How To Unlock Home Screen Layout On Any Samsung

This is a complete tutorial on how to unlock home screen layout on any Samsung phone. If you have been finding it very difficult to unlock your home screen, just relax and go through this article very well’ to find the solution. However, this tutorial can be use to unlock the home screen of any Samsung smartphone.


You probably locked your phone home screen with the aim of avoiding a reset of widget and repositioning of apps. Well, it’s not just only Samsung” every other phone does that.

But the pure truth is that, it’s so so annoying to realize that’ some Apps on your phone has been accidentally deleted. And getting them back to your phone is quite a stressful one. Well, that the main aim of locking up your phone home screen layout.


However, a lot of people lock their Samsung home screen to avoid unauthorized access to your phone. Or someone tryna master your home screen layout, you can decide to lock it up. The good news is that, you can easily unlock your Samsung screen layout by following out guilde here.

How To Unlock Home Screen Layout On Any Samsung


There are different ways to easily unlock home screen layout on Samsung smartphones. It all depend on your phone and the method you find more easier.

  • Go To Phone Settings
  • Navigate display
  • Click Home Screen And Enable It.
  • Tap Lock Home Screen Layout.

If you’re lucky enough to have the latest iteration of Samsung’s android skin, you can enable the feature with the below guilde:

  • Go To Settings
  • Navigate Display
  • Tap Home screen.

Meanwhile, you can decide to disable it whenever you wish to go back to your phone default settings.



I hope you have learnt how to unlock home screen layout on Samsung? It’s very easy and doesn’t require visiting any Samsung office.

You can use this method to unlock any Samsung phone home screen layout to avoid deleting apps and widgets on your phone screen.