How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend

Are you still looking for how to hide text messages on iPhone from girlfriend? If the answer to this question is yes, please search no further. I have taken my time to filter out the best app to use and hide your text messages from girlfriend or anyone else.  This app is perfectly designed for iPhone users who would like to hide text messages and other sensitive files from their phone.

Probably you’re cheating on your girlfriend and you wouldn’t want her to see your text messages. However, this can be very risky and if she finds out that you’re cheating on her with another girl’ it might be the end of the relationship. Because, she will feel so hurt and betrayed. But don’t worry, I got your back on this, as we have provided you with accurate information on how to hide text messages from girlfriend.

The pure truth is that, whenever your girlfriend have access to your phone” the first thing that pops up in her mind is reading your text messages. This is very common to girls, more especially when she loves you and wouldn’t want to share you with any random girl out there.  However, you can still make everything look so cool even when you’re cheating on her. This is the work of technology, and a lot of relationships have been saved via this means.

Hiding text messages from your  girlfriend can even be done without using any app. However, it won’t be as perfect as using an app specially customized for hiding text messages. Those ones have outstanding features and hide other sensitive files too.

Can I Hide Text Messages On iPhone?


The answer still remain yes, iPhone came with a powerful security feature that allows you to hide text messages from unauthorized access to your message box.

However,  this can only work for you when you enable the feature. And with step by step guide, I will show you how to easily set up the feature and keep your text messages confidential.

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend


This feature is super cool and you can as well use it to hide your banking messages. Meanwhile, it involves checking up on your messages from time to time as it won’t appear in your message box anymore.

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend

If you enable this feature, you will not receive notification of  incoming text messages. So, you will have to be very vigilant. Always check your inbox when you aren’t with your girlfriend. Follow these steps to enable the feature;

  • Open iPhone Settings App
  • Click On Notification
  • Then, scroll down and Select Messages Under Option.
  • Tap Show Previews.
  • Finally, Click Never.
  • That’s all, messages will automatically stop showing on when locked or unlocked home screen.

However, you might also don’t want to receive notifications whenever someone send you text messages, to avoid anything suspicious. Refer to this guilde, to turn off notifications too;

  1. Return to Messages in the Notifications settings and first Tap On Sounds.
  2. Next, click on Vibration.
  3. Then Choose None.
  4. Return to the Sounds page one more time and Select None under Tone.
  5. Lastly, return to the Messages Notifications settings and tap to Turn Off Lock Screen, Notification Center, And Banner Alerts.
  6. Then, go to final option” which is to toggle Allow Notifications off.

NOTE – if you turned off messages notification, you will need to remember to open your Messages app regularly to see if you have received any new messages because your phone will no longer alert you in any way.

This settings can be done in any iPhone, iPad, iPod. However, you can still use a top-notch security calculator app that hide text messages, to achieve this with a great result. As a matter of fact, I will just advice you to use this app rather than iPhone text messages hide features.

App To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend


This app that I’m about to share now, doesn’t merely serve as a text message hider. You can also use it and hide pictures, videos, call logs, social media chats and other sensitive files.

Amazing right? Ohh yes, with is app” your girlfriend won’t be able to read your text messages, see your WhatsApp chats, Facebook chats, pictures in your phone and lots more. Download the app.. HERE

  • After downloading this app that hide text messages from girlfriend.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Create a password or passcode that you can easily remember ( must end with % sign).
  • You will enter the passcode anytime you want to view the hidden text messages, pictures, videos etc.
  • You can as well select fingerprint as your preferred password.
  • Import all contacts you would like to hide their text messages in that app.
  • Now, drag and drop any file you would like to hide in the calculator app.
  • To confirm a successful hidden text messages, pictures, videos etc. It will automatically disappear from the inbox, and gallery.
  • That’s all, enjoy and stay safe

This app looks like a phone calculator, very innocent that no one will ever suspect you of cheating. All your day to day activiaties over the phone will be well secured and out of the reach of your girlfriend.



Wrapping up the content, and hoping that you have seen how to hide text messages on iPhone from girlfriend. Meanwhile, it’s not advisable to cheat on her, if that’s your main aim of searching for how to hide your text messages.

However, you can check view our related articles on how to secure your cell phone from unauthorized access. Do feel free to ask further questions, we won’t hesitate to assist you further.

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