How To Put Venmo Link In Bio (Linktree, Instagram, TikTok & Twitter)

If what you are searching for is how to put Venmo link in bio of your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Linktree, then read this article. This Is the best place to get all in one without searching further. 


It is a common saying that the world is a global village. And truth to this, the advent of social media has helped to connect so many people and businesses. Hence people not only interact for fun but business purposes. And it is in line with this that many people want to know how to add payment options to social media. 

Venmo is one such payment or financial institution used by thousands of people and often people seem to know how to add their Venmo link In the bio of various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Linktree. 


Read this article that has compiled every necessary step you need to take on how to add Venmo link to bio. 

What Is Venmo Link?


You must have come across a Venmo link but I will give a brief description of what it is before we go into the details of how to put Venmo on bio. The Venmo link contains the address to your profile and the user. Your Venmo link is the same thing as your personal QR code on Venmo. It is the Venmo code that anyone who wishes to send you money in Venmo would use. Let’s see how to create a link below. 

How To Create A Venmo Link


Before you can start using Venmo to send and receive money, you must create a link. It is this link that whoever wants to send money to your Venmo will use. Creating a Venmo link is one of the easiest things to do as it doesn’t require hard work. 

To create a Venmo link, go to the account tab of your Venmo app (after you have created an account). Tap on the transaction tab and click on the payments button. On this page, select “generate a payment”. Click on the Venmo link button on the next page. 

With this, you have generated or created a Venmo link. You can save it on your phone or computer. Alternatively, make a screenshot of it as a way of saving also. After that, you can now get the link and send it to anyone you intend to transact with. See how to get your Venmo link below. 

How To Get Your Venmo Link


While we are still moving towards how to put the Venmo link on bio, let us see how you can get the link in question which has been previously created. Fortunately, you can get your Venmo link in two ways they are; through the Venmo mobile app and on the Venmo website. 

How To Get Your Venmo Link On The Venmo Website


To get your Venmo link on the website, visit the Venmo official website, and log in to your account using your login details. Click on your profile and you will find your link at the bottom of the profile page. You can copy it and send it to anyone that wants to send money to you. 

How To Get Your Venmo Link On The Venmo Mobile App


Just as on the website above, getting your Venmo link on the mobile app is easy. All you have to do is to log in to the app and click on the share button. There you will see the option ” Venmo Me“. Click on it and you will find your Venmo link. You can copy it from there and send it. 

Can I Add Venmo Link On Bio?


Yes, you can add your Venmo link to your bio especially if you are using those platforms for businesses. So rather than giving out the Venmo link which is the means of payment to each person, putting it in the bio will make payment faster. See how to add Venmo link to the bio of your social media accounts below. 

How To Put Venmo Link In Twitter Bio


Twitter is a social media platform for sharing opinions. However, friends might decide to give you money for your tweets, content, or work on the platform. If you want the payment to be done through Venmo, use these methods. 

You can share your Venmo link as tweets on Twitter. Alternatively, use the newly introduced tips icon as follows.

  • Log in to your Twitter account and click on Edit Profile. 
  • Then click on Tips
  • Go through and agree to the Twitter tipping policy
  • Go to the tip setting screen and toggle it on. 
  • Click on Venmo as the third-party service you wish to use. 
  • Enter at least one username to enable the tip icon to show on your Twitter profile. 

How To Put Venmo Link In Instagram Bio


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with almost one billion users. It is also used for e-commerce and marketing. There are three ways to add Venmo link to your Instagram bio. See them below. 

  • Go to your profile and tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your profile picture. 
  • Select Payment
  • Tap on profile and select “add debit or credit card”
  • Enter your Venmo details including your Venmo Link and save it. 

You can also share the link with every individual that wants to send you money on Instagram or post it on your page and story. 

Tutorial video:

Lastly, you can share your Venmo QR code so that friends or associates can scan it to pay you. 

How To Put Venmo Link In TikTok Bio


TikTok is also one of the fastest growing social media platforms and by implication a marketplace. Although, it doesn’t have an option to link your Venmo account if you take the following steps you would be able to add your Venmo link to your bio. 

  • Go to your profile section of TikTok
  • Tap on the Edit Profile icon. 
  • Click on the bio and paste your copied Venmo link and save it. 

How To Put Venmo Link In Facebook Bio


Facebook is another social media platform known for wide coverage hence it is widely used by businesses. To add Venmo link to Facebook bio, take the following steps. 

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on your profile picture. 
  • This will take you to your profile page. 
  • Click on edit profile 
  • Paste you copied Venmo link and save the changes. 

How To Put Venmo Link In Linktree Bio


In case you don’t know already, Linktree is a tool that allows you to share different links to your social media account. This is done by putting all the links of your social media into the Linktree website. There you can create a single link which can then be shared on all your social media pages.

To add a Venmo link to your Linktree account, however, take these steps. 

  • Sign in to your Linktree account.
  • Search and click on Settings
  • Scroll down to the commerce integration section and click on “Add a payment method”
  • Select Venmo as a payment merchant and click next. 
  • Click on “connect my account” and you are done. 

Is It Safe To Add Venmo Link To Bio?


Yes, it is safe to add your Venmo link to your bio. No one can access your Venmo account through your link except for sending and receiving money. In other words, your Venmo link can not be used to hack your Venmo account hence you can add it to your social media bio. 

Final Words


So far we have seen how to add Venmo links in the bio of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linktree, and Facebook. We also showed you how to find your Venmo link and how to generate one. I hope with this, you can go ahead and add yours without stress.