How To Know If Your Phone Is Being Tracked By Police

We understand that you’re among those searching for how to know if your phone is being tracked by police? Probably you are smelling something fishy” or you aren’t into a legit business and you want to know how to find out if your phone is being tracked by police? Don’t worry, I will teach you how to confirm that.


You have to count yourself very lucky to stumble on this page today. What we passed here is nothing but, accurate information on how to check if someone is spying on your phone. With is tutorial, you can easily dictate when someone is tracking your calls, not only police.

Just few days ago, we posted an article’ on how to listen to another person call, and I can practically tell you that it’s working perfectly. So, if it’s possible to monitor someone’s call, that means we can also make it possible to dictate when your phone is being tracked by police.


Do you always turn your phone location on? If yes, you have to stop it. This is strictly for those who are into illegal business and wouldn’t want police or other government bodies to easily track their phone conversations.

With the following steps, you can easily know when someone is monitoring you. It’s very easy, but it still not” more especially to those who find it very difficult to follow instructions.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Being Tracked By Police UK, India etc.


This information that I’m about to share now, on how to dictate when your is being tracked is for all countries. Irrespective of  where you’re right now, be it Australia, Canada, Germany South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi and more. Just follow the below steps to know when your phone is being tracked by government or police.

1) Monitor your phone behavior: some of the signs that shows up whenever your phone is being tracked by police or anyone else is that your phone behavior will change. How? Phone camera maybe turning on by itself and you will also discover that some apps are running without your consent.

2) Different noisy background during phone conversation:  if you read our tutorial on monitoring code to listen to another person call” you will find out that, the person monitoring you is actually listening to all your phone call. Not only that, he or she can also record the calls.

So, if you’re vigilant during phone conversation, if you notice different background sounds” just have it in mind that someone is tracking your phone.

Yeah, the person spying on your calls and other phone conversations” will never say a word whenever you are on phone call. But will hear everything you’re saying with the person.

How To Stop Your Phone from being Tracked By Police


For you to make your phone untraceable, you have to follow this guildlines;

Delete all unknown apps from your phone and always dial this number to council any call monitoring code that someone might have injected in your phone unknowingly.

Dial >> ##002# to deactivate call tracking code.

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Turn Off Your Phone Location: always make sure that your phone location is turned off. Because your phone can easily be tracked by police using your phone current location.

But since what you’re searching for is how to know if your phone is being tracked by police. I will just advice you to buy the premium spy App, so that you can easily dictate anyone spying on your phone.



At this point, I believe you have learnt how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored by spy software. If you still have further questions, please feel free to use the comment section below to ask.

Buying our spy App is another way of finding out, if it’s actually the police’ that are tracking your phone or any of your friends.