on “check balance now”  wait for some seconds to see your balance.
  • That’show to check your Kroger gift card balance online.
  • You can take a very good look at the screenshot above, it’s very simple. Just follow the instructions as provided here.

How Do I Check My Kroger Gift Card Balance?


If you don’t want to check your gift card balance online  or you tried checking it online, and it didn’t work. Just chill, we have another alternative to do it.

  • Visit any nearby Kroger store, and tell any of their cashiers to help you check your balance.
  • Make sure you go along with your gift card.
  • That’s how to check your balance offline.

Kroger Gift Card Balance


Alternatively, you can also check your e gift card balance my calling Kroger gift card customer service with this phone number >> 1-866-822-6252

the number, calm down and listen to the voice” follow instructions and hear your balance.

Step 4: another method of checking your Kroger gift card balance is through the App. You can easily download it from Google play store or App store.



That’s all, I hope you have seen how to check your Kroger gift card balance? If you have further questions, feel free to use the comment box below to ask.

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As for those that just got their Kroger gift card newly and doesn’t know how to use it I hope you have learnt it now” kindly scroll down to see more related articles below.