I Found An Apple Watch, How Do I Reset It? – See 3 Methods Of Resetting An Apple Watch

In today’s guide, you will get a comprehensive answer to your question “I found an Apple watch, how do I reset it?. Sounds great right? I understand how strenuous it could be when you find an Apple watch but do not know how to reset it for your use. However, that would be a thing of the past after reading this article. So pay keen attention as we begin the ride. 

Apple products are notable for their strong security features and protocol and this is the case with Apple watches. Unlike Android, Apple watches can easily discard spyware. However, just like other gadgets, people could lose their Apple watches and they are found by others. The first and right thing to do when you find an apple watch is to return it to the owner or the police. 

Nevertheless, in cases where the watch could not be returned for some reason, questions like ” I found an Apple watch, how do I reset it” are asked. Luckily for you, this is the right place to get the complete guide on how to reset a found Apple watch. So read thoroughly with me as I reveal three methods of resetting the Apple watch that you found. 

What Does Resetting An Apple Watch Mean?


It is pertinent to understand what it means to reset an apple watch before we move on to see if you can reset an apple watch and give a clear answer to the question of discussion which is “I found an Apple Watch, how do I reset it”.

Whenever you come across the term ” resetting an Apple Watch, it means clearing the previous data that has been recorded or used in the watch to suit your personal needs. In other words, resetting has to do with changing the setting of the Apple watch such as the password, applications, and some of its features. 

I Found An Apple Watch, Can I Reset It?


If you are among those who do not know whether you can reset an Apple watch that you found, then read this paragraph that provides a clear answer to that. 

The answer to the question above is YES. Although it is difficult to do it, especially when it is paired with a phone, this often discourages many people from going ahead to see how to reset it. I am assuring you here that it is possible. 

Having stated its possibility, I will show you how to reset an Apple watch that you found in the next paragraph. So continue reading to know more. 

How To Reset Apple Watch Without Password


So this is the main deal. Here we would be teaching you how to reset the Apple watch that you found in three methods. The methods are, resetting the Apple watch with a phone and without a phone, and without an Apple ID. I know you can’t wait, let’s go there. 

How To Reset An Apple Watch With Your Phone


This method is quite easy to use. I understand that you found the found hence you asked “I found an Apple Watch, how do I reset it”. So in this situation, it is not expected that you have the password. However, there is a way out which is resetting it with your phone. 

This method requires that you pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone and afterward, remove all other paired devices. For better understanding and guidance take the following steps to reset the Apple Watch with your phone. 

Step 1: make sure your Apple watch is well charged. So if the battery is low as at the time you found it, give it a charge before you proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: move your iPhone and the Apple watch close to each other. The process might not work well when there is a distance between them. 

Step 3: Open your iPhone and pair it with the Apple watch. 

Step 4: Open the Apple watch and tap on ” All Watches”  at the top left corner of the screen. 

Step 5: in the top right corner of the screen, click on the info button with the (i) icon. 

Step 6: select Unpair Apple Watch to ensure it is no longer paired with any device. 

After taking these steps, you can pair it with your device and use it. This method works well in a situation where the watch can easily pair with your phone. This ease doesn’t happen all the time. So if you are unable to pair your phone with the watch, the next method is suitable for your use. 

How To Reset An Apple Watch Without Your Phone


Remember that we are still providing answers to your question “I found an Apple Watch, how do I reset it?” Read on with me as we see the second method suitable for those whose phone couldn’t pair it do not want to use their phones. 

Step 1: Charge the Apple watch. Unlike the first method, this requires more time hence you would need to keep it charging while the resetting is going on. 

Step 2: Switch off the Apple Watch by holding the side button till it shows “power off” 

Step 3: While holding the power off button, you will see an option that reads “Erase All Content And Settings”, click on it. 

Step 4: Click Continue and leave it to erase and reset. Note that you do not have to turn the watch on till the process is complete as that may disrupt the resetting process. 

How to reset an Apple Watch without an Apple ID


If you’ve tried the two methods above and you weren’t able to do it, then use this method. This method is suitable for those asking ” can I reset an Apple Watch without an Apple ID”. The answer is Yes and here is how to do it in a few steps. 

  • Leave your Apple Watch on charge. 
  • Press the side button intensely like you want to put it off. 
  • While holding the digital crown you would see Reset. 
  • Click on Reset. 
  • Confirm the process by clicking on reset again. 

When reset is complete, the Apple watch that you found is ready for use. 


Can I Use An Apple Watch That I Found?


Answer: Although you can use it after performing a reset using the methods explained in “I found an Apple Watch, can I reset it” above. However, the right thing to do when you find an Apple watch or any important belongings is to report it to the police department. So we do not encourage you to use an apple watch that you found. 

Does Resetting My Apple Watch Deletes Its Data?


Answer: your data would not be lost if you reset your Apple Watch by unpairing it through the watch app and syncing the latest data activity. After that, you have to re-pair it to keep your data intact. 

Can I Unlock An Apple Watch To Another Network?


Answer: when an Apple Watch is unlocked, you can use it on any network while you are still paying for a contract with the network that the watch is originally locked to. 



To draw the curtain on our discussion on the topic “I found an Apple Watch, how do I reset it” let’s take a recap. In this article, we assured you that it is possible to reset an Apple watch and went ahead to show you how to do it in three methods.

We also explained what resetting an Apple watch means and gave answers to some frequently asked questions. I hope after taking these steps, resetting the Apple Watch that you found would no longer be a problem.